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Barbara Breazeale writes an occasional blog for the Victoria Advocate. She is married to Bill Pozzi, the mom to four and grandmother to six. She is the Advancement Director for Victoria House of Palms, P.O. Box 4886, Victoria Texas 77903. barbarabreazeale@gmail.com.

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I always think I am over the daily ad hominem attacks but as the scene from the “Godfather” when Michael Corleone said, “Just when I thought I was out ... they pull me back in.” The only difference, I voluntarily subject myself to tribal disputes. It’s not a weak moment that I can blame on C… Read more

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I don’t mind a good argument but I hate conspiracy theories. And then the conspiracy theorist will follow up with an invitation to look at their YouTube evidence. Read more

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After watching CNN’s Fareed Zakaria’s GPS this past Sunday I am evolving on a gradual reopening. I saw what other countries were handling the coronavirus reopening reeling an science and data not the stock market Read more

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Life would be simpler if we could all get on the same page but we all know that’s not going to happen. I will listen to a different opinion but in a crisis like this, we need to come to some sort of consensus. Read more

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Yesterday, I watched Governor Cuomo’s press conference and came away impressed. Yes, it’s New York but right now that city and state are at the epic center of this virus pandemic in the United States. Read more

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Sunday, I went back to watching my recorded Sunday political talk shows. I did a double-take when I heard Fareed Zakaria say that Bernie Sanders has a Scandinavian fantasy. Read more

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I’ve always lived by the motto of “Don’t worry about things you can’t control” but this Democratic primary has me on edge. I’m not sure if I’ll recognize the party, I joined decades ago. Read more

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After I finished reading “The Second Amendment” by Michael Waldman, I began to understand the difference between the left and the right. Read more

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I don’t know where the expression that I used in my headline came from but from what I found it originated in “England, from around the year 1608, from a play called The Christmas Prince: … Laugh on laugh on my friend. He laugheth best that laugheth to the end.” Read more

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I watched all eight hours of Wednesdays’ Oversight Committee hearing not so much for the expected dog and pony show but to hear what Michael Cohen had to say. Yes, he’s a convicted liar but he had too much at stake to lie again. It’s funny how GOP senators had no problem with Cohen testifyin… Read more

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I don’t usually read Walter Williams’ column because he’s an ear tickler, he knows his niche. He reminds me of Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson who will side with the white conservatives, regardless of the issue. Read more

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We don’t have a crisis at our southern border despite what President Trump and his small legion of followers would like us to believe. What we have is a 400% spike from last year in apprehensions of people seeking asylum.  Read more

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The 116th Congress has not been seated but all eyes and ears are on the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, to see if they will immediately initiate the impeachment process of President Trump, aka Individual 1. Read more

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I’m glad Nov. 6 has come and gone, thinking it will take away some of this madness. We have both sides thinking they are superior to the other and are talking past each other. Read more



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