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How to impeach Trump

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By George Schwarz
Feb. 13, 2018 at 10:45 a.m.

The world community needs to be exorcised of a brutish cancer and the voters in the United States may be the only ones who can do so. The cancer: Donald Trump and his administration. The exorcism: Impeachment by the House of Representatives and conviction in the Senate. To accomplish that, progressive Democrats and decent Republicans (if there are any left), must prevail in the 2018 midterm elections by recapturing control of the House and Senate. The midterms this year and the 2020 presidential elections are the two most important we face if we’re to preserve the republic.

 Notice that the process is not just impeachment, a word that’s been thrown around over the past year. Impeachment isn’t enough. Impeached officials must stand trial in the Senate. Think of the House as the grand jury and the articles of impeachment as the indictment. The Senate must then try and either acquit or convict. If you want a far better source than this writer to fully understand how this would work, let’s turn to Barbara Ann Radnofsky, an attorney and the author of “A Citizen's Guide to Impeachment.”

 Radnofsky is a lawyer who has studied the impeachment and conviction process and has shown that ridding ourselves of public officials no longer performing their constitutional duties isn’t as unusual or as difficult as we may think. As Radnofsky points out, this isn’t a criminal or civil law process — it’s a political one, so the most difficult part of the entire process is to have the political power to undertake the tasks required. Her piece in the Los Angeles Times last fall points out neatly, “Impeachment requires no actual lawbreaking, and conviction by the Senate does not mean that an official has been found guilty of a crime. Impeachment requires no intent to do wrong.”

 In fact, something as basic as “misleading or lying” to the public that causes harm is sufficient grounds. And, as Radnofsky points out in her more recent op-ed piece in the New York Times, the first article of impeachment against Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were identical. But, in the more recent column, she goes further by listing some of the clearly illegal activities that have come to light — so far. And, she notes that special prosecutor Robert Mueller was clearly targeted for firing, a blatant case of obstruction of justice. It’s not the only instance and it will continue. It is clear to me that Trump — Cadet Bone Spurs and liar-in-chief — has been and remains a clear and present danger to the republic.

 Now that we know what’s at stake and why we shouldn’t take voting lightly, what are we — you and I — going to do? Me? I am going to keep using everything at my disposal to let people know that it’s time to take back our republic and repairing the damage Trump, the Koch brothers and others have done. I will derive immense pleasure to see Trump ignominiously removed from office and then prosecuted for criminal acts.



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