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By Michael Gomez
May 15, 2017 at 4:04 p.m.

Let me make this perfectly clear, the firing of the FBI director, that was not accused of allegations of ethical improprieties, is a big deal. Director Comey was investigating Trump associates of colluding with the Russians, in the 2016 presidential campaign.  Even in 1993 there was controversy when President Clinton fired FBI Director, William Sessions. The difference, Sessions was not investigating Clinton or his associates; he was fired because the Department of Justice’s Office of Personal Responsibility was investigating the FBI director for improprieties.

The question about the president’s authority to fire anyone working at the pleasure of the president was never in doubt; it was the timing and reason. Democrats were angered at Comey’s decisions in July, when he called Hillary having a personal email server, reckless and careless, and again, ten days before the presidential election; when his letter to the Senate saying that due to addition emails, he was going to reopen the Clinton email investigation. President Trump’s decision to fire Comey might have been bipartisan, if it had come shortly after inauguration.  Don’t make someone else the scapegoat to hide obstruction of justice.

It doesn’t take a degree in human behavior to identify a Trump supporter. They hate the mainstream media and they rejoice when the president calls out the dishonest press. They will say things like “even the liberal New York Times” or call CNN, the Clinton News Network, because if it isn’t right -wing, then it’s liberal. Don’t expect Trump supporters to care if a Trump scandal also upsets Democrats, liberals or the mainstream media.  

President Trump is the biggest spreader of “fake news”, because that’s what he chooses to read and he uses it to back up his whoppers on national television. The president’s surrogates then have to go on mainstream television to try to spin or cleanup his tweets. Paul Ryan said he is no longer answering questions about the president’s quotes and Sean Spicer now tells reporters that he lets the tweets speak for themselves. I read an article in this morning’s Politico that was titled “How Trump gets his fake news.” Trump rarely surfs the web, so he gets his news from news stories that his staff slips to him. Trump does not read books and is not steeped in history. i.e. Fredrick Douglas, Andrew Jackson etc. It’s so bad that prominent journalist are now saying that they cannot believe anything that they hear from the White House. President Trump is the original Birther.

I used to complain because if it was Sunday, the talk shows would be dominated by Republican legislators. I didn’t see Reince Priebus or Vice President Pence out defending the firing of Jim Comey, because what they say on the record might not be what Trumps says on Monday.

President Trump is a defense lawyer’s nightmare because he has no self- discipline. I cannot imagine another president publicly threatening an FBI director via a tweet, email or anyway that can be traced back to them. Past presidents have remained silent and their spokesmen would just say “we cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.” It’s an unforced error because if Trump used a recording device, the contents belong to the government, and if he didn’t, then it is just seen as more of the same from the president of the United States, which is worrisome.

I think that right-leaning letter -writers and posters are attacking liberals and Democrats, rather than defend the indefensible. It’s a lot easier to switch the subject to Vince Foster, Benghazi, or just state that the opposition party are just a bunch of undesirable socialists. They long for time before identity politics, political correctness, multiculturalism, and radical court decisions opposing the old voter suppression laws. They would like us to return to the 1950s. Make America great again.

I would like to think that we will reach a point when the Republican Party restores the system of checks and balances. They are the governing party now, act like it.  



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