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In defense of profanity

In Pundit Without Borders

By George Schwarz
Dec. 3, 2017 at 1:55 p.m.

Many of my friends know I continually wage an internal war between my wish to be civil in my public discourse and voicing my anger with vulgarity. For me, launching profanity is a tactic meant to convey the utmost disrespect to my target. However, a large body of scientific evidence tells us that the heavy use of profanity is also a sign of intelligence. Of course, many disagree with the science and with the bad-mannered approach, saying that it’s counterproductive and people blow you off as a nut case or worse.

But what is true?

Not long after settling in Victoria and the 27th Congressional District, I learned that Blake Farenthold is our “representative.” The more I observed his behavior the more I realized that he is worse than a conservative Republican — he is a right-wing moron allied with the treasonous faux president now illegitimately squatting in the White House. Like most of the “conservative” politicians today, he or his taxpayer-paid staff flood his Facebook and Twitter feeds with fascist propaganda and lies. Yes, lies.

At the end of October, our fubsy, fascist friend tried to perpetuate another right-wing lie, proudly announcing, “I spoke with Fox News over the weekend about the upcoming investigations into the Uranium One deal.”

Anyone with any sense knows that Faux News is the radical right’s propaganda arm that has, over the past nine sad months become state TV for the Putin/Koch/Trump presidency. And for any politician to go on Fox, much less brag about it, only strengthens being complicit in the treason by this administration. But this case was different. If you watch the clip of Farenthold’s Jaba-the-Hut performance, he was an extension of the Fox/Trump disinformation machine. He was pandering and peddling a story so well and thoroughly debunked by legitimate media outlets that the only thing to call what he did was lying propaganda.

I couldn’t hold back. It triggered an explosion, with a profanity-laced post to his Facebook feed and faxed to his Victoria, Corpus Christi and Washington offices. In my view, I called him names I think he deserves. Other posters on his thread didn’t use my language, but they pushed back, also refuting him. But, as I said, my language was to reflect the lack of respect for him. Now, some weeks after all this, we learn that not only did Mr. Ducky Pajamas cavort with a lingerie-clad woman in public but he also settled a sexual harassment suit with $84,000 of taxpayer money — that’s our money. All the while backing the destroy-the-lower-and-middle-class-tax bill that flushes Farenthold’s Tea Party cred down the toilet.

While it wasn’t the first time I attacked our fubsy fascist with vulgar invective, this time I got a reaction. One William Hill, who identified himself as associated with our fubsy fascist’s office, called me out of the blue. I was caught so surprised that it wasn’t clear what the call was about. Weeks later, I am still unsure if Hill offered me a meeting with Farenthold directly or if he offered an invite to attend some community meetings (with which I wasn’t familiar).

Does invective work? Instead of writing something easy to ignore like, “I’d like to express my concern …,” I lit out at him. And I got a response. You tell me. If you’d like, please also tell me why should take a meeting? What could I say to an elected official who represents everything I stand against? What could I say to a congressman who is willing to lie to perpetuate his justification for aiding and abetting a traitorous administration? What should I say to his staff guy? I know the game. He and his staff will try to “yes” me to death. They will try to co-opt me.

If someone convinces me that talking to Farenthold directly would change his positions — and more importantly, his votes — I’d consider it. Otherwise, I’ll do what I can to see that his political career comes to an end.



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