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I've blogged off & on for a little over 2 years, maybe 3. So many changes have been made to the web site. When I began blogging, I had to go through the old channels to set up a blog (had another name then), now anyone can set their blog and 'go to town.' Ziggy is the name of a beloved Sharpei, who is now in puppy heaven. He was a runt with one good eye. He came from a large litter and was constantly left behind by his pack. A definite salute to the survival of the fittest theory. So my husband & I took him home and fed the wee kiwi-coat puppy every 2 hours. He turned into a piglet and ate like every meal was his last. He grew into a very protective dog. I miss him very much. His little daschund brother, Frank is alone now. He's 14+ years old, making him a little over 98 years old in dog years. Frank's eyesight is going and he has some senior moments, but is still doing well. I've decided to not to blog anymore, folks. I'll miss the comraderie and I'll miss the sniping. I've got to make to time to focus on some goals I've decided to take on. Yep, I'm still taking guitar lessons. Improvement is good, it just takes work. Let me tell ya, as far as I go, there is always room for it. So take care everyone.