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By Michael Gomez
Oct. 4, 2017 at 3:40 p.m.

A couple of news conferences compelled me to write this blog because they depict the state of mind our country is in.

 One press conference was held so Secretary of State Rex Tillerson could deny that he had thoughts of resigning or that Vice President Pence ever tried to talk him out of it. Mr. Tillerson refused to deny or acknowledge that he called President Trump a moron. It is my opinion that it gave Trump cover for another tweet to state that NBC delivered fake news. Again, my opinion but I’m rather certain that the NBC reporter had enough sources and evidence to convince their editor, before going public. Rex Tillerson will probably resign sometime early next year because he obviously is not a Dear leader type. i.e. Rex Tillerson assured the American public that we are currently having back channel talks with North Korea to which Trump tweeted “Tillerson ‘wasting his time ‘negotiating with North Korea.” Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis are against Trump wanting to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. It’s hard for me to imagine of President Obama undermining Clinton or Kerry that way.

The biggest takeaway from today’s Senate Intelligence Committee Russian probe report was that the issue of collusion is still open. To me, they did not say that they have not found any evidence to date, so that should be worrisome for the administration. The committee chiefs said that they trust the assessment of the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) that Putin ordered a campaign to undermine the 2016 election and favor the election of Donald trump. The chairman, Richard Burr (R-NC) left open a door that they might find evidence to the contrary but that’s to be expected from someone who received Trump’s support. i.e. Democrat Mark Warner said that the Russians hacked political files to influence the election and Senator Burr said, “no votes totals were affected.” I think Robert’s Mueller’s final report will have a bearing on the final Intel report but that that’s just another opinion of mine.

How do those news conferences reveal who we are? NBC reports a story and it’s quickly denounced as fake news. The Senate Intel Committee gave their update on the Russian probe but tell the press not to expect much.

I’m constantly irritated when some posters rely on memes or shared opinions, instead of their own. I read a poster’s comment who trashed NBC, ABC and CBS and said it was the reason others turn to Facebook or other sources. I wanted to tell the poster that if they are relying on a 20-minute newscast, they will always be in the dark. How about waiting a day or two for known reliable sources to print their findings? For example, what compelled a source to leak the Tillerson story and why did the administration feel a need for quick press conference? Why did the Intel Committee say that they are still looking into Russian collusion? That’s the first time I’ve ever hear a republican praise the Obama administration for their full cooperation in the investigation. You won’t find those probing questions on the network news because they don’t have the time. You the news consumer, must research on your own, if you want something besides confirmation bias. It’s hard to fool the informed.

President Donald Trump’s antics don’t surprise me a bit because even forgetting what I knew about him before the 2016 campaign, he is the same obnoxious, privileged, uncouth person he has been and always will be. I also know that his supporters wanted the corner bar drunk, who would bomb any country at a blink of an eye, do something about Mexicans taking our jobs and keep out Muslims wanting to enter our country. They were tired of 8 -years under a black president and the thought of having a woman president was out of the question; especially if it was one they have hated since 1992. How do I know this? They are the posters who insert Antifa, BLM and protesters in just about all of their comments. I read comments and memes my conservative friends and others post. The Trump administration is so easy to read. If Trump’s approval remains below 40%, they will do something to shore up their base like banning transgenders from the military, invoke a Muslim travel ban, or stir up an Alabama crowd against the few NFL players who were protesting and making it a national discussion.

Yesterday’s press conference in Puerto Rico made me laugh and shake my head in shame at the same time. Yes, a president is supposed to assure people that help is here and more is on the way but most didn’t even know he was there because they don’t have the necessities. The governor of Puerto Rico was not amused when the president said our help was cutting a hole in our budget. Comparing the death toll of Katrina to Maria is not something you would expect a world leader to say. And to keep it classy, Trump style, the president tossed paper towels to the few people at the photo op. I can’t envision President’s Bush, Obama, Carter or Reagan doing that. Then again, we’ve never had someone like a General Kelly to tell a president what is presidential or not. What is it,23 or more who have left this administration in first 9 months?  

There was so much more to write about because we are still in our partisan corners; regardless of situation but there are not enough hours in the day. Yesterday, I talked to an old conservative friend who immediately asked me if I wanted to take away everyone’s guns. I told him no because that would be impracticable. I instead gave him homework. I told him to read the read the 2nd Amendment because I would never want to deprive him of that or the protection of his loved ones. Find the reference in the right to bear arms, where it forbids flagging of someone who buys more than 100 rounds of ammunition. I told him to never mind because the GOP would never consider it or their A+ rating from the NRA and the contributions that come with it, overrides common sense solutions or even a discussion.



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