Slowin' Down

Week 6

In Slowin' Down

By Georgette Evans
Oct. 5, 2017 at 12:32 p.m.
Updated Oct. 5, 2017 at 12:32 p.m.

I’m not actually in week six of retirement.    

I’m a little past week six…maybe it’s six and a half weeks.   

Who knows where the time goes…

I will tell you this.  

Don’t ever let anyone tell you retirement isn’t all

It’s cracked up to be.   

Now….being only into six or six and a half weeks, some may say I haven’t been retired long enough …and…they could be right.   


I’m staying very busy but more importantly I’m really doing what I wanted to do.   

I get to enjoy what interests me, for the first time in my life.    

I don’t have to work somewhere just because I need the money.    

I no longer answer to a boss.   

I’m no longer concerned about the time of day.   

And I’m certainly not wasting time trying to figure out priorities. 

And finally, I’m excited about this new and final chapter.    

I get to be excited about so much… but I do need to figure out which roads I will travel and the journeys I will make. 

It’s my hope each one will be an entire new learning process and create memories I will have with me always.

It’s been so sad to see all the damage from Hurricane Harvey and read the many stories about people who lost everything.   

As a community, I am so proud of how neighbor helps neighbor and how so many stepped forward to help in any way they could.

Danny and I finally have all the leaves, limbs and a complete Golden Rain tree that was uprooted almost completely cleared up and our front yard looks familiar to me once again.  

We feel so blessed to have lost only tree limbs and branches when so many others have lost their entire home and contents.    

It is my hope and prayer that future hurricanes know they’re not welcome in our area for decades to come. 

This week has stayed busy and I actually got out this afternoon and began planting some of my fall flowers.     

I had cleaned all the flower beds in front and they were ready for some beautiful red salvias, colorful petunias and dianthus in hot pink.     

I have the heart of a writer, but my hands are extremely happy playing in the dirt.  

I love to have a beautiful back yard (filled with thousands of wonderful memories) and take immense pleasure sitting on the patio, looking at my yard and watching all my hummingbirds.       

I used to see this picture in the movies when I was young.   

A little old lady sitting on her porch and just looking out and you could always see how relaxed and happy she seemed.   

Same goes for you old men too. 

As I said in one of my blogs, I believe with all my heart that you become extremely sentimental about so many things at an older age and it’s true. 

You take great pleasure in the smallest of things.    

Each new experience seems to matter more.    

I make an effort to enjoy each day more.   

Because, for me, from here on out, each day is a wonderful gift ….it’s like each day has a surprise in store for you.

So, until my next blog, make each day count and take a little pleasure in slowin' down for yourself….



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