Slowin' Down

Retirement: Week Two

In Slowin' Down

By Georgette Evans
Aug. 17, 2017 at 2:15 p.m.

I am now entering week two of my retirement.

I’ve been retired a whole week and must say emphatically, I love it so far.   
I know I haven’t given this retirement thing a chance yet.   
Many people will say “you’re going to get bored” or “you’ll find you have too much time on your hands”.    
So far this has not been the case.    
Last week was completely busy, as I had expected it to be.   
I followed my game plan with the exercise, writing and working around my home and in my garden.  
The day moved rather quickly to my surprise and before I knew it, Danny would be on his way home from work and time for dinner.     
I did explain to him though one tiny thing.  
Just because I’m retired and a “woman of leisure” don’t expect me to cook every meal and wait on you hand and foot.   
He actually made dinner for me twice last week.   
His favorite meal he cooks is chili.    
So we had chili one night for dinner and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner the other night.  
I was good with that.
Now heading into week two I’m already off and charging and have my week planned out.   

I’ve exercised, I’m writing right now (my two hours a day goal) and plan a trip to the library to pick up Spanish language CDS and books, have a facial, meet Danny for lunch two days this week and a few other fun things.

Yesterday sitting by the pool and enjoying a nice, cool beverage, I explained to Danny that every day is like a week-end for me so far.  

I can’t begin to explain how wonderful it feels to not face those dreaded “Mondays”.   

Even though I loved my career, Mondays were always tough for me the older I got.   

Danny would have to practically pull me out of bed.

One thing I’ve learned about age so far.   

You begin to realize that you shouldn’t be in a hurry to do anything, you want more time to slow your life down, and you finally begin to cherish each and every day.   

You want your time spent doing the things you truly care about and want to do.   

You also begin caring more about what surrounds you.    

As I sit at my computer right now writing, I’m watching the rain fall in my back yard.   

I wanted my desk and computer to face the back yard because Danny and I have spent the last 37 years planting, nurturing and landscaping to have our own Garden of Eden.  

We’ve definitely accomplished this.  

Our back yard is filled with memories of my children growing up playing baseball and learning flip flops by my cheerleading daughter.   

My grandchildren have spent countless hours playing, enjoying the swings, the hammock, the pool and great bar-b-que from their Pop. 

This glorious rain is feeding the thirsty grass from our hot South Texas summer and fueling my many flowers and hanging baskets, I urge anyone to take a moment of their time to actually stop and enjoy a simple thing like rain and appreciate it.

It’s extremely calming and it took me almost 66 years to to understand how the most simple of things can touch you.  

Yesterday, while working outside, Danny pointed out a baby hummingbird drinking nectar from the flowers on the back patio.  

I had never seen a baby hummingbird in all my life.   

I’ve seen grown ones land on my many hummingbird feeders and flowers but never a baby.  

Danny said he thought it was a large bee of some kind at first, but it turned out to be a baby hummingbird. 

Now that I’m retired, I’ve never felt or realized the value of each day we’re given.    

I’ve heard and read many stories from individuals who face cancer, a long term illness and when faced with major illness, the general mindset of each person is they wished they would have appreciated every day.     

They gain an awareness of the fragile nature of life and the importance of the time we have on this earth.  

I’m lucky I think.  

I’ve lived all my life with no major surgery or extreme health scares.   

Neither has Danny.   He had back issues last year but we refused any kind of surgery.  

A great friend who is retired from physical therapy, showed him some great plank exercises and they worked.   No surgery, no major pain.    

I’ve decided to enjoy every hour, every day and every experience in my retirement because this truly is the last chapter of my life.    

I want to make it even more memorable than the first 66 years of my life.   

I want my grandchildren to remember their Tyta was a strong woman who worked hard all her life and loved her family more than anything in this world.  

I also want to teach them by example.    

I never want to become a little ole Granny that doesn’t act silly with them, isn’t involved in their interests and that doesn’t teach them along the way.    

I want my children to remember me as a strong Mother who taught them well and supported them in every endeavor and loved them unconditionally for all their life.   

If I can achieve this, then my life will be a life well lived.  

But for now…..hopefully I have many more years to enjoy, experience and learn.



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