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9/11 -Remember forever

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By Elisa Garcia
Sept. 12, 2017 at 12:56 p.m.

Yesterday as I made my way to yet another Dr visit I noticed right away that flags were out and flown at half mast.  I suddenly remembered that it was 9/11.  As I continued on my ride, I scrolled thru different social medias and saw how people were showing their respect for the memory of the day.  I remember every detail of that day-literally every emotion Evan as the day grew to night.  However, now I have a different memory that ties to 9/11- a year after the infamous attacks on American soil.  The attacks I remember more are the ones from 9/11/12 in Benghazi.  Although this attack wasn't on American soil, they were Americans.  In fact there wasn't much said unless you watched CNN around the clock.  It literally wasn't until the movie 13 Hours was released did I know the story.  Mind you- I do not watch war movies; but I couldn't pass this up.  I was focused on who directed the movie and the cinematography.. and to a certain extent I wanted to know what happened.  As expected, I cried and got highly upset at what I saw.  I could feel my blood pressure rising- again why I don't watch these movies.  

Now I could jump into the politics and name blaming of what went wrong and whose fault; but that's not the point of the story.  The story is the point.  We must not forget what happened.  We must not let the lives of "Rone" and Daughtry be done in vain.  Just like we remember the attacks of 9/11 on American soil; we must remember what happened in Benghazi.  That's also why I'm writing a day later.  We don't carry their stories just on 9/11- we carry them until our last breath.. and those we tell will carry it until their last breath.. and so on.  We must always remember not only when we were attacked at home- but when our own were attacked and greatly outnumbered; but held their own and fought back.  

I do recommend that you watch 13 Hours- it is a great movie.  

Its been fun guys!  C u @the movies 



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