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Regardless of the good national and battleground polls, I will be a jittery Democrat for the next five days.  It’s not that the president will pull out a Biden scandal, the economy will suddenly bounce back or that the coronavirus is on its way out. I’m afraid of the repeat of the 2000 Bush v Gore. I’m afraid of the packed lower courts and a 6-3 advantage at the highest court of the land.

My party must win the national and state elections by landslide margins to leave no doubt.

The right keeps trying to downplay the polls by pointing to Trump’s super spreaders as evidence that large crowds equals victory at the polls. The large crowds have some weight but at this point in time they are mostly pep rallies since a majority have made up their minds. Over 80 million have already voted whereas ~ 130 million usually vote in a presidential election. John Kerry had larger crowds than George Bush and in 2016 and 2020 Bernie Sanders had huge crowds at his rallies.

I’m not one of those who say “look at the 2016 polls” because I know the national polls were correct and it was the state (electoral map) polling that was off. I also know that Trump is no longer an unknown, Biden is doing better than Hillary in several categories, and COVID-19 is front and center. If the polling is off Tuesday night, it will the end of their reputation.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are running a brilliant campaign and they are setting an example by wearing their masks and only attending smaller socially distant crowds. Yesterday, Joe Biden finished his speech in the rainstorm which wasn’t wise. He cannot afford to get sick right now. I remember the stories when Hillary got pneumonia in 2016. Sean Hannity had her on her death bed and Fox News ran those pictures of her stumbling on a continuous loop. “Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.” …Napoleon

I’ve been with Joe Biden since the start because he was vice president in the Obama administration. The rest of the primary candidates had some good fresh new ideas but I think we need stability and leadership to weather the storm we are in.

 Kamala Harris was an excellent choice for vice president because she’s smart and tenacious. I got to evaluate her at her workplace and under the national spotlight. Kamala Harris’s grilling of Jeff Sessions, William Barr and Brett Kavanaugh showed me that she has the qualifications to be a heartbeat from the presidency. The right and media say Kamala is too liberal but never say Mike Pence is too conservative. I say Kamala is a prosecutor first and is just now getting her feet wet in ideology.  I could see that when she was all over the place with her healthcare stance. She got out of the race early because Joe Biden had the campaign experts she needed. Kamala Harris is a huge part of the Biden team and she proved her worthiness in the VP debate. She’s ready!

I’ve known of Donald Trump when he was a big blowhard from Queens, New York. He hasn’t changed a bit and evidently that appeals to some. Those people thought a realtor/reality show host could manage the complexities of being the president of the United States. Many thought he would grow into the job. Presidents are judged on how they handle the events that arise during their administration. For example, George W. Bush will be known for his response to 9/11 including Iraq, the 2008 financial crisis and Katrina. Barack Obama will be judged for his response to the 2008 financial crisis, the ACA, and the economy. Donald Trump’s ineptness in handling or even acknowledging the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic and racial strife will be his undoing. If it doesn’t, he will be emboldened and Lord help us.

I come from a generation where public trust in government was pretty high at 80%. It has been dropping steadily since George W. Bush and is now at 17%. We cannot accomplish anything worthwhile if the people do not believe in their government. Regardless of what Libertarians think, government has a role to play. We can argue about how much and when but we need a government people trust. We need to have a justice department that does not have a political bias and that most certainly needs to carryover to the courts. We cannot have that if every time we hear a court ruling, we immedicably check to see who appointed them.

I hope everyone voted because that’s the only barometer on how America feels about the issues.

Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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