Last week I told a group of friends not to expect too much in holding people accountable these days. I gave an example like our Attorney General Ken Paxton being indicted by a grand jury on July 8, 2015, but has not yet been tried. Republicans still praise the guy even after spending taxpayer money on losing frivolous lawsuits.

Ercot issued a bulletin urging Texans to conserve energy by raising their thermostats to 78 degrees and not to use our appliances and summer hasn’t begun. During the freeze, they blamed the frozen turbines but now they are saying that we don’t have as much wind in the heat. The company won’t tell us how many plants are down but our governor doesn’t have time to ask because he’s deep into his reelection campaign. What’s a little ole power failure, his base wants a wall and wants Biden to pay for it. Abbott mentioned some public financing. Well, Steve Bannon can manage that now that he has a presidential pardon for milking those same investors. The Texas legislators have gone home after passing their “guns everywhere”, abortion and voter suppression bills which need some touching up but they are done unless the governor recalls them for a special session.

It certainly doesn’t get any better on the national front.

My Democrats need to show a united front just to get the "For the People Act" to the Senate floor for debate. Mitch McConnell has his troops in solidarity to vote NO regardless of what the opposition proposes. Let me reiterate, the vote to consider a debate will be voted down. The handwriting is on the wall. The issue is probably dead until after the midterms. I hope I’m wrong.

The CNN documentary “Assault on Democracy” was my eye-opener. I am not going to try to convince my Republican friends to accept the results of the election or to hold my view that the January 6 insurrection should be investigated by a bipartisan committee. It’s a fruitless exercise in futility. I do better by watching the pundits discussing the Astros chances of winning the World Series.

In my circle of Republican friends, I don’t know any QAnon supporters or any who agreed with the storming of the Capitol. I am disappointed that a few are holding out hope of an audit showing widescale irregularities where they can say “I told you so.” I’m holding a local radio host to his word that if the Arizona audit turns out to be a dud, he will apologize. A lot of my conservative friends won’t discount the possibility of Antifa, BLM or Democrats being the instigators because they keep telling me that we’ll have to wait. Let me see, they don’t want a Jan. 6 committee but we’ll have to see the results of over 450 trials? I get it, by that time another election would have gone by and we’ll forget it.

The documentary showed a person charged in the insurrection denying he was part of the siege but the body cam video showed him picking up a bench and hurling it against the wall. A woman admitted she was part of the siege but said she cannot be charged with trespassing because “it’s the people's house.” Then a representative helped the Capitol police barricade the doors but later said that the mob reminded him of Capitol tourists. There are now hours of video from police body cams showing rioters, clearly Trump supporters, who were taking out their frustration on anyone or anything that stood in their way. It’s ridiculous to think that Congress shouldn’t investigate an attack on their workplace, against their colleagues and those who protected them. Anyone with a half of brain knows that the GOP doesn’t want those hearings being the “breaking news” in the midst of the midterm elections.

Republicans are united in talking about the southern border, Biden, transgenders in sports, more guns, socialism, Venezuela, abortion, and finding more ways to make it harder to vote. The national party pays Frank Luntz a hefty sum to come up with key phrases like “voter integrity and crisis” to repeat over and over. It’s part of scaring the bejesus out of the base so they’ll come out in droves. I don’t hear alternative plans coming from the GOP other than to reinstall Trump’s policies which 80 million voters rejected. It shouldn’t have been a surprise; the 2018 midterms were a referendum on Trump and we all know what happened.

I had to laugh when Susan Collins proposed an electric car fee to fund an infrastructure bill. Sure, that will help their oil industry donors. “Too cute by half.”

I’ll continue to write my blog, as long as I am allowed. I’ll make a comment or two to correct falsehoods but arguing with someone who thinks my evidence is “false news” or tells me to wait for the facts to come out but never produce any evidence days are over.

 “You can’t argue with a brick wall because a brick wall never admits defeat.”

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Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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Glen or Janice Ullman

Could not agree more Mike. The brick waller’s or a spiteful vindictive bunch flailing at the past and present to try and justify,validate, or cover up their failure to step up and do what’s right. Majority, facts and data rules, and the Grand Old Party has been found lacking…Glen

James Chandler

I agree Mike. That's exactly how I feel when I put out facts that your Liberal Green Energy Plan is fruitless since the US only contribute 15% to green house emissions. By the way, China generates 72% of their electricity from coal; Russia generates 87% from coal and natural gas (a whooping 1.3% from solar and wind); Mexico generates 70% from natural gas. Liberals pushing all the jobs and industry to these countries is such a smart Green move. By the way, here is an article about a wind turbine factory in South Dakota closing due to Chinese competition:

The Democratic Party can keep spewing hatred for former President Trump trying to deflect from the failures of the current administration but there are many and if we had an unbiased media, they would be well known.

Rick Dockery

Honestly, hatred for Trump and name calling seems to be the plan. Inflation is going through the roof, taxation increasing, violence up...Remember, it's the gun's fault. Chicago has 200 more murders from a year ago at this time. Chicago aka "America's Gun Range" has very strict gun laws. The mayor says the gang's are stealing them from law abiding citizen's home. Thus, take them away from citizen's. Not surprising after the solution to rats is to release cats. The president's gun speech yesterday was a joke. Nuclear weapons? What, nuke americans? Deer wearing kevlar? What a joke. However, 2+2=5...Focus on the former president. Newspeak citizens to give up their right's and liberties. All without force...

Mike Gomez

Rick, except for the Trump loyalists and apologists the former president is yesterday’s news.

A little facts to counter your rant….There is a difference between a random mass shooting and the drug wars going on in South Chicago.

The table below presents information from 24/7 Wall Street's analysis of gun violence by the state. This information is a few years old; however, it gives a good idea of gun violence in each state.

Here are the 10 states with the highest rates of violence:

1. Texas (3513)

2. California (3184)

3. Florida (2724)

4. Pennsylvania (1636)

5. Georgia (1623)

6. Ohio (1589)

7. Illinois (1543)

8. North Carolina (1430)

9. Missouri (1307)

10. Tennessee (1246)

Mike Gomez

Hello JT

I will attempt to give you my view because I don’t represent liberals, democrats, or progressives.

Let’s start with the basics. I know the Green New Deal (which has been around for a long time) is the boogieman to the fossil fuel-loving right. The Green New Deal is a template of economic and environmental ideas to combat climate change. Nothing is set in concrete. It’s not legislation.

When it comes to climate change, I don’t play the whataboutism game. Greenhouse emissions do not have boundaries. I think the 15% is relevant in my opinion. I look at the metric tons of pollution that is being emitted. We are second to China. They release 10,065 million tons of CO2 and we release close to half of that with 5,416 million tons. India is third with 1,711 million tons. According to climatetrade .com…I like the story Tom Friedman, author of “The World is Flat “wrote of his meeting with China’s economists. The Chinese told Mr. Friedman that the U.S. for decades was the world’s largest polluter on their way to being the most prosperous, so why should listen to us. Mr. Friedman promptly said “go ahead and use the dirty coal, your people will suffer but, in the meantime, we are going to build the battery the world is craving for. We will bury you.

I don’t know about liberals pushing all the jobs to other countries. The petrochemical industry will be around for a while but the world knows we will gradually move to renewable energy. EXXON will not collapse; they will adjust a few baffle plates and be in the green energy game.

I don’t know what Democratic Party you are following but the one I see has “voter equity” as their number one priority…Trump is yesterday’s news except to his loyalists.

I don’t know or care what media you are following but throughout the years the media goes after a legitimate story because it sells newspapers.

I don’t expect the Biden administration or any other to go through their term without hitting bumps in the road.

C Droost

‘Anyone with a half of brain knows that the GOP doesn’t want those hearings being the “breaking news” in the midst of the midterm elections.’ — I couldn’t agree more. But the other half of my brain is firing as well with a much more serious suspicion. I think the congressional GOP leaders are simply running scared … scared that an investigation would fully expose the complicity of some members of Congress and their staff in instigating the insurrection itself. Not the complicity of just railing like the looney-tune Brooks did at Trump’s 1/6 rally, but of providing tours and site information so that violent, insurgent organizations (read Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, etc.) were armed with insider information to aid in their attack.

On a separate issue in your post — your comment about continuing to write your blog “as long as I’m allowed” is concerning. I hope you’re not under some pressure to stop. Someone else appears to have been already pushed out. I’d hate to lose you as well.

Mike Gomez

C. Droost, I'm sorry I didn't mean to mislead you. The Victoria Advocate has been more than gracious to me.

Mike Gomez

Don’t you just love it when they say “you won’t find a thing about this on main stream media..LOL That’s because it’s not true

Daniel Martin

Well written Mike. I’ve noticed that if the Jan 6th insurgents attack is mentioned the loyal Republicans respond with “Biden should be impeached……!”

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