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FB memories

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Every morning before I move on to the latest breaking news, I look at my Facebook memories 3- 5 years ago just to see if we are making any progress. We are not even trying.

I thought the words of Jon Stewart would lead us to a negotiating stage. Jon Stewart said “You can truly grieve for every officer who’s been lost in the line of duty in this country, and still be troubled by cases of police overreach. Those two ideas are not mutually exclusive, you can have great regard for law enforcement and still want them to held in high standards."

I prefer action that starts at the local level but I heard a local official mock the “defund the police” because he interpreted it to mean “disband the police.” I don’t know anyone who wants to get rid of a vital part of our community. We are not at the level where Camden, New Jersey was when they got rid of all their cops and rehired their good ones and became a model police department.

 Locally, a decision was made to do away with a need of having a police officer investigate a minor fender bender. We’ve opted to keep our police out of enforcing the “mask mandate”, why can’t we reduce their involvement in minor traffic offenses. Officer hands them a summons to appear in court and leaves, instead of making every stop as if it was going to be in an episode of “Cops.” Of course, we would leave it to the officer’s discretion but that too can be monitored. The point is, let the conversation flow, not end on what someone thinks police reform will lead to. Unfortunately, we can’t have citizen reform but that can be a bi-product of police reform.

The 2020 campaign will be a carbon copy of 2016 because the president cannot run on the economy or foreign policy. Trump will have to divert attention from his inept Covid-19 response, so he’ll revert back to his 2016 politics of divide, divert and destroy.

Joe Biden will continue to stay the course to unify and stabilize the country by being the total opposite of President Trump. He has to restore confidence in the FBI and our intelligence agencies instead of labeling every negative report a product of the deep state. I would hope Biden would elevate Dr. Anthony Fauci to the infectious disease czar and allow him to appear on all the TV shows to explain our national response. I also hope he will bring in retired General Russel Honoree to coordinate our coronavirus response. Installing a race relations czar will be difficult during our hyperpathia times, so we might be better to go with co czars. An example of that is the demonization of Dr. Fauci by the right. Huh? I saw a meme suggesting Trump replace him with Dr. Ben Carson. Joe Biden will have a gaffe or two but he has to preserve because the stakes are too high. Joe Biden came into a chaos in 2009 and was part of the team that made it better.

As I stated last week, my democratic party is terrible at fighting negative ads with ones equally offensive. Lee Atwater and Karl Rove were masters of the negative ads but James Carville gave them a run for their money. The Lincoln Project is the best thing we have going. It’s the GOP v GOP, at what they do best.

The other day I heard a pollical consultant describe the current Republican Party.  He said they were formed into the likeness of Tucker Carlson, the most popular Fox News host. He’s the guy not afraid to mock, Senator Tammy Duckworth, a decorated Army veteran as being a coward, fraud, and a callous hack because she said there should be a national dialogue on the removal of monuments of some of the founding fathers. Did I mention that she lost her legs in fighting for our country in Iraq? Republicans love our troops except those who are Democrats. Fox loves their money maker because advertisers quickly left his show, so they diverted about 85% of “My Pillow “funds to keep his show on the air. You’ll remember the CEO of My Pillow, Mike Lindell, he’s the guy who was given the chance to speak at one of the Covid-19 task team news conferences. After the news conference a lot of people were asking “who’s that guy and why is he here?” Now you know.  Mr. $$$.

The 2020 campaign should be about a Covid-19 national response, better race relations, and restoring our economy. I left out restoring our friendship and trust with our allies but that will come automatically as soon as Trump leaves office.

I’ve heard some great ideas on restoring the economy while we wait for the vaccine. We know some businesses will not come back, so why not train employees in those industries, for jobs of the future; in lieu of unemployment benefits? We should be repairing our F- infrastructure before our country returns to full unemployment.

Last but certainly not least governors should let our children go back to in-person schooling until we flatten the national curve. One step forward and four steps back is not the way to go. As other countries have learned, we are all in this together is the only way to go. Countries that successfully flattened their curve shut down at least 95% of their country and then gradually reopened. We only shut down 50% of our country and we reopened too fast and we are seeing the results.


Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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(7) comments

Glenn Wilson

Mike -- Sorry, this is off-topic, but I have to take issue with "fighting for our country in Iraq". The current 18+ year conflict in the Middle East has nothing whatever to do with fighting for our country. There has never been a threat to America from any country in the region, and we have no business invading sovereign nations for the purpose of killing mass quantities of their citizens, terrorist or not, and generally destroying everything. The same thing applies to every conflict since the end of WW2, especially the other quagmire, Viet Nam. Our troops are being separated from their families and shipped off to be injured or killed for absolutely nothing other than to make a lot of money for the Military-Industrial/Corporate establishment and its pet members of Congress. The 9/11/2001 World Trade Center event, used as an excuse for our invasion of the Middle East, was not a military action, nor was there ever any suggestion by our government of any guilty country. I can't stand to think of how much good could have been done for America's taxpaying citizens with the $T that have poured down the drain in all of this fake "fighting for our country". Rant over.

Mike Gomez

I agree 100% Glenn, your comment is way off-topic.

I should have posted Senator Tammy Duckworth’s response to Tucker Carlson “Does @tuckercarlson want to walk a mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America.”

Phrases can take on different meanings. Not all of us are literalists.

I can only defend what I think “fighting for our country means.” I can explain my version by remembering as a 19-year-old private, what my commanding officer told us when we landed in South Korea in 1966. He pointed towards North Korea and said “there are over 1 million troops over there who could easily defeat our mere 47,000 troops but they know an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us; we are a deterrent.”

Tammy Duckworth was fighting for the interest of the United States, which in turn was to defend our country’s mission and those engaged in the war. Are you saying she lost her legs in vain? Was she a war criminal? Did she not deserve the medals she received?

I’m not a warmonger, nor a pacifist and certainly not an after-the-fact armchair general. I can say this: I was very much in favor of the invasion of Afghanistan which involved a limited amount of our troops with a mission to destroy the terrorist’s camps and restore their government back to the Northern Alliance. I was against the premeditated invasion of Iraq prompted by faulty intelligence.

Glenn Wilson

"I agree 100% Glenn, your comment is way off-topic." -- How 'bout that, Mike, we can agree on something. To complete my transgression and answer your questions: "Are you saying she lost her legs in vain?" -- She definitely didn't deserve that but yes. "Was she a war criminal?" -- No. If anybody is it's our government but certainly not our troops. "Did she not deserve the medals she received? -- Yes, she absolutely did, as did all our troops who were awarded medals and other honors. The blame for our being where we had no business being falls entirely, 100%, on our government, not on our troops.

Mike Gomez

Hello Mr. Chandler, thank you for responding.

I heard that “Trump is what this country needed” a lot from his supporters. That’s something I have a hard time understanding. The country has been in gridlock for a long time and we needed a very divisive individual to do what exactly?

I have never questioned the election and I personally don’t know anyone who has. I’ve conceded many, many times that Trump squeezed out an electoral win by a total of 77,000 votes in three Rust Belt states.

By your statement, I guess you believe it’s all fake news, there is a deep state and everyone is picking on poor little Donald.

What you refer to as the “deep state” I still call career professionals who work 24/7 to keep us safe. My confidence in them swelled when they testified under oath during the impeachment inquiries.

As I stated in this blog, Joe Biden is not a newcomer but in the 40 years I’ve known of Joe, he has never been a divider. In fact, he’s the guy Obama sent to broker a budget deal with Leader McConnell. You are absolutely correct, Biden is not a breath of fresh air, he’s a known commodity.

I have never allowed debates to be a deciding factor but I understand many people do.

Tom Friedman, a 3-time Pulitzer Prize winner, NYT wrote an interesting column advising Biden not to debate unless Trump turned over his tax returns. Biden has, so let’s level the playing field. The other condition was for both sides to agree on a set of fact-checkers to report their summary of the candidate’s statements immediately after the debate. Without that, we will have a repeat of the 2016 GOP debate circus and Trump wins. Trump eliminated the best of the GOP by not discussing the important issues but instead debating the size of their hands, accusing Ted Cruz’s wife and Carly Florina of ugly, low energy Jeb and Lil Marco Rubio.

Tucker Carlson has already started the Biden doesn’t want to debate narrative.

Rick Dockery

It would be pure disaster for Biden to debate Trump. Just keep him away from the media and let the distaste of President Trump win the election. Either way we lose.

James Chandler

Thank you for proving several of my points.

Exactly we have been in gridlock for years and you want to remedy by continuing to elect the same people again and again. The Trump supporters I know never felt he was the cure all but the start of a step in the right direction.

I assume by stating you don't know anyone personally who has questioned the election means the people you discuss these issues with. It's obvious there was never anything to the Russian Collusion conspiracy other than to undermine the election and to disparage the Trump Presidency. And if you mean the quid pro quo the impeachment was based on, candidate Biden is the very essence of quid pro quo by his own public admission.

Tax returns is simply someone's personal opinion. I don't believe any private citizen should be forced to make his tax returns public. The law agrees with me.

As far as "fact checkers". It reminds me of the old Johnny Carson skit where he portrays a politician connected to a polygraph machine (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hef7v6fp_DQ). So after the candidates debate we are going to let fact checkers debate? I just can't see how that benefits the American voter. I'm sure you think Biden would benefit from it because he so trustworthy after stuffing his pockets with taxpayer money for 40 years. Sorry that last one a cheap shot.

Mike Gomez

Thank you for responding Mr. Chandler…. I’ll try and answer your points one-by-one.

Your first paragraph was your opinion so I’ll just leave it at that.

It takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidency, Trump won 304…end of story. He won. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer didn’t contest it and Hillary conceded. In 2016 Donald J. Trump won the presidency fair and square because all the secretaries of states certified their votes. Data and facts.

The second sentence of your second paragraph is where I disagree. A criminal investigation by the Department of Justice has nothing to do with the legitimacy of the president. I am not going to discuss “deep state” conspiracy theories. The IG checked into Trump’s conspiracy about Obama spying on him. That was debunked.

In 2013 Carter Page shared information and research with a Russian spy. Page was an unpaid advisor to the Trump campaign.

The Mueller Report indicated over a dozen Russians for interfering in the 2016 elections in favor of Trump.

March 2016: George Papadopoulos tries to set up a meeting between Putin and Trump according to the FBI. Paul Manafort, Trump campaign manager, goes to jail and General Flynn all had Russian ties. All that adds up to a legitimate FBI investigation.

The Articles of Impeachments were legitimate even though no Republican was ever going to vote for removal. Don’t take my word for it; read John Bolton’s book. Go back and read how Covid-19 PPE was withheld from governors who did not praise Trump. Talk about quid pro quo.

Biden never made an admission of a quid pro quo. If you are talking about the tape. 1. He was VP and not authorized to make a deal 2. Vice President Biden was overseeing American policy toward Ukraine and his push to remove the top prosecutor not only by our government but by Western European governments. Remember in the impeachment inquiry when those diplomats testified? Not one implicated Joe Biden; opposite in fact. Not even John Bolton.

Every presidential nominee since 1976 has turned over their tax returns. Yes, we need to see them and that’s why the Trump campaign asked them of people applying for cabinet positions. We need to see and make sure there are no conflicts of interest in dealing with foreign countries. If a candidate owes income taxes, how can they hold office?

Joe Biden has produced 21 years of tax returns, so I know he hasn’t been stuffing his pocket for 40 years.

I wasn’t talking about debates between conformation bias groups. I ‘m talking about fact-checker who rely on court documents, CBO figures, data, and generally accepted facts.

I’m not a Chris Wallace fan but he is a prime example with his Sunday interview with Trump. The president said Joe Biden wanted to defund/demolish the police but there is no document because Joe didn’t say that. Wallace shot down Trump’s talking points like “we have more Covid-19 cases because we test more’ by saying testing is up 37% and cases are up 194%. He even challenged him on the mortality rate.

That’s just it…. There is no such thing as “fake news’ because if it’s fake then it is not news. Facts =reality truth, not my FactCheck is better than yours.

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