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NEW YORK (AP) — One of the joys of March Madness is the surprising things that can happen during the NCAA Tournament. For the women, there was an unpleasant surprise before the tournament even began when the field was revealed early thanks to a production error.

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Martin Luther Lutheran Church Youth Group will host a Lenten Fish Fry on Friday 5-8 p.m. at the Martin Luther Luthera…

Victoria Crime Stoppers is seeking information about a theft that occurred about 8:30 p.m. Nov. 6. A man stole a purse from a table at a local medical facility. The suspect concealed the purse in a takeout container. He was wearing a yellow shirt with blue jeans and appears to have a thin mu…

Could you use more outdoor gear – like a tackle bag full of all the lures you’ve heard about but didn’t think as necessary as new shoes for the baby? Or maybe that hot new Creedmore 6.5 and ammo before Congress makes you complete a background check to buy bullets?

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  • Bruce Woods said:

    Mrs. B was one of the finest examples of a 'real' Southern Belle that could add more syllables to single syllable words that I will always cherish.... My de-ah. She will always be an example…

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  • Michael ALLEN said:

    It's a world gone mad when they have gone so far left they have activists attacking a pregnant Clinton. Anyone to the right of Stalin is alt right in their echo chamber.

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  • Michael Gomez said:

    James, From many many dictionaries, SOCIALISM is defined as a political and economic theory in which all distribution and exchanges of production is owned and regulated by the community…. Our …

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  • James Chandler said:

    I'm much more concerned, scared to death actually, about the direction of the Democratic Party. Their candidates are fully embracing the title of Socialist, Open Border Advocate, and Late Term…

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  • Jon Wilcox said:

    No one has reported the dog actually biting them, but many people in the neighborhood think the dog is nevertheless dangerous.

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