As I am approaching the ripe old age of 75, I am now convinced that I am wasting the precious few years I have left on this earth arguing unwinnable arguments.

Ordinally, I would be presenting different tactics like stacking the court, impeaching the attorney general, or anything just to delay another Trump nominee on the Supreme Court. No, I am pretty sure Mitch McConnell will jam the nominee through for a 53-47 win.  

Yesterday, I saw a poll stating that 50% of Americans want the next president to pick the Ginsberg replacement and 37% wanted a Trump nominee…. Morning Consultant.  

As the news networks pull up the hypocritical comments by senators of both parties, it reenforces our mistrust in anything they say. Politicians no longer value principals and neither do a lot of voters. For example, I remember when a staunch conservative, Orin Hatch(R-UT), told President Bill Clinton, that the liberal lioness Ruth Bader Ginsburg could easily be confirmed, if he were to nominate her. That was back when we had true advice and consent. She was confirmed 96-3. Today, the GOP farms out the advice and consent to the Federalists Society. A balance on the Supreme Court is no longer a priority.

Today, we don’t try to resolve problems, we go straight to the whataboutism. I don’t know what the Dems will do if we maintain the House, win the Senate and presidency. Will we retaliate by removing the filibuster, increase the bench by two and take a vote for statehood for Puerto Rico and D.C.?  I hope not because the voters will flip the senate and gain momentum for a GOP retaliation. And the beat goes on. The Senate used to have a Gang of Eight to resolve this issue in a bipartisan way. Joe Biden is not a revengeful person, he’s more of a compromiser. He’s been that way for about 47- years that I have known of him.

I think today’s voters are no better than the politicians they criticize. For example, why are we discussing Cuba, Venezuela, Marxism, Nazism, but not Covid-19. i.e. Just the other day, a local letter-to-the -editor the author wrote that he did not believe Trump said the troops were “suckers and losers.”  That’s fine but then he went on to his talking points (Cuba, Venezuela, Marxism, MSNBC, and CNN) but some reason he left out BLM.

If I wanted a discussion with that person, I would have pointed out that just recently the president implied that the generals on his staff were war profiteers. I would have pointed out that the heads of the other countries and Generals Kelly and Dunford went to that WWI cemetery that day. I would have also reminded him that it was Jeffery Goldberg of the Atlantic who broke that story, not CNN. Mr. Goldberg and Jennifer Griffin of Fox News met the anonymous source and both said the source is unimpeachable. I would also point to a David Frum article in the Atlantic knowing that the Trump supporter wouldn’t read a word. ……  …..He won’t let the scripted talking points get in the way of a factual discussion. I don’t expect to win him over, quite the opposite but my rebuttal is my way of saying “I’m not buying what you’re selling.”  

I’m halfway through Bob’s Woodward’s new best-selling book “Rage.”  The book is not only about Trump, it’s about events and others who served in the administration. It took me back and reminded me of the failures of the North Korean Summit and Helsinki. The chapter I’m reading went into some detail of how the CDC was trying to work with China early in January of 2020, to learn more about Covid-19.

It’s the president’s job to protect us. I don’t know what to say to those who thought a reality show host/casino owner/realtor was a better fit than a career statesman for the situation we are in. Then again, I never thought we would have a president of the red states only. Last week Trump said, “if you don’t count the blue states, our COVID numbers would be comparable to the world.” Then he said he really didn’t need all those generals or medical professionals; just himself and three or four others.

I know one thing; we need to start trusting our career government officials who are dedicated to keeping us safe. I‘m tired of hearing “Christopher Wray, director of the FBI, is a republican never Trumper just because he’s not in lockstep as Attorney General Barr is with Trump’s views. Not trusting the NSA, CIA or any agencies that have the so-called deep state Obama holdovers will come back to bite us.

Well, we are doing ok after Beta and I’m glad but just because the weather officials missed on the impact on Victoria doesn’t mean I won’t trust their judgment the next time. I know they relied on modern technology but sometimes Mother Nature has a mind of her own.

Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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Glen or Janice Ullman

Happy birthday in advance Mike. Thanks for sharing your wise perspective of the situations we face. It’s refreshing to hear from others that read between the lines, and potentially helps others to sort out the chaos...I certainly hope that our veterans are the most likely to know how important it is to have a leader that at the very least would not demean 60 percent of the country, knowing that those people are In our military, Police, FBI,CIA,etc.etc.etc..Trump can’t figure it out, and his crew is too scared to tell him...Glen

Mike Gomez

Thanks Glen, I used the term “approaching” loosely, I am still a couple months away form my birthday.

I left out the part about the GOP legislators enabling this president because they are either afraid of being the target of his tweets. In the case of cabinet members, they don’t want to be fired.

The new GOP model is one of complete distrust of our government and anything not Pro-Trump. They are super paranoid.

Mike Gomez

Dang, I hate not being able to edit my comments.

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