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By Michael Gomez
Dec. 4, 2017 at 1:44 p.m.

It’s hard to explain why 71% of Alabama Republicans believe Roy Moore over his accusers. Republicans in Alabama think the accusations are part of a liberal plot by Mitch McConnell and the Washington Post. It doesn’t surprise me that President Trump now supports Roy Moore and will campaign Friday in Pensacola, Florida which is just 58 miles from Mobile, Alabama. What a coincidence!

This is just one issue of many, that doesn’t make sense.

Trickle -down economics as a viable solution for economic growth has been debunked since the Reagan years but today’s GOP are about to pass their version of that failed economic theory. They ignore what that theory recently did to Kansas. It’s all about the donors.

The Senate passed their version of their tax plan which differs from the House version.

House…………………………. Senate

Keeps ACA mandate…………. Repeals

4 tax brackets………………….7 tax brackets

12-25-45-39.6…………………. lowers top rate to 38.5

Caps Mortgage Interest

$500,000………………………. Keeps Mortgage interest

They both repeal Estate Tax (death tax to them) and allow keeps the carried interest provision. Senate version retains the AMT.

Both plans will add anywhere from $500 billion (conservative estimate) to $1.5 trillion to the debt over ten-years. Conservatives argue that just 4/10 of 1% equals $1 trillion in revenues but they cannot show any credible studies to back that up. At least some republicans will tell you that the real economic growth will come from cutting spending. You guessed it, programs that help the poor and entitlements like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will have to be cut. Reducing the corporate tax rate to get their donors off their back and give the middle-class some cookie crumbs to appease them until the next election.

Republicans are labeling their scheme the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, or something like that. Tax reform and tax simplification has been long overdue but leaving in the corporate loopholes and creating new ones and making them permanent while sun-setting individual tax cuts tells all you need to know. That’s not to say that the doubling of the standard deduction and the child tax credit won’t be welcomed by the middle- class but at what cost.

The last hope was in the Senate but they already took the tough votes by not reading their marked -up 479-page bill before they voted. The article of faith in a failed economic theory prevailed, so they’ll vote on whatever is reconciled. Senator Susan Collins was promised that the Alexander-Murray bill would pass and the deduction for state and local taxes would at least apply in her state. Senator Murkowski was persuaded by allowing oil companies to drill in the Arctic. The self-fulling prophecy has been set in motion.

It doesn’t make sense that Brian Ross gets to keep his job at ABC. In this gaslighting era of Trump’s making, Ross feeds into his narrative. Brian Ross has won many journalistic awards but this was not the first time he jumped the gun without crossing his T’s and dotting his I’s. Give him his well-deserved severance package. Somehow, I don’t think Fox would punish their journalist (not entertainers) for making a mistake.

I’ve given up trying to understand Trump supporters; I’ll just have to accept that I will never understand how that 30% think. I’m sure they thought the same about my support for President Obama.

I’ll never understand why some on the right doesn’t care about collusion with Russia or that it is not illegal but they get all excited about near non-existent voter fraud. I wish the media would drop the collusion coverage because that’s only a campaign violation and concentrate on President Trump’s involvement in a cover-up, conspiracy or obstruction, which are criminal offenses.

Some things are becoming crystal clear; the White House is running on auto pilot because there are no adults in the room. The ones we thought were reasonable have been compromised. Generals McMasters, Kelly and Mattis were silent when parliamentarians of both parties of Great Britain and their PM Theresa May rebuked our president for retweeting from a far-right anti-Muslim site, citing that it does nothing but provoke an already hostile environment.  The other day, Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was publicly shamed once again but he remained silent and will be eventually ushered out for not catering to Dear Leader.



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