There’s an old saying that will prepare you for the next 91 days “Buckle up buttercup.”

In 2016 we saw a reality show host defeat the GOP’s best lists of candidates that party has ever assembled. Trump took his show on the road and defeated one of the most qualified people to ever run for the presidency. It was the year of populism   “what have you got to lose” became a reason to vote for someone. The old saying “Throw caution to the wind” was the driving force behind the “drain the swamp” tactic. So here we are.

Ordinarily, in August of a presidential campaign; an 11.1% unemployment rate, and broad disapproval of how the president is handling the coronavirus and race relations, the challenger would have a double-digit lead and climbing. Not so, Trump’s base is well dug in; fully equipped with earbuds, blinders and filtered TV and AM radios. Trump is not trying to appeal to a new group, he’s trying to maintain and grow the current group. I don’t believe there’s enough of those types but in an electoral race, it might be just enough. I saw a study where Biden could win 5 million more popular votes but still lose the election.

I have to go back to USATODAY article I read several years ago that stated that Americans have an attention span of 27 minutes.  Trump’s new campaign manager, Bill Stepien knows it will take the development of a new vaccine by October (early voting) to stand a chance against his negative race relations/economy numbers. He has to continually throw out the red meat the base craves by calling the virus “the China virus” denying the Dreamers renewal or signup applications, and aligning the looters and militants with the peaceful Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party. A disinformation campaign is always an attractive option for them.

The Trump campaign still has the people who don’t like to change horses in the middle of the stream (power of the incumbency) and the bully pulpit of which the president takes full advantage of.

Mr. Stepien is starting to realize that calling Joe Biden (Sleepy Joe) is not working and neither is the “Joe is in his basement/dementia tactic.

I recently discussed Joe Biden with a few close friends. I don’t know if I convinced them but I got their attention. I first told them that I too had a speech impediment (stuttering) so I understand large crowds and not slowing down your thoughts can make you a gaffe machine. I told them, Jill Biden and Joe’s doctors would know if Biden had early stages of dementia. Jill loves Joe enough to not want Biden going through the rigors of a campaign knowing he had dementia. Do you think she is that selfish? Do you think Obama would have endorsed him? Remember the 2016 Hillary Clinton health scares?

The disinformation campaign is well on its way with the latest being another slowed downed video of Nancy Pelosi appearing to be slurring her speech……. https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-nancypelosi-manipulated-idUSKCN24Z2BI

That’s the reason I don’t accept video evidence. Show me the article or transcript. I believe this is the third or fourth video of Pelosi that has been debunked this year.

I have questions about the health of President Trump but I refuse to post anything other than in the form of a question. I still want to know why Trump took a cognitive test and why at Walter Reed. The White House has everything including doctors and medical personnel to administer a health exam, treat a heart attack, or dispense medication. The WH won’t answer questions about Trump’s recent visit to Walter Reed.

I’ve been searching for an answer for about six years of why reasonable intelligent friends believe in conspiracy theories. Recently a couple of posters guided me toward an answer. I went back and read some old notes on the subject because it really intrigued me.

 Remember back in the day we used to say “it’s in the printed news” and take it to the bank. We could always rely on the professionals to not say anything that wasn’t supported by facts. Those days are gone, we are in an age where we have to check the fact-checkers.

According to my old notes, it takes more mental effort to reject an idea as false than it does just accept it as true and move on. It’s like the burden of proof is on the other person. It’s not like the Easter Bunny laying eggs, or George Washington chopping down the cherry tree because that’s passing on fables or traditions but just think of what an effort it would take to untangle them.  

You have to hear the message of a Trump supporter. Read the editorials, letters-to-the-editors, and the president’s rhetoric. They are never about what the GOP can do for you, they are about the spreading of socialism, protesters and looters being one of the same and that wall must be built.  The lies, the questionable or the distortions don’t override the need of a protector from Muslims, Mexicans, protestors, and BLM. They want a strong person to protect their religious freedom and gun rights, and if it takes a police force, the military, or a loophole in the Constitution, they will look the other way. If posting conspiracy theories helps the cause, it’s the least they can do.

I belong to a couple of online political groups where I waste my time posting rebuttals because evidently the New York Times, Washington Post, Factcheck.com, or Snopes are all part of the left-wing media bias. Why am I even arguing with someone who just posted something from a link that has twenty characters in their domain name.

Buckle up… Buttercup.

Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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Michael Gomez writes a politics blog on VictoriaAdvocate.com.

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Mike Gomez

Rick, I knew exactly what Biden was saying and he was correct. Mexican-Americans are lumped into the Latino labels with Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and a few more hyphenated Americans. In 1967 I served with a lot of Puerto Ricans and I personally know that we are more diverse. Cuban- Americans in Florida have issues Mexican- Americans in Texas and California don’t. Joe Biden is in a political campaign and has to be aware of these differences.

Libertarians come out every four years, talk some smack, get their 5% and then go into hiding until another presidential election. They don’t do the hard work of electing libertarians to local or state offices. They merge with republicans in order to get a seat or two in Congress. i.e. Justin Amash and Rand Paul


You touched on the topic of this blog…Conspiracy theories.

Show me documents such as newspaper articles to support your “ Mr. Biden has a dark history with the black community which is curiously hidden from the public.”…I’m waiting for your answer…tick tock

You said:

“He is correct, unfortunately. 90% of African Americans vote one party. If you don’t, or have other thoughts, you are a sell out, Uncle Tom, etc... Imagine a politician other than a democrat pandering like this.

African-Americans are the base of the Democratic Party fighting hard to dismantle voter suppression laws enacted by the GOP, maintain healthcare, and tearing down relics of the confederacy of which republicans are fighting hard to keep.

I can imagine another politician pandering, the one who came on the scene as a “birther.” You know Mexicans are rapists and a Mexican-American judge should not be presiding over his Trump University fraud because he is mad at Trump over the wall.

The bottom line, the Green Party, and Libertarians come out every four years and throw rocks at both parties before they go back to their bunker. In 2016, the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson asked “What is Aleppo?”

It’s easy to play “gotcha.”

Rick Dockery

Just go back to his early years in office. Busing? Anyway, watching him on YouTube sniffing hair is enough for me. Trump is an terrible as well. Two great choices. So sad. Yes I know libertarians come out every four years. Yes, we don’t win. The republicans , not sure about democrats are trying to squeeze third parties out by raising costs to get in. It’s turned into team red versus team blue, and you better agree with the leader of the team. The republicans who agree with Trump knowing dang well he’s wrong is just an example. Crossing a President shouldn’t cost you an election. At least Paul has stood up to him a few times.

Rick Dockery

“Poor kids are just as smart as white kids”

“If you don’t vote for Hillary you’ll be put back in chains”

Crazy, yet gets a pass

Rick Dockery

So yesterday Mr. Biden says that unlike the black community, Latinos are more diverse in their thinking. He is correct, unfortunately. 90% of African Americans vote one party. If you don’t, or have other thoughts, you are a sell out, Uncle Tom, etc... Imagine a politician other than a democrat pandering like this. Jorgensen 2020. Only candidate that actually addresses issues. We are working hard to get her on the debate floor. It won’t happen though, both sides do not want to allow a third or fourth voice. The Green Party is also gaining a little momentum. Mr. Biden has a dark history with the black community which is curiously hidden from the public. I’ve yet to hear any coherent plans to better the country other than more government.

Allen T Coffey

According to this BBC article, Mike, attention span is task oriented.


Mike Gomez

Thanks for the article Allen but the USA Today article I remember used the 27 minutes in a much broader text.

Glen or Janice Ullman

It’s so sad the GOP has let Trump to take our country to this point. People know better than this guy, most anyway, I hope....Glen

Mike Gomez

You would think Glen but we keep seeing evidence to the contrary....Sad

Mike Gomez

Glen they are enablers

Mike Gomez

I don’t know about the attention span but young people are less likely to believe or spread conspiracy theories

Rick Dockery

I’d say attention span has dropped to about ten minutes, especially among younger people.

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