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Oh, how I'd hoped that Buffalo Wild Wings could be one of my new faves. After all, it had it all: the multiple tv screens, enticing menu, great atmosphere, super friendly & helpful staff. But alas, the most important element has distinguished itself as the most impotent. I'm sorry to say, but the food sucks! I had a burger--cold & dry with the smallest dollop of mayo clinging to the lonely bun. I had the boneless wings--where's the pollo (chicken)? I didn't order flavored chicken husks! I had the pulled pork sandwich--easily the worst of the bunch. Cold, albeit burned BBQ'd pork (not a winning combo), with NO SAUCE whatsoever! Are you kidding me? This is Buffalo Wild Wings with more sauce flavors than Baskin Robbins has ice cream! Do you see how many times I went back? Do you see how bad I wanted to like the place? The only item remotely adequate was the little pulled pork slammers with onion rings. Still, I'm not trying to discourage anyone from going. Like I said, the atmosphere & staff are top notch. I'm merely lamenting what could have been. Bye Bye Buffy.