What is Political Normalcy These Days?

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By Michael Gomez
Feb. 12, 2018 at 12:03 p.m.

Normalcy used to be what a majority believed but today we don’t have a mutual trust. The Congressional Budget Office is no longer considered credible by mutual parties and the truth relies on who tells it and how it is perceived. There is no longer one central location where people of all stripes can look to find what they think is a reasonable summation of the facts. Election results are questioned, climate science is questioned, as well as the meaning of a tweet.

The Sunday talk shows central theme was a good example of how a majority had a hard time trying to understand why the White House doesn’t get it. The talk shows got their cue from Trump’s early morning tweet praising the two staffers who resigned after allegations of spousal abuse. The president went on to talk of due process of the accused, without mentioning the victims and their ordeal. Kellyanne Conway said she believed the women but went on the defensive when she was asked to explain how it was handled and the president’s tweet. She kept trying to say that the situation was handled swiftly but quickly said she was out- of- the loop when she was asked of who knew what and when did they know it. She defended Trump by referring to the economy, women’s unemployment rate and how the president treats his female staff. Spousal abuse is not about economics or how good a person the abuser seemed to be. Selective generosity is not an acceptable substitution for understanding the seriousness of the allegations of spousal abuse.

 The Chief of Staff secretary position is where our nation’s secrets are sent to for analysis before burning them. Evidently, the White House didn’t think the position needed the highest security clearance because the FBI would never have approved one for him. The White House is the ultimate decider of who gets a security clearance. Due process is a judicial matter and hiring/firing is a human resource decision. Working for the White House is a privilege and those who cannot pass a background check should work someplace that does not require scrutiny. I believe this should have been a one-day story but shoddy White House responses have made this a six-day story so far.

I continue to use polls as a tool to help me understand how I stand against my fellow Americans. This Aug-Oct 2017 Gallup Poll gave me some insight on why we can’t come to a consensus.

Importance of news media to democracy:


Very important….40%


Not at all….3%

How well is the media doing?

Very well….28%


Very Poor…45%

Break it done by party as doing well:




Therein lies the answer, I tend to believe the media and my adversaries don’t trust the media.

I’ve never seen so much pandemonium and that’s without knowing what tomorrow is going to bring. I used to think a lot of it was a smoke screen to divert attention from the Russia investigations and they do have their subsets of stories but I still think the Mueller findings will lead to a constitutional crisis. What if the president refuses to testify, pleads the fifth if he does, and then pardons everyone including himself? In the meantime, have we ever seen such a high turnover rate? Yesterday, the news shows were pondering over the fate of John Kelly. I read an article from the Dec 28th Wall Street Journal about the historical first year turnover rate of 34% comparing to Ronald Reagan’s 17%. I copied and posted from the free NY Post because you wouldn’t be able to see my link if you weren’t a paid subscriber “ President Trump has seen a 34 percent turnover rate of senior aides leaving the White House, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing figures from the Brookings Institution, which has kept a tally of comings and goings in past administrations.

The analysis shows that 21 of the 61 Trump senior officials tracked have either resigned, been fired or reassigned.

President Reagan’s administration, which had 17 percent of its senior aides leave during its first year in 1981, had the second-highest rate of churn. Some network said it was 37% but that included all aides.

I’m at a point where whatever President Trump says goes through one ear and out the other and I’ve noticed that a lot of the media are doing the same. I laughed when a CNN panelist admitted that the rest of panel were taking bets as to when Trump loyalists, Jack Kingston, would invoke Hillary’s name in their discussion about the Rob Porter incident. Right off the bat, Jack used the Hillary defense. It’s like watching a movie for the tenth time, and you start repeating the actor’s parts as the movie progresses.

Times have change and who would have thought that the once deficit hawks Republican Party would love deficits nor would they be troubled with Russian interference into our elections. About the only thing that has remained constant are those 30-40 Republican immigration hardliners who view anything short of deportation is amnesty. I believe it wouldn’t be too hard to find proof of that but of course there would be some deniers.

I’m trying to educate myself as to why we are so polarized. I’m reading another book about the subject titled “White Working Class: Overcoming Class Cluelessness in America” because I truly believe that you are never too old to learn. I’ve had this wonderful relationship (despite my bias) with all of my conservative friends and I would like to keep them.



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