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Latest Blogs

I’ve known since the early 1990s that the black community used the term woke to describe an educated black person who knew the meaning of social injustice.

Democrats in the House and the Senate are really good at walking in lockstep with one another on every issue no matter how evil or bad it is for the country. They would vote for the devil himself to further their ideology because they do not care about what is good for the citizens or our country.


I am currently reading “Holding the line” by Geoffrey Berman and sadly it is confirming what I already believed. I can hear my political adversaries saying, “Just another huckster trying to sell his book.” The book came out Tuesday and by the next day, the Senate Judiciary Committee announce…


During the Aug. 2 City Council meeting, the council proposed lowering the property tax rate by 3 cents per $100 of valuation. In spite of the lower rate, the City’s property tax revenue is projected to go up 5.11%–about $1.37 million–if the new rate is adopted. How is that possible, and what…


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog, so I will catch you up. This weekend I turn 71 and can’t believe I’ve made it to this age. Since I was among the generation of “smokers” I had this terrible habit for 40 years. The day our daughter announced her first pregnancy I was informed that I…


I know it’s the time of the year for a pre-season partisan political spin and we haven’t even reached Labor Day. For example, GOP tested CRT as a wedge issue but it fizzled out when it was found out that public schools are not teaching the subject. Book banning and LGBTQ issues will take the…


I don’t want to get in front of my skis on this current Mar-a-Lago search warrant saga. I’m not going to predict a Trump indictment or innocence. I simply don’t know and that’s the way it should be. The affidavit must remain sealed until charges are made or the case is dismissed.

Whenever you have elections, someone wins and someone loses. I had several candidates who I voted for and they did not win. It actually shocked but the will of the people is what it is all about.


Despite the constant attempts by mankind to corrupt our system of government, I remain an institutionalist. I believe we will always have Alexander Butterfields who revealed Nixon’s White House taping system existence in 1973 and people like acting Attorney General Jeffery Rosen and Deputy A…


I’ve been meaning to complete this blog for quite some time but I was busy restoring Facebook and dealing with my internet connection. Unlike the local RW, I am not going to blame Facebook or RW internet goblins for trying to silence my left-of-center views.


When something didn’t make any sense, Homer Simpson used to say, “It doesn’t compute.” That’s the way I feel when the other side continues to say “Nothing to see here, it’s just another Dem witch-hunt," every time they bring up the January 6 hearings.


I used to have a boss who always started his lectures by saying “for the record” to let us know his feelings about a subject, so there wouldn’t be any ambiguity.


I threw away the notes I had for this blog after listening to the Bill Pozzi show this morning. The two guests County Commissioner Client Ives and Sheriff Deputy Chief Will Franklin enforced what I was going to write about.


Last week and part of today I searched through local Facebook feeds, the local talk shows, and The Victoria Crossroads comment section for a rebuttal to the Liz Cheney January 6 Committee opening or closing statements. I couldn’t even find any challenges to the testimony by Trump’s inner circle.


I feel like our nation is like a diabetic who refuses to take medication. Just lose a little weight and nature will take its course. A little more funding for mental health and arm the staff. That’s all we can do, stuff happens. Play the blame game instead of trying to find a solution. Why h…

The opposition party is rooting for failure and waiting like vultures for the country to crumble. It doesn’t matter who the successor was, they were going to be the target of their frustration of losing the White House. Don’t expect a Camp David summit meeting of the minds before 2024.

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