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In regards to the current spotlight on bullying, I believe it is a real problem in our public schools. I read the blogs on the subject by "KitanaAsh", "cat", & "justamom" and found all to have valid points on this unfortunate subject.

I think a big reason VISD is in such a shambles is because it employs too many burned-out teachers & administrators. Perhaps that is the norm in this particular field due to the stress of a higher student-to-teacher ratio, too much emphasis on TAKS expectations, or too little compensation. Whatever the case, why should a child respect his peers when he witnesses a teacher openly ridicule or insult his classmate? Why would a child not suffer unwarranted doubt in himself or even adverse mood swings when his valid concerns fall on the deaf ears of principals and staff?

VISD knows all too well the negative manifestations of single parent homes, poverty, abuse, parents with criminal records, etc. which kids bring through its doors on a daily basis. Yet it actually discourages parents who want to get involved and make a positive difference from entering those same doors. Please don't make excuses for VISD--its reputation is rock solid as a failure among a great many parents whose children attend. But the contingent of poor teachers and administrators cannot shoulder the blame alone. You can lump in the terrible parents who would treat a dog better than their own blood or the ones who haven't so much lost control of their children as simply turned apathetic to how they behave and relate to others. You can also blame the parents who have legitimate complaints yet don't "clean house" often enough whenever school board elections come around or even band together to effect positive change.

"Kids will be kids" or "it was like that when I attended" are lame excuses for the reality that the adults employed to teach, nurture, and yes, protect our children fail miserably at their jobs. They are the front line and should be aware enough and have the desire to make the classroom a shelter of discussion, learning, and tolerance.

Yes, it does occur; however, too often that is not the case in Victoria.