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By Elisa Garcia
Dec. 26, 2017 at 6:18 p.m.

Hello everybody!!  I sure have missed ya'll out there in movie land!  I know it has been a while since  I have wrote a blog here, but I pretty sure you can tell why just by looking at the title of this blog.  Now, before we get into that lets talk about some movies that are out. 

December has been a good month for movies!  Recently I watched Jumanji.  Now I know  Idon't usually watch sequels; wait let me rephrase-I watch them but usually don't like them.  Well, for Jumanji I have to admit that  I enjoyed it.  It is the kind of movie that both adults and kids can enjoy.  For example,, the kiddos that  I went to watch the movie with enjoyed it very much.  Seth and Hendrix enjoyed the fight scenes-especially the scene where the bad guy gets an upper cut through the roof.  Where Scarlett liked the part where Jumanji went back to normal.  As for me,  Iliked the fact that the movie stayed true to the original movie.  I do vote this a must see in the theater. 

Now is when  I explain my absence.  Like I said, you can probably tell by the title of this blog what is going on.  Yes folks,  I have cancer.  It kind of snuck up on me and well, I have been dealing with it ever since September.   I am currently doing chemo treatments and those treatments are the real reason why  I have been MIA.  I get so tired after treatments.  The fatigue is one of the hardest parts of cancer that  I have had to adjust to.  I have four more treatments and then  Ican move on to hopefully my normal self.  

A large part of survival is support.  You need support to keep moving forward in a positive way.  So that brings me to my challenge for you.  This is a two part challenge.  The first part is to go to my new facebook page - - and like it.  Then, share your story- whether you are a survivor or the friend of a survivor- or if your loved one has passed away.  Share your story so we can show support for you.   The second part does have to do a little more for me.  One of my favorite movies are the Pitch Perfect movies.  So my challenge to you readers is to go watch the movie donning the colors peach and/or teal.  Those are my cancer colors - be sure to take a selfie and load it up on the facebook page.  This is a great way to show support not just for me but for everyone out there who is dealing with cancer-esp those dealing with the two that  Ihave.  So, come on all you readers!!  Show some support!!  Go to the page and click like, share your story, and then go check out Pitch Perfect 3 in theaters now and take a selfie! 

 All right ya'll, that is it for now.  As for renters  I will only suggest Jumanji (the original) and Pitch Perfect 1 & 2-so you can be all caught up for part 3!!

 I mean whole heartedly when  I say "C U @ the Movies!!" 



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