Las Palmas

Las Palmas Mexican Bar and Grill's signature frozen Frankarita, their version of a margarita named after their manager, Frank Martinez.

Frank Martinez, general manager of Las Palmas Mexican Bar and Grill, convinced his friend Marc Hinojosa to try one of his signature margaritas.

Las Palmas won Best Margarita by Advocate readers.

Hinojosa was not a margarita enthusiast until he downed one of Martinez’s perfectly balanced concoctions, trademarked as the Frankarita.

“Success follows him (Martinez) wherever he goes. He’s a craftsman, and he’s very good at his craft,” Hinojosa said. “It’s a good social drink, and I like mine frozen with sangria — that’s my favorite. It adds some fruitiness and takes away some of the tart.”

Hinojosa continued that the restaurant’s atmosphere, food and margaritas work together for an enjoyable dining experience.

Las Palmas has been in business for about 15 years, and Martinez has worked there for about five years. He serves his margaritas, which have won the Victoria Advocate’s “Best of the Best” margarita several times, frozen or on the rocks. They come in large and small sizes with flavor options including peach, strawberry, mango or sangria.

“It’s not sour or tart, and people really like it,” Martinez said.

Martinez attributes the restaurant’s success to the good service provided “from the back of the house to the front of the house.”

“We have a great staff, management team and owner, Ruben Leon,” he said.

As far as the food goes, Martinez noted the popularity of the ribeye steak, enchiladas and Texas chicken.

Martinez said the restaurant is very fortunate to win “Best of the Best,” and the success takes a lot of hard work.

“We have very loyal customers,” Martinez concluded.

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