Slowin' Down

Week 12

In Slowin' Down

By Georgette Evans
Dec. 29, 2017 at 5:59 p.m.
Updated Dec. 31, 2017 at 2:51 p.m.

Where or where does the time go?   It’s been quite a few weeks since my last blog and with the hectic holidays and grandchildren,  I haven’t had a spare minute to myself.

My last entry was about our wonderful Thanksgiving family celebration so I’ll try and fill you in on the latest holiday celebrations and events.

First and foremost, Danny will be retiring the end of this month (for real, he’s really going to do this) so we’re both very excited.    Plus, the man upstairs had his plan in place for Danny’s retirement and a reason for my own retirement.   I’m convinced events happen for a reason and only God knows his plan.   I’m officially Danny’s chauffeur for the next two months as he’s not allowed to drive (I’ve been blessed with driving him for the past month to make deliveries and see clients).    I won’t go into all the details but he had a seizure and after tons of testing of every kind, we (nor the doctors) can figure out what triggered it.     You’d never know anything happened because he’s doing great.   Our son Todd pretty much explained this simply to me.    He said the brain is the organ that tells our body what and how to do everything and sometimes it just misfires.    Things can go haywire or short circuit and no one can explain what triggers an event like Danny experienced.   Todd has suffered extremely painful cluster migraines for almost 15 years and they happen only in Spring and Fall for just a few months.    He said all his medical doctors can’t tell him why he has them or what brought them on.    He was told he’d outgrow these terrible migraines around 40 years of age.   It hasn’t happened yet.     

Danny’s seizure was not only terrifying for me, but you’d be amazed at all the thoughts that go through your head when it happens.     I know this, I don’t believe I will ever take him for granted.   To say it scared me to death doesn’t come close to what I was feeling.   I’ve never seen or been around anyone having a seizure.    Fortunately for him, he has absolutely no recollection of it.      I still don’t understand how a completely healthy, strong man suddenly has a seizure and the medical community can’t find any answer as to why it happened.   Next step on this episode is seeing a cardiologist.     The neurologist and our family doctor have both recommended this testing.    His blood pressure is high and continues to be even though they put him on medication.  If all this doesn’t explain what happened, I’ll just continue to pray for him.    On this note, cherish each day with the person you love the most and share your life with and try not to take them for granted.

We celebrated an early Christmas because Todd and his family travelled to Israel for the holidays and I wanted all my family to share Christmas together before they flew out.     As always, we had a wonderful Christmas and the children had a blast playing with some of their toys and goofy stocking stuffers.    This year a stocking stuffer was a red blinking nose.    I made all the grandchildren put them on and took a picture of them (tried to video it but I forgot to hit “record” so the moment was lost).   Seeing all my beautiful grandchildren with their blinking red noses made me laugh hysterically,  smile and enjoy the fact I am blessed with healthy, beautiful grandchildren I adore.    My oldest, Tal, explained this is the last “silly” picture I get to take of her because she’s “too old” for this silliness.   Of course this isn’t true because you never get too old to act silly.  I want all my grandchildren to remember how much I adored them and how they had such a fun, silly Tyta.

Danny and I are busy making plans for our 2018 travel destinations.

We’re already booked for the year (praying for good health of course) and we’re so excited about this chapter of our life together.    We both want to see and do as much as we can before we get too old to enjoy traveling.  I know there will come a time when it won’t be so easy or comfortable for us to travel the way we do.     And, as I learned in early December, you never know what or where God’s plan will take you.        We’ve had an amazing life and look forward to many more years of doing the things we love.    We have so much to be thankful for and are so very blessed.

I’m hoping all my family, Facebook friends and followers of my blog had a wonderful and very joyful Christmas and I’m wishing everyone the best for a prosperous and exciting 2018!    Till my next post, I’m hoping everyone will take a minute of “slowin down” and take a minute to enjoy each day with all the excitement and joy it will bring. 



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