Barbara Breazeale

Barbara Breazeale

Dear Kids,

I know my generation was vastly different from yours, but some things remain constant.

Your dad and I made sure that every Sunday, we were all in church, dressed properly and you were quiet and respectful. It took handfuls of Cheerios at times, but overall, you were all pretty good.

Now that you are grown with families of your own, it is hard to fathom why you are not going to church. You are the adult now, I get that, rolling your eyes has become an art form.

I know you pray, you even call and ask me to pray for things and people in your life. WE all need to have God on speed dial.

It is important to have a church for many reasons. It is a strong social and emotional place for you and your family. Your children and you will meet like-minded people, you will have an emotional place for the tough times that will come up, you will get moral and spiritual guidance and the church will teach you how to pray effectively.

Generations of our family have gone to church. It was so natural, like breathing. Your grandmother prayed each day for at least an hour for each of you. Now that she is gone, I pray for you and your children. I believe it needs to be a generational thing, each one of us prays for the present and the future family members.

Pray because the devil is alive and well in our world and you have witnessed many family members and friends who lost their way, their lives and their families.

Have your children baptized or dedicated as this is another means of obtaining grace and protection.

Find a church with an active youth group because we all know that junior high and high school are a roller coaster of emotion. Your children will be tempted many times. Parents are tempted to choke their teens.

If possible, send your children to a religious school or home school because our state schools are being attacked and infiltrated by movements that want to rewrite history, replace parents, subject small children to obscene material, allow children to guide their own medical, social and emotional life, push God out of their lives and promote racism and questionable lifestyles.

In 2019 the California Teacher’s Union voted to allow children to seek hormone blockers without letting their parents know. The schools allowed and encouraged this behavior. Parental rights are being usurped in the name of freedom.

Drag Queens are now introduced into the school system to read to small children. I saw a picture of one that was dressed as a demon with a little blonde-haired cherub staring up at this abomination. Ask yourself, “Why?” Your job is to guide and protect your children. Good parents monitor their children from watching scary movies yet they are willing to turn them over to a scary creature dressed like a demon?

Read and find out about CRT and how damaging this is to all kids. We all know the evils of teaching racism in any form.

It is with great sadness that I witness our country turning more and more away from God, while letting degrading behavior become acceptable. My grandkids are young and impressionable and innocent. I know that you will never be able to totally protect them from the evils of the world but you can pray over them and do battle with the devil every day so that he does not win their souls.

Is it going to be easy? Heck no, nothing worth doing falls into that category. Navy Seals say that the only easy day was yesterday.

The biggest job you have is making sure your children are protected, educated, medically taken care of, loved and are not derelicts!!! Your dad used to say that about all of you and I thought he was nuts. Now in retrospect, I still think he is nuts but that statement has truth in it.

We love you and our grandkids. I want us all to be together in heaven. Get right with God, take control of your family and fight anyone who wants to change that.

Remember besides having a good God in your corner, you have two grandparents who have realized that being sweet and tactful is not as fun as doing battle with liberal crazies.

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Barbara Breazeale is a mom to four and grandmother to seven. She is the Advancement Director for Victoria House of Palms, P.O. Box 4886, Victoria Texas 77903.

Barbara Breazeale writes an occasional blog for the Victoria Advocate.