Mike Gomez

Mike Gomez

Our Republican friends are mocking us because the Biden administration wants to reboot and work on their messaging. Rebooting is commonplace in politics. You can do it by replacing cabinet members, staff, or policy.

I’m all for rebooting if something is not working but it has to be done with a plan in mind. I like what the master James Carville said “Democrats have always been whiners, run on your successes don’t run away from them. You know passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill, adding 6 million new jobs, and pulling 3 million children out of poverty is nothing to sneeze at. If inflation is this high in August, we are going to lose anyway."

I’m waiting for the results of this evening’s voting rights bills. It’s on a course to fail because Manchin and Sinema are solid no votes. They are for the voter rights bills but against changing the filibuster rights which is needed to pass the legislation. The Senate is not the House and Chuck Schumer is no Pelosi, so no Republican will not cross the partisan line.

Republicans are saying the two senators who voted to remove Trump twice are the saviors of our democracy. I had to stop typing because I was laughing too hard writing that last sentence. Who is that naïve to think that Mitch McConnell wouldn’t have changed the filibuster to pass the GOP agenda if the situation were reversed?

The filibuster will remain but I feel it will be gone if the GOP wins the Senate. I agree with Senator Cory Booker when he said the Dems should cut the bills in pieces and make them vote on each provision like a national voting holiday, gerrymandering, pre-clearance, early voting for at least two weeks, broadening the use of acceptable ID, and making it easier to vote.

What I hear locally is worse than what I watch on the evening news. This morning I heard a rant from a candidate for the 27th Congressional district, Chris Mapp. The candidate said the Squad had it better here in the United States than the country where they came from. Huh? That’s the line that Trump got called a racist for because they are United States citizens. I hope the debate forums ask every candidate if they are a proponent of the “Big Lie.” Just a straight yes/no…without the canned answer “there were irregularities or there was some fraud.” …Check the Bill Pozzi Facebook feed.

I sat down to read the Victoria Advocate online about the local supply chain issues. I experienced some problems with my curbside orders, so I read the well-written article and thought no more about it until I read the first comment blaming Biden. No words just a hashtag and an affirmative by a like-minded poster. I wondered how the current freeze in the United States, worker shortage, a spike in the virus, and the China Covid lockdown had to do with Biden. I was not surprised that the Trump supporters would weigh in and blame Biden. How ironic!

Perhaps my Democrats should take lessons from the GOP and their supporters. They just forget whatever happened in Trump’s one term and blame it on the Democrats. They stay on message and are sure to squeeze in illegal immigration, voter fraud, and CRT into every topic of discussion whether it’s germane or not.  Nah, then we wouldn’t be the Democrats the voters put in office to govern.

My frustration continues because I don’t get a sourced contradiction to my claims. Just the same old worn-out talking points and anecdotal examples. If we could just get down to the nitty-gritty like if the election was stolen, how did the Republicans win on the same ballot? Do the vaccinated/boosted have any rights? How can we have open borders if 21,000 border patrol are guarding our borders, and miles of sensors, AI, surveillance, and border enforcement apprehended over one million people trying to enter illegally? There are different ways other than beating heads or a body count.

The viruses continue to be a huge problem but the northeast has seen a 17% drop. But that is like the game Wack-A-Mole, it comes down in one area of the country and shows up some other place.

Everyone has a right to be frustrated. The same is for our high inflation. You would think in a country of smart people, we could find a group with some answers or we could get people from other counties to help us.

Republicans are saying Putin will invade Ukraine because Biden is weak. The United States and NATO are united in opposition. I don’t think we are getting in a shooting war with Russia, I think Europe and the United States will impose serious sanctions. Republicans are saying Trump would not have allowed it to get this far. That’s funny, this is the same Trump who withheld congressional approved weapons and aid to Ukraine unless they gave him dirt on Joe Biden.

Stay diligent and don’t allow the local GOP to inject the made-up CRT controversy at our local school board meetings. The Cy-Fair school district is electing anti-CRT board members. No K-12 school is teaching Critical Race Theory. GOP won the Virginia governorship using the CRT issue when it was nonexistent and now that weapon is in their arsenal.

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Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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Michael Gomez writes a politics blog on VictoriaAdvocate.com.

(4) comments

Glen or Janice Ullman

That’s was a great over view of the state of our Union. The state and local deniers have taken it to the next level with their obstruction and denial. They clamor to be more ridiculous than Trump. They are tired of their losing plan of obstruction and want to get back to their winning plan of destruction, and then call patriotism. I see the candidate endorsements starting to roll in for those Trumpsters who think Cloud is too much of a church mouse… lol…It ought to be fun watching them feed on themselves… Thanks Mike, good read..Glen

Glenn Wilson

Mike, "I was not surprised that the Trump supporters would weigh in and blame Biden. How ironic!" -- Ain't that the truth! Funny how the party who loses the Presidency starts sounding just like the previous losing party in terms of blame, slander and made-up stupid stuff.

Daniel Martin

Great blog Mike. In my view we Democrats have not had failures as much as we are behind schedule. Our agenda is probably over stretched but the GOP agenda consists of one word…..”no”.

Mike Gomez

So true Dan….I’ve asked my GOP friends about their economic plans such as health care, inflation,and COVID…****crickets***

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