Voter fraud

Every morning of every weekday I hear Republicans say that Democrats are cheating or they are wanting to cheat at the polls. I have never seen or heard them present any documented facts.

Yesterday, I saw where long-time GOP operatives were indicted for funneling Russian money to the RNC and the Trump campaign. Jesse Benton and Doug Ward previously worked on the Ron and Rand Paul campaign. It’s quite possible that the Trump campaign and the RNC did not know the whereabouts of the funds.

The Trump campaign wrote a memo stating that they knew “Kraken conspiracy theory" about voter fraud was bogus. The memo stated that Dominion didn’t use software from Smartmatic and that the company had no connections to Venezuela or George Soros and certainly no ties to Antifa. The Trump campaign did not want any part of a Dominion lawsuit but that didn’t stop them from sending Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell to spread the conspiracy theories. Guess who are the recipients of a gigantic lawsuit? I’ll give you a hint, it won’t be the Trump campaign.

Recently Trump allies Senators Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee admitted Biden won the election fair and square and there was no evidence of mass voter fraud.

I am currently reading the book “Peril” by Bob Woodward and Robert Costas uncovered a six-part scheme written by lawyer John Eastman to get VP Mike Pence to either overturn or delay the electoral results of January 6, 2021. All the scenarios led to a Trump victory. Mike Pence is an old political warrior who relied on his faith and should have known better but he was thinking of going along with the John Eastman plan but an old friend, Dan Quayle, talked him out of it. Remember on the day of the insurrection, President Trump was challenging Pence to play ball.

This is all before the second hearing of the Jan. 6 hearings where we will hear Donald Trump asking the Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, for 11,780 votes. They will also hear Rudy Giuliani’s calls to the Arizona secretary of state. Was Lindsey Graham’s call to the Georgia secretary of state legal?  

Republicans/Libertarians/ Trumplicans can’t be lecturing anyone about voter fraud or act as if they care. They need to clean up their own backyard and at the minimum, they need to produce evidence with their accusations.

In the recent California recall, the Larry Elder campaign cried "rigged election" a week prior to the election. First of all, California was never going to elect a right-wing radio talk show host who was accused by his ex-fiancée of brandishing a loaded gun at her while high on weed. Some of the more politically wise republicans are starting to see the “rigged election” cry hurting them. It hurt them in Georgia where their voters stayed home rather than vote in a rigged election. But that’s their battle; have at it.

We have two immediate crises: the pandemic and raising the debt limit. The GOP is AWOL on both.

This is what I am hearing about the vaccines from Republicans: “Don’t get me wrong. I am fully vaccinated and I believe in the vaccines” and in the next sentence they go into bashing the mandate, vaccines possible future side-effects, and their confusion. Why are they confused? I think it’s because they are looking for something that they can weaponize. I think it’s as simple as asking the person you have trusted with your health and those you love; your family doctor.

Yesterday, every Republican representative voted against raising the debt limit and Mitch McConnell said the Senate GOP would do the same. Raising the debt limit is just about agreeing to pay for the bills Congress passed. Republicans would rather default and collapse the stock market (401ks), stop Social Security checks, and shut down the government during a pandemic. It will eventually pass but at what cost? Why the theatrics? Never mind that was a rhetorical question. I always thought that every spending bill should come with a clause, signed by the 535 members of Congress stating that the bill might require Congress to raise the debt limit.

I like reading political books because it gives context and I’ll give one example: The right went bonkers about General Mark Milley saying he would warn the Chinese if we were going to attack them. First of all, no reasonable person thinks a general would forewarn an adversary of an attack. Context: The Chinese were already worried because of our stepped-up maneuvers in the South China Sea. Then you add the instability of our president and the insurrection, 15 persons decided a back-channel call was needed, including Trump’s acting Secretary of Defense.

I get a kick out of posters putting all the blame of politicizing the vaccines and masks on Democrats while they watch three right-wing networks: Fox, OAN, and Newsmax devote most of their time contradicting the FDA and CDC.

I’ve read about 200 pages of “Peril” and so far, I keep telling myself, “I remember that, whatever became of that incident.” I keep reading what Trump’s cabinet really thought of him but remained silent. I keep wondering what would have happened if Trump would have gotten his wish and sent in the 101st Airborne to Lafayette Park. It’s scary that a president didn’t know that nuclear fallout had to be considered before ordering a nuclear attack.

Things we take for granted.

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Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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(9) comments

Glen or Janice Ullman

Great observations Mike, thanks for sharing. The GOP is clinging tightly to their last shred of dignity by never admitting defeat, even after beating themselves. I’m stuck on the conclusion that they are led by spiteful losers that all know the truth of maters but refuse to except reality. The reality I try to escape is that certain elected leaders would undermine the country they represent. Ought to be a law….Glen

Mike Gomez

Thank you Glen… you are correct, Republicans are not going to talk about the so-called Maricopa audit because it too showed Biden won receiving 99 more votes than previously counted and Trump receiving 232 less than reported. Despite that Trump convinced the TX sec of state to audit the 2020 election…lol On and on in an effort to convince their gullible party that the 2020 election was stolen…smh

Mike Gomez

Typo ,Trump lost by 261 more votes than previously reported not 232.

Glenn Wilson

Good piece except that Social Security checks needn't stop if the debt ceiling doesn't rise. That money comes from a dedicated fund, not the general revenue. That said, not raising the debt ceiling might cause yet another congressional raid on the SS fund, which it absolutely can't afford. Congress; the burglar you can't shoot.

Daniel Martin

As usual a excellent piece Mike. I have been watching the slow moving avalanche of legal grief falling on Trumps lawyers. I’m not holding my breath but somehow, somewhere some lawyers are facing disbarment and hopefully criminal charges.

One dim light at the end of the tunnel…..a few of the Republicans I know are appearing to cool off on MAGA. Perhaps the stench from the lies are giving them pause.

Mike Gomez

Thanks Dan

. Giuliani can’t practice law in New York but as far as I know he is still under FBI investigation.

From what I see here and read I’m not that optimistic that the GOP only concern is the 2022 mid terms and 2024 general..If Trump can get them over the hump, all that other stuff doesn’t matter.

Mike Gomez

While that is true Glenn,It’s not a truth certain…According to treasurer secretary Yellen, there could be delays..From CNBC “ If Congress is unable to reach an agreement in time to prevent a government shutdown, there is the possibility that could delay distribution of the money for another reason — lack of government workers.

So long as Social Security employees are deemed essential government workers who remain on the job, benefit checks will continue to go out, ”

Glenn Wilson

And the Administration would be delighted to hold us hostage in just that way in order to force the republicans to knuckle under. If the republicans were in charge they'd do the same thing. In the meantime, their paychecks and benefits continue as usual. In terms of being of, by and for the people our government is a really bad joke.

Mike Gomez

Huh? The HOUSE already passed a bill to raise the debt limit and all 50 DEMS in the Senate are willing to do the same…What is it that the GOP wants? Haggling is part of the process.

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