Mike Gomez

Mike Gomez

I don’t know how cold it was last Friday, but I did take that long walk from the parking lot to the North building of the UHV even more painful. The pain quickly turned into just exhaustion but that too went away when I started shaking the hands of old friends.  I like to say that I was in my element: At a Beto town hall with some of my closest friends. It doesn’t get much better than that. These are my people.

Some say 350 people attended but I think a Saturday night event would have attracted five times that. That was not the case but it was a cold, Friday middle-of-day, successful turnout. That’s pretty darn good in a city that votes 70% conservative.

The thing I like about Beto’s rallies is the diversity. It looks like the America I live in.

I walked the hall to greet and reintroduce myself to the local GOP chair Bill Pozzi. We had a productive talk reminding each other that we can maintain our beliefs while remaining civil. He re-invited me to be a guest on his radio show but I keep respectfully declining. Bill would allow me to make my case but unless we discussed one or two subjects it wouldn’t give me ample time to make my point. Too many rabbit trails.

The first thing Beto did was acknowledge the UHV students and president and the local GOP chairman, Bill Pozzi, who received a welcoming applause.

Beto, like in his last appearance in Victoria, didn’t denigrate republicans but instead spoke of ways we can legislate where there is some agreement. The candidate left his harsh criticism for his opponent and his failures. He understands the legislators meet every two years and that he will likely have a GOP Senate and House.

Our Dem Chair, Woodrow Wilson Wagner wrote an excellent column regarding Beto’s recent visit. I don’t agree that Victorians don’t mimic the rest of the nation in contributing to hostile rhetoric. One only has to recall the local debates, the comment section of our local news outlets, talk radio, and general conversations.

I certainly understand Beto isn't everyone’s cup-of-tea and that’s healthy because I can say the same thing about Abbott. What I can’t understand is the lies and rumors. For example, one republican said “I didn’t recognize a single person in the video or pictures, so they had to be bused in. Me: I was there and recognized many of the attendees but I was not relying on pictures/video that covered maybe ¼ of the room or a certain area. Another thing that angers the right. They complained that KAVU, the Victoria Advocate, and Crossroads Today covered the event. They were calling that group, part of the left-wing media. They asked why the governor’s trip to Victoria was not covered. Me: It was and they always cover the governor, as they should. It’s not exactly apples and oranges. Beto gave a weeks’ notice of his arrival, compared to Abbott's unannounced, by invitation only, no questions event.

I don’t know and it may be harsh but I think the local GOP wants the local media to be more like Russian TV or risk being labeled the left-wing media. At the same time, the local GOP wants all their events to be published in the leftist media.

I was asked why Beto appealed to me since he had a DWI conviction and a failed presidential attempt and, in his words, was rejected by the Dems. The 1998 DWI incident was investigated, he was charged and punished. He made a horrible mistake. There were 29 people who ran in the Dem primary, are the other 28 scarred for life?

Beto appeals to my better angels and that’s the same reason Obama appealed to me. For instance: Beto does not rail against republican voters because he knows he needs them in our red state. He wants to find something we can agree on, like using student enrollment instead of attendance to fund school districts. Obama used to say “don’t boo ….vote!” Beto tells us that we can drill while still being environmentally safe and incorporating renewables in continuing to be leaders in producing energy. Beto knows electric vehicles, wind, and fuel cells are in our near future but right now fossils are an important part of the mix.  

I am looking at Beto in his role in being governor. His role will be limited as a governor in Texas. He can appoint powerful heads to boards and commissions but the Lt. Governor and legislation that meets every two years control the policies. As governor, he can veto the silly “Guns everywhere” laws and make the legislators work for them. He can also veto the laws that can lead to a theocracy and make them work for their race to the bottom.

It's eight months until the November election and I hope it’s competitive. I think Beto has erased the name recognition Abbott might have had and he’ll have enough money to win. Abbott still has the incumbency and money advantage but his track record might put a big hole in his current advantages.

I just saw where the governor had to change the makeup of his teacher retention task force to include more teachers. Beto has been asking for more teacher input for a long time. That task force meets every other month. They need to meet every month in order to have it solved by the next semester.

We need a serious challenger to light a fire under this governor because he seems to always be in crisis management where he just points fingers in every direction except his office.

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Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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Michael Gomez writes a politics blog on VictoriaAdvocate.com.

(29) comments

Mike Gomez

In a similar poll “ McConaughey leads Gov. Greg Abbott, 45% to 33%. But his middle-of-the-road appeal may not open an easy path for him to November’s finale, experts warned.” Dallas morning news

Mike Gomez

What do you mean it’s not a right or left tissue,? Read the Democratic platform, it states “ Democratic opposition to school choice is well known. It is stated right in the party’s platform, “Democrats oppose private school vouchers and other policies that divert taxpayer-funded resources away from the public school system.“ Police body cam footage and video from the Capitol is not a bias film…lol .. You don’t like public schools, Homeschool are pay for private schools, don’t ask taxpayers to pay your tuition

Wayne Kroll

‘All Right, All Right, All Right’! If Matthew McConaughey had decided to run for governor of Texas, we would not be chatting about Beto now. Beto knew that Matthew was not running when he announced his decision to run for Governor in November.

Mike Gomez

I don’t think Matthew McConaughey would have run as a Democrat . Beto win 90% of the primary vote.

Wayne Kroll

Not according to a poll by the Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas Tyler, Matthew would have beat Beto, This is DMW that stated this.

Mike Gomez

A poll taken before the primary! Matthew McClanahan never filed. And he never stated his political party. Those are the facts

Mike Gomez

“ In Texas, charters received almost $3 billion in state revenue in 2019, and much of that went to charters operated by for-profit management organizations. Every tax dollar they receive is a state tax dollar taken away from an under-funded, neighborhood public school. And those under-funded public schools are where the vast majority of Texas school children will continue to be educated, including during health crises, such as this one, which stretch school budgets even thinner.”…. https://tsta.org/grading-texas/uncategorized/new-study-documents-high-rate-of-charter-school-failures

Rick Dockery

What is the research on failing schools in inner cities? St. Mary’s Charter Academy, don’t let the name fool you ((it’s not religious), is a national blue ribbon school in Beeville. Go check it out. I can list plenty of successful charter schools. Yes, there are bad ones, as well as bad traditional schools. Parents and communities need an alternative. If they don’t like the alternative, then they can go back to the traditional school. I understand the fear of the traditional school system as it relates to charters. Lumping all charters together makes about as much sense as lumping all traditional schools together. Please, watch films. Waiting for Superman is a liberal Democrat film, yet expresses the need for change. Watch it. It’ll do more good than cutting and pasting random stats. The DC superintendent expresses the issues with her schools very clearly. The schools serve people of color. The Ron Clark story is another great example. Or, just keep using the propaganda the system feeds you.

Mike Gomez

I don’t need films, confirmation bias studies or a exception rather than the rule example. Parents and communities do not need an alternative, they need to make what they have work. They already have alternatives, homeschooling and private schools. Long story short, you just want the tuition money and you are trying to glamorize your point. I just read a story where Lieutenant governor Dan Patrick is going to make a big push in two years when the legislation meets to push charter schools and his fellow republicans don’t want that fight. That’s the reason the GOP is trying to turn the local school boards as their sounding board of a failing system. They are banning books, bringing up a made controversy ( CRT), and a cry of over taxation. People of color and Democrats are not not fools.

Rick Dockery

I'm a person of color and I am not a fool. Failing schools are not acceptable. This is not a red versus blue issue. You don't need films, yet you'll watch and write about a film on Jan. 6th. Schools are failing, they are not self correcting and people are stuck with what they get.

Glenn Wilson

And every one that fails takes all the taxpayer $ that it sucked up over the years with it. If they would just continue to fail they'll be a self-correcting problem.

Mike Gomez

“ At the ten-year mark, charter school failure rates in Wisconsin were at 55 percent; in Arizona, 48 percent; in Florida, 42 percent; and in Michigan, 41 percent. Three of those states—Wisconsin, Arizona, and Florida—are joined by Ohio at the top of charter closures at the five-year mark.Aug 17, 2020

Mike Gomez

Rick, for the umpteenth time I don’t discuss abortion, only when it is a political issue such as Roe v Wade. And then it’s about the political policy. I was referencing the Chicago kids you mentioned.

I stand corrected. I was not aware that in 2018 the Texas Supreme Court deemed that every Texas charter school be public. I prefer the current public school system without tuition. Charter schools would create a “white flight” leaving the established school systems underfunded and set up for failure. We would go back to pre-Brown vs the Board of Education.

So, you are an isolationist! That makes sense, libertarians are individualists in a global society.

We import and export globally. Oil is sold on the global market. Climate change is global. NATO, UN, and trade and peace policies are global.

Yes, we need the Corp of engineers building bridges, irrigation systems, and fighting climate change in poor African communities because when people leave their homes, they create a migration problem. At times we insert special forces to be our eyes and ears open for terrorists’ threats. People who received that new windmill are more cooperative.

Rick Dockery

Charter schools are thriving in the inner cities. New York has had great success as well as DC. No idea how that creates "white flight." I have many family members who attend charter schools and the schools are heavily minority. If you have time, watch Waiting for Superman, or The Ron Clark Story, if you haven't already. I'm extremely excited and eager to vote for Mr. Alvarez because I believe he gets it when it comes to school funding. The current system of nice areas being heavily funded creates "white flight." Yes, I believe in not intervening. Basically what we did pre WW2. If you attack us, you'll pay the price. Unfortunately we are not self sufficient so we must rely on global politics, where it matters. Ie, we really don't bother with the genocide going on in Africa (Zaire, Ethiopia...). It's about $ when you get involved, again IMO. I agree we must help impoverished countries to an extent, teach them how to fish rather than cut a check. I understand you don't talk about abortion, out of sight out of mind. It's tough to comprehend such a tragedy. I'm referencing 3 trimester by the way. I would imagine we could compromise on that, but I'll call Beto out everyday on not accepting that. Texans need to know where he stands on this issue. If they're cool with it, so be it. As a former fetus, I oppose abortion and don't avoid the topic.

Daniel Lopez

Is Beto running on the same platform he ran against Cruz, Dropping F-Bombs All Over Texas but not being open about it? To learn about Beto, there is an article, "Beto O’Rourke: Clean-Cut Man with a Dirty Family File". Or, the "El Paso Times" also have some interesting articles about Beto and his Family ties.

Then again, who cares as long as you don't vote for a Republican, and you know what this has gotten us.

Mike Gomez

I know all about Beto and he still stands way above Epcot Abbott and his draconian social policies. I don’t know the “ us” you are referring to. Is it your inner circle or are a spokesman for the GOP?

Mike Gomez

Practice what you preach! Aren’t the Republicans using “let’s go Brandon” be open about it

Rick Dockery

Yeah, my son sent me a video of Beto being interviewed in Austin a day or so after Victoria and, after being pressed several times, admitted to wanting to implement a “buyback “ program for certain guns. I remember a video where a college kid gave his birthday, then asked Beto if he believed his mother had a right to “abort” him the day before. Beto’s answer was disturbing as someone who has children. That’s the honest, pure, wonderful Beto we will be spoon fed for the next few months. Abbott screwed up, I get it. However, I’ll take him over Beto any day.

Rick Dockery

Actually he made the comments March 12th at Texas Tribune TV sit down interview. He was here the 11th. Almost made it one day without changing or whatever politicians call it on a position. To paraphrase he said if he could get a bill passed (good luck with that) he’d buyback our AR’s. Different tune than the day before. At the end of the day, he’ll just say whatever to get elected. Vote libertarian

Mike Gomez

You are obsessed with the gun issue but a buyback program is not a deal killer for Democrats. He said that doing a democratic primary and several times afterwards. If abortion and guns are your only issues Abbott is your man. Abbott I is a guns everywhere and for vigilantes monitoring abortion. After all Abbott did promise they’ll be no more rapes in Texas when questioned about rape cases and abortion. …. Beto is concentrating on educational issues,mental health,the grid, teacher retention and pay for starters not the wedge issues. Any buyback program will be voluntary, so why do you care if someone wants to sell their gun? Are you that controlling? I guessed governor Abbott will not say or do anything to get elected lol… I followed Beto since he ran against Cruz, during the primary, and today. I know where he stands on the issues because he’s a democrat. I don’t need sound bites. I know he wants to expand healthcare with Medicaid, get rid of the STARR test,retaining teachers,deal with climate change, get rid of voter suppression. Important issues.

Mike Gomez

“A comprehensive examination released Thursday of charter school failure rates between 1999 and 2017 found that more than one-quarter of the schools closed after operating for five years, and about half closed after 15 years, displacing a total of more than 867,000 students.”

The report, using information available from the U.S. Education Department, also found that in three of the poorest cities in the country — Detroit, Tucson and Milwaukee — there were more charter closures in areas with higher rates of poverty than in those with lower rates.”


Your post is exactly why I don’t discuss abortion. It’s too emotional and you get comments like yours which is filled with assumptions and falsehoods. You write as you are morally superior if I refuse to discuss the issue. Yet you preach freedom and liberty. I have the right to not discuss a subject that I don’t have any expertise on,being silent is just that. You can make accusations all day long but I’m not taking the bait. People who actually know me, know where I stand.

Rick Dockery

What are our interests in Chicago? The people who are American citizens whose children are being slaughtered. I do not feel it matters if it's drug fueled, just like any other city. The police are unable to handle the situation. If we are going to have a federal government, who spends billions on foreign aid, one would think they would be willing to help those who are stuck in terrible American situations. Alas, as 2pac said "just let them kill each other." It's just a turf war. As for abortion, I along with 85% of the population care when a 9 month old "fetus" or whatever the view point is, is terminated. The buyback program will not be "optional." One can already optionally sell their gun. Giving more money to failing schools will not solve anything. Sounds good, actually great, but money doesn't teach kids, competition does. Look at the nordic countries. The money follows the student. Beto is a great speaker and will tell people what they want to hear. When someone actually pushes him, we see the real Beto. I watched the whole Texas Tribune interview, not soundbites, unless you just want to pick and choose what you want as he sways back and forth. I'm not a fan of Abbott, but Beto is not the solution for Texas.

Mike Gomez

Oh please Rick, If you were so interested in children, why don’t you make some noise about Texas’s uninsured children. We lead the nation.

We need to spend billions in foreign- aid to win hearts and minds,if not someone else will and then we lose in the long run. It’s not a choice of neither or.

“Has confiscation ever been tried in the United States?

“A mandatory buyback has never been attempted.

Even when bans have been enacted, like the 1994 assault weapons ban, existing guns were grandfathered. Only importation and new manufacturing were halted.

Voluntary buybacks have taken place for decades, though never at the federal level”…..Dallas Morning News.

You are a nitpicker, looking for the “gotcha” Beto quote. Beto is a veteran politician who throughly knows the subject he is discussing,amateurs cannot stump him….Again, If you want candidates to support taxpayer private school vouchers, look for Republicans. Democrats are public education.

Rick Dockery

Charter schools are public. We need to fix health care. Not sure what that has to do with terminating viable infants. I guess, with your logic, if health care is bad, then support terminating the chance at life. Swift wrote satire fortunately, in "A modest proposal." I will stand up for the unborn. Not ashamed or would hide from that fact. Ad hominem seems to be something that tends to be of use to your arguments. I still don't know the definition of "gotcha." Which answers that he gives qualify as "gotcha." If standing up for life and liberty is nitpicking, then I am a proud nitpicker. We won lots of hearts and minds in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's time to move away from a globalist mentality. IMO.

Daniel Martin

Thank you for your observations, Mike. I think Beto is a man we can trust. His position on many critical issues is clear and well thought out. He is honest, intelligent and respectful. I can’t remember a statement of his that was not true. Can’t say that for the Conservative folks. I remember when Abbott called out the Texas State Guard to “Keep an eye on the Jade Helm 15 Exercise” thanks to Alex Jones.

May 3, 2018 — Gov. Greg Abbott's decision in 2015 to ask the Texas State Guard to monitor a federal military exercise prompted significant criticism.

I really wished I could have been there.

Mike Gomez

And today the Texas Tribune had an article about the National Guard using military equipment and troops to guard the property of wealthy individuals. One was the King Ranch

Glen or Janice Ullman

Good read Mike. I’m sold on Beto. He’s got stamina and passion with a side of compassion. Just what Texas needs. I’m hoping after the run offs maybe Beto will come back thru here with a potentially new Lt. Governor in tow.

I remember back in the 90’s some of my coworkers were minutemen volunteers that went down roaming big ranches for illegals. Them big land oligarchs got it going on, including with their property taxes…Glen

Rick Dockery

Well Trump wanted to do that to protect the improvised in Chicago, and they said no. Isn’t one of the objectives of the government to protect our interests? How dare they

Mike Gomez

What are our interests in Chicago? They have a police force and don’t need the military. The southside of Chicago has had a drug turf war with St. Louis and Milwaukee for decades. What’s that got to do with the subject of this blog? Trump was only interested in Trump… The man you are bragging about did absolutely nothing for 187 minutes while the Capitol was being attacked. That’s also the man who ran off peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park for a photo op.

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