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After I finished reading “The Second Amendment” by Michael Waldman, I began to understand the difference between the left and the right. Read more

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Here we are, the House Inquiry Committee hearings are over. I hear the president’s approval ratings have gone up slightly and calls for impeachment are down. The latter doesn’t surprise me because Americans aren’t into nuance these days. Read more

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I don’t know where the expression that I used in my headline came from but from what I found it originated in “England, from around the year 1608, from a play called The Christmas Prince: … Laugh on laugh on my friend. He laugheth best that laugheth to the end.” Read more

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I watched all eight hours of Wednesdays’ Oversight Committee hearing not so much for the expected dog and pony show but to hear what Michael Cohen had to say. Yes, he’s a convicted liar but he had too much at stake to lie again. It’s funny how GOP senators had no problem with Cohen testifyin… Read more

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I don’t usually read Walter Williams’ column because he’s an ear tickler, he knows his niche. He reminds me of Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson who will side with the white conservatives, regardless of the issue. Read more

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We don’t have a crisis at our southern border despite what President Trump and his small legion of followers would like us to believe. What we have is a 400% spike from last year in apprehensions of people seeking asylum.  Read more

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The 116th Congress has not been seated but all eyes and ears are on the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, to see if they will immediately initiate the impeachment process of President Trump, aka Individual 1. Read more

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I’m glad Nov. 6 has come and gone, thinking it will take away some of this madness. We have both sides thinking they are superior to the other and are talking past each other. Read more

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President Trump admitted that he was a “nationalist.” He said it in front of his gullible crowd, at his recent Houston rally for his new friend, Senator Ted Cruz.” Now he is Beautiful Ted Cruz, instead of Lying Ted. The president said ‘You know, they have a word. It sort of became old-fashio… Read more

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Last week I completed Michael Lewis’s latest book “The Fifth Risk.” The book details how the right has controlled the narrative for so long, that the left often plays the game as a visitor, instead of the home team. i.e. Government is always bad, private sector is always right. Read more

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A few of my buddies were trying to guess how much time President Trump has in office. One said his health would make him resign, another said he would resign to save his family members from being indicted and we all agreed (although not tested) that a sitting president cannot be indicted. Read more

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Thursday’s Beto O’Rourke town hall meeting was well worth the two hours I spent in that hall. Before Beto’s 35-minute speech, I enjoyed District 27 Congressional candidate Eric Holguin’s opening remarks and Omar Rashid’s introductory remarks. Many thanks to the volunteers who put in the hard… Read more

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As I was cleaning my office, I ran across this article written by Matt Sedensky and published by Newsmax on March 5, 2017, titled “Divided Americans Worry Country Losing Identity.” Read more

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Am I the only one not surprised that President Trump didn’t hold up Mueller’s indictments in the air, look Putin in those cold blue eyes and tell him in that no uncertain terms, not yesterday, today, or tomorrow, will America put up with cyber-attacks? We consider them an act of war. Read more

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The major parties have changed since the 70s, but the Republican Party has undergone a complete makeover. They were once the party of Lincoln, I liked them, then they became the party of Reagan, I disagreed with them, but now they are the party of Trump. I need say no more. I call them Trumplicans. Read more



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