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Barbara Breazeale

Barbara Breazeale

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Most people loved that President Trump wanted to make America Great Again. One of his slogans really hit home: he wanted to “drain the swamp” in Washington.

People were fed up with the corruption, the Clinton’s lies and scandal, the mysterious deaths, Obama’s statement that government built their businesses while apologizing around the world for all of our alleged “sins”, Benghazi, the economic sell out to China, the sudden accumulation of wealth by politicians and the list goes on. These stories abound on both sides of the political aisle, and working-class Americans were fed up.

We have seen these same politicians work for over two years to prove collusion, no evidence. Then another year or so for impeachment, no evidence. Suddenly a pandemic and our economy is shut down, and as we speak, Democratic governors and mayors are sitting on their populations and threatening to turn off water and electricity or jail anyone who opens their business. The best economy in 50 years brought low by the gleeful Democrats who don’t care if it hurts Americans. Those same well -paid politicians are staying at home while they are needed in Washington to help their nation. Why aren’t they on the front lines helping our nation? Do you ever see them have ideas on how to get our economy back on track or help Americans to find jobs? Isn’t that part of their job?

Now we see well-organized and well-funded mobs, looting, burning down cities and killing police officers. Their bail is being paid by celebrities and politicians. Large cities are being hit systematically while insanely wealthy socialists are funding this.

The same politicians that weeks ago were spreading fear and saying we are murderers if we open businesses or go to church are now pandering to mobs and having no problem with “social distancing.”

The same people who told us we could not have funerals for our loved ones or go to see our elderly relatives in rest homes, now have seven funerals for Mr.Floyd attended by thousands.

In Seattle, a six -block section of downtown was taken over by the new country of “Chaz” and held captive by gun wielding thugs. The Democratic mayor had the police department move out of their building and flee. Democratic mayors and Governors are saying that looting is righteous. Suddenly social distancing for domestic terrorists are a mute point. Police officers are under attack and their Democratic mayors are undermining their job. Anarchy prevails thanks to Democratic leaders.

Donald Trump knew that the theft and scandal was deep in Washington. By uncovering it, he has poked the wasp nest, aka “deep state.” What he did not realize is that the swamp extends much deeper than he ever imagined. It is depressing to see highly held positions, in once revered areas of our government, occupied by con artists, liars and worse.

I pray that the great people who make up the goodness of America are watching and will vote in November to unseat these vermin that occupy Washington.

President Trump made a mistake and underestimated the evil that exists in our government. We better pray and vote like our very lives depend on it because it does.

Barbara Breazeale is the mom to four and grandmother to six. She is the Advancement Director for Victoria House of Palms, P.O. Box 4886, Victoria Texas 77903.

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James Chandler

Sadly, this piece sums up my assessment of Washington also. I try to blame it on my age which is where people usually become cynical about the current generation and situations. But this is why I feel President Trump even with his politically incorrect rough edges, was what this country needed. I see the complicity of our press, our non-elected government officials, and even members of his own political party in trying to overthrow a legitimate election and I have to believe this blog is accurately portraying our national government. It is further supported by one major party pulling a 40 year veteran from the Washington cesspool, spraying him down with cologne, and telling us he is a breath of fresh air. I also expect Biden to pass on debates and we will elect a president solely based on what a biased press is feeding us. I'm just hoping enough voters see the situation for what it is and keep putting Washington on notice.

Marie Krause


Jaymes Murphy

just so many, many, many things wrong with this comment....

Keith Williams

On point!

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