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abuse of power

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I live in a city/county where conservatives rule the roost, so if anything, wrong has to be the fault of the left all lumped in as Democrats, protesters, fascists, socialists and Marxists. I try to simplify it by saying “If  they are not conservative; they are a liberal.”

As I keep saying, my arguments with my conservative friends used to be about economic issues such as the minimum wage and trickle-down-economics. Today, issues are secondary because if about finger-pointing, especially in a fact-free anything-goes environment.

I’m not into labels but in our social media world, I have to at least try and keep up. I’ll throw some of my own out there from time to time to test out the “if you throw a rock into a pack of dogs “the one that holla is the one ya hit.”

People frequently throw around labels not having the slightest idea what they mean. It just sounds like an insult so they use it.

I have a lot of time on my hands so I got down to basics and this was the best article I could find on how the labels originated. France of all places!

“One of the main issues the assembly debated was how much power the king should have, says David A. Bell, a professor of early modern France at Princeton University. Would he have the right to an absolute veto? As the debate continued, those who thought the king should have an absolute veto sat on the right of the president of the assembly, and those who thought he should not — the more radical view — sat on the left of the president of the assembly. In other words, those who wanted to hew closer to tradition were on the right, and those who wanted more change were on the left.

“So, these groupings became known as the left and the right, and that’s where we trace the origins,” Bell tells TIME.

The seating pattern repeated itself in subsequent legislatures and parliaments. “It entered popular vernacular quite quickly,” he says. “These terms were used in the newspapers reporting on the national assembly.”


I like to cruise right-wing media from time- to- time without commenting, just to observe. I saw a lot of ads for the Larry Elder documentary “Uncle Tom” so I viewed it. It was a documentary about prominent black conservatives telling their story of why they are comfortable being in the GOP. There were cameo appearances from Walter Williams, Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Allen West, Herman Cain, and Candance Owens to name a few.

There were also some young African-Americans who told the story of their transformation from being a Democrat to Republican. The young African-Americans said they changed as they learned of the Civil War and the KKK’s role in the Democratic Party. They went on to point out the prominent role republicans took in passing Civil Rights. I would have told them that it was conservative Democrats who resided in the KKK during that time and it was liberal Republicans who approved Civil Rights. I would ask them “who are on the side of leaving those racists general’s statues in place; republican or Democrats? Even the defense department is discussing renaming the forts named after racists confederate generals.  

As I was watching the documentary I kept wondering if they were going to discuss Barrack Obama. The young students praised the former president for giving them hope. The attack on Obama came from Larry Elder, Candance Owens, and others and it came towards the end. Larry Elder said Obama made racial issues worse when he said “the cops acted stupidly” in arresting his friend Professor Henry Louis Gates and then saying if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon Martin. Candance Owens blamed Barrack Obama for the racial divide, not Trump because she doesn’t recall any race issues before Obama. I’ll just leave that right there.

I hear the left is now responsible for the protests in Portland Oregon and all the criminal activity in our major cities who happen to have duly elected democrats as mayors and governors. You see how the left and Democrats are the common denominators for all the ills of our country. That's what they want you to believe.

I remember when I worked at the Texas Highway Department, every large project we worked on, we had citizens come up to us saying “must be an election year.” That’s what I thought when I heard Trump say that he was going to send federal officials to blue states who were not quelling the riots and protests quick enough. I thought that was just his “law and order” campaign rhetoric. Boy was I wrong.

The old conservatives I knew would always yell about “states’ rights.” Those who were proud of their confederate roots would try and convince us that states' rights being the reason the south succeeded. Today, there is too much evidence to the contrary, so they admit it was about slavery.  I am wondering why they are not pushing back sending in federal troops into states that are not requesting their support.

I agree the 50 plus days of protests in Portland must come to a peaceful resolution. If not, then the governor should use the national guard as a show of force to back up the local police. I don’t even have a problem with the DHS newly created armed force protecting federal property and personnel. I am totally against the federal government using unmarked vehicles for policing city streets without the permission of local authorities.

This left and right labeling are sending out mixed messages. The governor of Georgia thinks a mask mandate is government overreach and a violation of the constitution. Those same republican governors think it is perfectly all right for the president and DOJ to send in uninvited federal forces to quell a riot. I expect the enabling GOP legislators to remain quite but I would think my party legislators would be working on legislation or a lawsuit to stop this.

Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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Mike Gomez

Hello Rick,sounds like you are a Libertarian.

Joe is not a racist and never has been. Take his words in context. He was in a small studio,had a lighthearted moment and made a tongue in cheek comment. I’ve seen your comments and it is my opinion that you are not in that thin skinned.

The president should not send federal troops into the southside of Chicago. That has been a drug turf war for years for decades between gangs from Milwaukee, St. Louis and Chicago. He should send in the DEA and the ATF to fight the influx of guns and drugs. He wants to send inexperienced agents from Homeland Security to beat heads on the streets to boost his poll numbers and set up a narrative of being tough. He’s using Chicago as a prop.

Glenn Wilson

Mike, "He was in a small studio, had a lighthearted moment and made a tongue in cheek comment." -- There was a time, unfortunately long past, when people actually had a sense of humor, and that would have been no problem. The things we said and called one another while building chemical plants, power plants etc around the country would get us shot today. And someone in Biden's position should know better. Of course he's not the only presidential candidate right now with an intermittent brain-to-mouth connection. What a pair!

Mike Gomez

Hello Glenn

While I agree that some people think Joe Biden’s in-studio remarks were horrible and insensitive, I don’t hold that opinion and I will elaborate.

As long as I have been following the long career of Joe Biden, Uncle Joe has been known as a laughable time machine with a good heart who knows how to get things done.

The so-called gaffe did not hurt Joe in the black community because those very words are being said at the beauty parlors, barbershops, family gatherings, and other social gatherings. He won the primary with an overwhelmingly large black turnout.

I have said those words, my friends have said those words so it would be hypocritical of me to condemn him for saying the truth. Camera’s rolling, perhaps something he wishes he would not have said, perhaps, but that’s the Joe I voted for.

In 2016 Trump supporters liked his frankness and called it a breath of fresh air.

Right now, Joe Biden’s handlers are whispering in his ear on what he should say and what he should not. They would have advised him not to say those words he said because they would be construed as something negative to his opponents or the naïve. I voted for Joe Biden because of his authenticity, not for a canned answer…i.e. His spontaneous answer to David Gregory's question on gay marriage nudged the Obama administration into supporting marriage equality before they were ready but were happy with the end result.

You can love or hate Joe Biden but after his 43 years in government, if you are worried about this issue, you are politically naïve or just like to nitpick. …IMO stay dry this weekend and by all means, stay safe.

Rick Dockery

I’m one of those who left the Democratic plantation. Growing up in Chicago I didn’t even realize there were options. I’m not a fan of the Republican Party, they just tax you in different ways. I’m not a fan of troops overseas, drug laws, etc. I will say that the president sending help into Chicago is the best thing that could happen. The leadership in that city is pathetic. I’d actually send in the marines it’s so bad. We do not call south Chicago Chi-Raq without reason.

Glenn Wilson

Mike, this morning (Tues) while riding my bicycle I encountered a gentleman who strongly resembles your photo out mowing his lawn. We exchanged nods as I rode by. Was that you?

Mike Gomez

No Glenn, that wasn’t me mowing lawn but I would have returned the nod. You have a good day and please stay safe

Glen or Janice Ullman

Good post Mike, I like the economical minivans Trump’s militia used. I like cruising the opposition sites, as you mentioned, but when I do I can’t stop myself from dropping a little common sense into the conversation. I actually had the longest political conversation online with a total opposite on a Cronyn site. Few are willing to talk anything but script....Glen

Mike Gomez

Thanks Glen, there’s a site where I engage with scripted posters throwing out labels and talking points. One poster was surprised that the lowest unemployment numbers ever seen were in 1968 and 1969.

Rick Dockery

Oh, I found out that I’m no longer black because I’m not voting for Biden lol. His racist past is interesting, yet not talked about much.

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