Victoria residents voted the Victoria school district as the best place to work.

This is a first for the Victoria school district.

“When we say Team VISD, we truly mean "team" in the deepest sense of the word,” said Tammy Nobles, the district’s executive director for talent, acquisition, support and retention. “Our team bond has resulted in something very special that leads to becoming a family. We take care of one another, each other, and all others. We cry together. We celebrate together. We laugh together.”

Nobles said any district employee has a story to show how they see their work peers as an extended family. Each one of the employees brings a unique aspect to the “family dynamic.”

A key reason Nobles said she thinks the district won the category is because every employee's input is valued and welcomed.

“It is never frowned on, but instead (it is) seen as an opportunity to improve,” she said. “In education, each member of our VISD family feels a true sense of purpose, not just for themselves but for the children we are entrusted with caring for daily.”

The district enrolls about 14,000 students and employs almost 1,000 teachers.

District employees operate using the academic calendar, which allows many to have the same schedule as their children.

While working, employees help students find their future career and life paths, Nobles said.

“Where we work matters to every single one of us,” she said. “We are all willing to offer input, listen empathically to one another and make needed changes knowing that doing so leads to improvements not only for employees but for our entire organization. This approach results in not only happy employees but employees who feel valued, respected, and important.”

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Samantha Douty is the education reporter at the Victoria Advocate. She grew up in Corpus Christi and graduated from UT-Arlington with a bachelor's in journalism.