A good majority of us are watching the Oscars and counting how many political statements are going to be said during the show. I was raised with the teaching there is a time and a place for everything; but I guess that is just my old school values. The show isn't halfway done and yet with each award there is some sort of political statement. I guess it is there right to use the Oscars to help make their statement.. so how bout I do the same. Now before you click the back button give me a chance. My Oscar would go to someone I met about two/three years ago. Although this person is involved in movies, it's not your typical movie business. Let us start from the beginning.

In October 2014 I attended the Diocese of Victoria XXVII Annual Conference for Catechesis and Ministry. That year the keynote speaker was Gerry Straub. Mr. Straub is usually accredited for his work as producer for General Hospital; he was now working with a different genre. He had since left his work and moved to documentaries. His shows have gone from everyday dramas of the elite to showing the truth about what poverty is and how people deal with it.

In one of his shows there is a a child laying on the ground, malnourished and unable to move. Out of instinct, a young girl carries a bucket of water to him and begins to wash him off. The crew gives them both some snacks and water, and try to take in the whole ordeal. What stuck with me is that the girl acted on instinct. She was not told to clean the boy, nor was she told to care. Her actions are proof that caring is a natural instinct that we are born with. Thru time and experience we relearn what and who we are going to care for..and that is a shame. In "Mud Pies and Kites" we see how the children of Haiti move forward after the 2010 earthquake. What you may find as a surprise is that the mud pie was their meal. We have all made mud pies as kids, but we knew that it was pretend; we weren't expected to make it our meal. The second part, kites, are actually plastic shopping bags with the handles tied to string. Their version of a kite literally brings a new meaning to the phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure".

In case you have caught on, my statement that I am going to use my media pass on is poverty. Poverty doesn't just involve those in third world countries, it involves those maybe live on the same block. Those who do not have food security. Those who do not know when their next meal will be. Those who wash the same pants each day because it is the only pair they have to wear. Sadly most would only point out that they wore those pants yesterday, bringing attention to their current unfortunate situation.

Way back when I met a then coworker who was from out of state. She moved to Texas looking for work after GM closed. She was a sweet person who was down on her luck. I, at the time, was the first to notice that she wore the same outfits each week. I didn't make fun or verbally say it, another person did, but I did notice and wonder what her story was. One night while we were closing she told me her story and how she got a call back for an interview. She had taken what change she had left and bought a top to wear. I was excited for her and wished her luck. The next day she wasn't too happy so I thought her interview didn't go well. She explained that it went good and she got a call back for a second interview. This should have been good news but her problem was that she didn't have anything to wear. Hearing this, I took my suit jacket off and told her to take it and I wished her good luck. The next day she tried to return it to me but I refused, I told her she was going to need it for her new job.

Again, I am not a saint, but I do my best to take care of those around me. I think we all should and I think we should use our gifts to promote care for each other. I know for me I will give the coat off my back and the last piece of food in my fridge. Not because I support you and your beliefs, but because you are a human being who is in need. We don't know each others story nor can we control other people, by we can control our actions.

Like I said, if I had an Oscar to give I would give it to Mr Gerry Straub for his films and for opening our eyes to what poverty really is and also helping those out there who need it. As for renters, check out one of his shows. You may like it and you may not, but at least give it a shot.

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