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Abel Garcia, bowling columnist

T.J. Mooney had an inauspicious start during last week’s Rolling Thunder League play, when he started with a 183 game.

After a spare in the 10th frame, he made a change to try and match his ball to the lanes and was rewarded with a strike to end the game. His decision to move inside and use a ball that read the lanes earlier paid off by starting the second game with 11 strikes before a flush pocket hit left the 7 pin standing for a 299. He was trying to add a third 300 game to his career record, but better luck next time.

With a strike to end the first game, and stringing 11 in the second game, it gave him an Andy Varipapa 300 (12 strikes in a row in two consecutive games). In the third game corner pin leaves in the third, sixth, and ninth with a miss in the sixth left him with a 226. He rolled 25 strikes in the set, and finished with a 708 for the only 700 for the week.

Jamar Bryant posted the second high total with a 245 high game contributing towards a 678 total in the same league.

Other bowlers breaking the 250-650 mark were Steve Dickinson (667), Scott Snow (666), Jacob Silgero (664), Tamarcus Bennett (656), Bruce Hammack (259-654), and Miles Michalec (650).

My sincere apologies to Drake Hale, the 20-year-old young man rolled a career high 770 series, and I typed Dale instead of Drake in last Thursday’s bowling column. I have to be more careful with senior moments.

Laura Diaz was high for the ladies with games of 182, 204, and 181, totaling 567 in Rolling Thunder play.

Kathy Garcia was second high with a 213-548.

Justin Shoup was high in the Funtappers (No Tap) with individual games of 264, 277, and 268 for a 809 series.

Jacob Silgero was second with a 798 and Nick Picard rolled a 300.

Samantha Wharton led the women with games of 210, 234, and 287 to total 731.

The 2022 Century Lanes Fall League schedule is posted on the victoriausbc.com website and at the Century desk. If you are interested in joining a league, contact the lanes or the league secretary listed on the individual league schedule.

The Turkey Trotters will be the first league to start the new season on August 14, and they bowl once a month. For the recently retired, or if you have Monday afternoons free the Over The Hill (Senior League) will meet August 29 at 1 p.m. to finalize the team rosters. New bowlers 50-years and older are welcomed. Contact Cecilia Wilson at 361-572-9359 or the lanes at 361- 576-1166.

On the PBA50 Tour, long-time competitors on the PBA Tour Chris Barnes and Parker Bohn III faced each other in the PBA50 David Small’s Championship Lanes Open finals.

Barnes prevailed winning his second PBA50 Title of this season by a score of 223-211. Bohn III needed a double in the 10th, but the left-hander left the 6 pin on the first ball and finished with his 211. They are close competitors in the PBA50 Player of The Year award.

ROLLING THUNDER 1ST GREEN TEA Women: L. Diaz 204-567; K. Garcia 213-548; J. McNary 526; A. Adames 515; L. Hammack 214-507; Men: T.J. Mooney 299-708; J. Bryant 245-678; S. Dickinson 232-667; S. Snow 247-666; J. Silgero 246-664; T. Bennett 247-656; B. Hammack 259-654; M. Michalec 238-650; J. Shoup 239-648; E. Yeager 234-643; D. Sweet 640; J. Smiley 234-639; S. Zeplin 614; R. Mejia 245-610; M. Stacy 608; D. Matthews 234-605; H. Hernandez 604; D. Knowlan 603; S. Kocian 235-603; G. Verduzco 245-595; J. Longoria 244-594; M. Unger 592; X. Wilson 592; B. Marques 587; M. Flores 235-586; J. Martinez 585; W. Wood 585; W. Klekar 584; J. Matson 581; R. Lyman 226-580; A. Adames 580; M. Svatek 573; L. Conner 224-565; C. Diaz 562; R. North Jr. 559; R. Silgero 559; R. Marques 236;YOUNG AND RESTLESS 1ST SPLIT HAPPENS Girls: R. Shoup 140-369; Boys: J. Pennell 179-475; T. Zuber 172-434; E. Dunn 413; Women: K. Kuecker 167-471; Men: J Pennell 196-531; FUNTAPPERS (No Tap) 1st KNUCKLES DEEP Women: S. Wharton 287-731; J. McNary 264-656; N. Visconti 262-637; H. Ramos 264-633; R. Wortham 231; Men: J. Shoup 268-809; J. Silgero 278-798; N. Picard 300-756; A. Rester 266-755; R. Lyman 256-737; D. Matthews 252-705; B. Hammack 256-699; J. Martinez 686; E. Smith 264-667; D. Hale 664; M. Laqua 296.

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Abel Garcia writes a weekly bowling column for the Victoria Advocate.