You can't make this stuff up

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By Michael Gomez
May 19, 2017 at 1:49 p.m.

I’m glad we have a special counsel because the investigation into President Trump’s and his associates Russian ties has turned into an hourly discussion of rumors and innuendos. The networks are airing the same breaking news with the only thing changing, are the guests and hosts. Robert Mueller will bring this to grinding halt, because he will run a tight ship, that will be absent of leaks. We will lose transparency, in exchange for justice.

I thought it funny when Republican legislators came out of their hiding places to support a special counsel. CBS This Morning:20 GOP lawmakers declined our request to appear and react to Trump news. That’s even after “ The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, conducted in the days after Trump’s abrupt dismissal of FBI director James Comey, surveyed 800 men and women between May 11 and May 13. Of those interviewed, 40 percent identified themselves as voters who cast ballots for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton last year while 37 percent said they voted for Trump.

An overwhelming majority of the people polled – 78 percent – said they wanted to see a special prosecutor appointed to investigate Russian meddling in November’s election.”


I think the New York Times and the Washington Post are doing an excellent job of investigative journalism; something we have not seen since Watergate.

A Facebook friend told me about of the free three- month digital access to the Washington Post, using Amazon Prime. That’s all it took for me to sign up for Prime. I’ll probably continue subscribing for the low $3 a month.

Once again, the Washington Post and the New York Times are becoming the main source of credible information, because they now have the resources and manpower to do the investigative reporting. Those who criticize the papers, because they use unnamed sources, do not understand how the process works. The paper has a reputation to uphold, so reporters must convince their bosses that their sources and means are solid. The Washington Post showed more restraint than our president, who shared information with Russian officials without the permission from our ally. Now, if classified material was never divulged, then why was NSA, Homeland and the CIA informed of a possible breech. Why was a known Russian spy allowed in the Oval Office in the first place? The leaker or whistleblower, might have thought that the American people should know how reckless and incompetent our president is. Administrations often leak information to newspapers, when they want to spread a favorable account of an event. I will never forget how Scooter Libby got Judith Miller of the New York Times, to print pro Iraq War propaganda.

I believe this will be a long drawn- out investigation but we might never know how General Michael Flynn ever became our national security adviser. Are we to believe that the head of the transition team, Mike Pence, did not know that Flynn was being investigated by the FBI, at the time he was being vetted. This was a team who ran on extreme vetting. Perhaps he did and the president didn’t think it mattered. Vice-President Pence needs to answer this question under oath, because he’s getting a reputation for lying and being coy. Republicans don’t think this is important Flynn’s ties to Turkey as lobbyist or a foreign agent might have influenced our decision to not arm the Kurds. We know Pence lied and repeated the lie several times, when he said President Trump relied on a memo from the acting attorney general before making his decision to fire James Comey.  

Several people that I have talked to are afraid President Trump might fire the special counsel, but I disagree, because that would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back; articles of impeachment would soon follow.  My money is on Flynn or Paul Manafort flipping on President Trump and the cabal which will include Jeff Sessions and Jared Kushner. The latter backed the firing of Comey, according to the May 10,2017 edition of The Hill.

Oh, what a crazy world we live in, President Trump will begin his first forgiven trip to give a speech about the greatness of Islam. You can’t make this stuff up!



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