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After watching CNN’s Fareed Zakaria’s GPS this past Sunday, I am evolving on a gradual reopening. I saw what other countries were handling the coronavirus reopening relying on science and data, not the stock market.

It’s true that this virus will be with us for a long time and we cannot wait on a vaccine to reopen our economy or we won’t have anything to open. We don’t have a piecemeal economy.

I liked what the representative from Sweden said. He said,  ”First we have to make sure our most vulnerable will survive anything we do.” Compare  that to “there are more important things than living and that’s saving this country”...Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and just today Chris Christi said, “We’ve gone through it in WWI, we’ve gone through it in WWII. We’ve gone through it and survived it. We sacrificed those lives.” 

I thought I had seen most of everything. The players were different, but I was stunned to hear a security guard was shot and killed for asking a customer to don a mask before entering. Just minutes before hearing that, there was an old man who blew his nose on a store attendant’s shirt because he was told he had to have a mask.

Then at the end of the day, a Texas park ranger was thrown in the water because he warned a group about social distancing. 

Sunday’s "60 Minutes" was another eye-opener but with breaking news every hour.the media has a hard time staying on one story. I learned that our rural Texas health care facilities have about a 30 days of operating funds, so without expansion of Medicaid our state will soon see a lot of hospitals go bankrupt.

I also learned one lawyer set up corporate farms to get the maximum bailout monies. We thought it was a maximum of $250,000 to each farm but $250,000 to the family member partnership. At minimum a wife/husband partnership got them a $500,000 check from Uncle Sam. This one lawyer said he set up a 66 member partnership. That’s $16.5 million.

I just heard that VP Pence’s task force was disbanding at the end of the month, maybe the confusion won’t be as bad. I’ve always said that we needed a COVID-19 czar to oversee everything like General Russel Honore of Katrina fame to manage the whole thing. One voice, less confusion, no politics.

Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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(4) comments

Glenn Wilson

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Chris Christi should volunteer for that duty, IMO.

Ron Sandidge

Go figure you would use a documented anti Conservative source. Sweden taking care of the most needed.... Well New York didn't, put COVID19 cases in Nursing Homes. Why that is where the worst death count's were. Didn't use the Medic ship as needed. But can't convince closed things, can't discuss things with a closed locked steel door that only has one window which only looks at one thing all the time.

Allen T Coffey

Thanks for the perspective clarification.

Mike Gomez

Ron thank you for commenting but I’m not sure anti conservative source fits. Fareed Zaharia may come from the center-left but he doesn’t oppose a conservative view(anti). Sweden did say it would take of the needy first,may have been a spelling error on my part.

New York ,New Jersey, and California are the most densely populated states in our our nation,so it is not surprising that they would be hit the hardest.

I exactly know what you meant not convincing but if the message is “ one size DOES NOT fit all then I would agree.

The U.S.N.S. Comfort was made for COVID-19 patients because of the closed quarters....And the elderly with COVID-19 were sent back to to some nursing homes because the hospitals were overwhelmed. they weren’t sent there to be malicious...That’s my understanding.

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