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By Michael Gomez
May 8, 2017 at 1:03 p.m.

Last night’s 60-Minute segment about a father who came to America illegally 20+ years ago being deported to Mexico was disheartening because this man and wife did not hear the dog whistles.

Granted, the man came to our country illegally, he broke the law and evaded deportation. Our government gave him a second chance because he kept his nose clean, married had a family and started and grew a business in Indiana. He employed 20 people. He was given a social security number, obtained a driver license and paid his taxes. The father of three had to report yearly, so ICE could verify that he didn’t commit any crimes. He did this to keep his temporary status. That was before the Trump administration decided to retain him for the prior violation of entering the country illegally. He eventually was deported, where he remains today.

The sad part of this story was the naivety of the family, because they voted for Trump. It was surprising how the wife and her husband joked about Trump deporting them. I had the exact conversation with my friends. Did they not watch the rallies, debates and GOP convention? Did they not see Steven King and Jeff Sessions, front and center of every event? I do feel sorry for the family and others who will suffer the same consequences, but it’s not like they hid their intentions. Their ears should have perked 4-years ago, when Mitt Romney talked of self-deportation. Trump’s initial Muslim ban is a distinction without a difference. Donald Trump started his presidential campaign by saying that Mexicans who cross our southern border are rapists and murderers, highlighting every rally by citing cherry-picked examples and demanding a wall. that would be paid for by Mexico. The wife of the man who was deported cited Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.” Didn’t she know what he meant by that? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist!

Ordinarily I would say that this was bureaucratic snafu, but no steps have been taken to rectify this, so the new sheriff in town is sending out his message to others ,who may have received a pass. That’s fine in a “to the victor goes the spoils” but don’t tell 60-Minutes you thought he was only going after the “bad hombres”, because the Obama administration was already doing that. These are the same people who fell for Sean Spicer’s evidence that Trump was already building a wall. Sean, showed pictures of a fence that was shored up and in one case of replacing a cyclone fence that that was ineffective. CNN sent a reporter to that location where he found out that the original fence was having routine repairs like it did under Bush and Obama. That cyclone fence he described was around a construction site. The White House acknowledged the mistakes, but called it a misunderstanding, but the Trump supporters stayed with the original story.

I can’t imagine what must be going through the minds of others who were giving temporary status. Do they risk being deported by complying or go into hiding because of what they saw on 60-Minutes?

Net migration was already at zero, when President Trump took office and he now believes those stats, because in the first quarter of this year, illegal entry into this country is down by 60%. We don’t know if it’s because of Trump’s aggressive policies or Mexico’s recent employment gains. Regardless, it makes a compelling case for not funding a $30 billion wall.

Political candidates always overpromise or else the electorate won’t bother to show up at their rallies. We always blame the politicians, but we want tax cuts without taking back or reducing programs we like.

 I laughed out loud as I was listening to Paul Ryan and Tom Price give their talking points of bad government and how great and creative states could be with less money and more responsibility. They want to take $800 billion away from Medicaid and make it better and somehow reducing $600 billion of taxes from the rich is going to make it even better. People don’t ask the simple question of how do you specifically plan to do that? Nor do they look at the message the candidate and their party wants to send. Follow the dots. Buyer’s remorse is all too common.




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