As I was watching the Senate hearings on the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, I wondered why the questions and answers put to the generals and the defense secretary sounded familiar. Ah-ha, I had just read the context of those questions in the Woodward/Costas book “Peril.” This time the principals collaborated their testimony under oath.

I have asked some of my right-leaning friends if they had read “Peril” and to a man, they said no. They said they weren’t going to read or believe anything the lefty writer Woodward wrote. Some have criticized the generals for talking to Woodward and other journalists. Every president since Nixon and their administration have been written about by Mr. Woodward and the fact that people in the highest offices in our country sit for an interview point to his credibility.

If they had any integrity, senators Paul, Graham, and Rubio would have apologized to General Milley for accusing him of treason and insisted he resign. As the authors of the book “Peril” pointed out, Milley called his Chinese counterpart with full knowledge of the acting Secretary of Defense and State and several others in the administration. He was not rogue.

President Biden is at the top of the food chain so of course, he is fully responsible for the withdrawal debacle and the drone strike that killed innocent civilians. That’s not me saying this, I heard Joe Biden taking responsibility for both events. Does it rise to the level of impeachment? Who took the blame for 9/11 or the war of choice in Iraq?

After the Senate hearings took their lunch break, I decided to see what the breaking news was going to be. I was not surprised that Joe lied or forgot that the generals recommended he leave a 2,500-3,500 residual force after withdrawal. I knew President Biden was lying when he told George Stephanopoulos that the military never advised leaving 2,500 troops. That’s always the arbitrary magic number that the generals use. They used the same numbers when they advised Trump. What they should have centered on is what Generals McKenzie and Milley's last advice was. The generals advised to pull out all the troops since the Taliban would attack our troops after the August 31st date. They said it would take an additional 10,000-15,000 troops to retake Kabul and other needed territory with excepted American casualties.

I thought two of the most thoughtful questions came from Senators Angus King and Elizabeth Warren. Angus King asked his committee members why we didn’t have a hearing regarding Trump’s withdrawal plan as it was happening. Elizabeth Warren’s questions were more pointed.

Warren: Who formulated the withdrawal strategy?

Generals: We did

Warren: Did President Biden agree with your plan?

Generals: He did

Warren: Did he provide all the resources you asked for?

Generals: He did

Warren: Did he interfere?

Generals: No

I think once C-Span turns off the cameras the principals can go behind closed doors and formulate a new foreign policy. We can’t be training natives to use high-tech military equipment and our fighting tactics. We just need to give them some Ak-47/ ammunition and let them fight their enemy in their own way. That’s if they even want to.

What has not been discussed is the reasoning behind the need for Milley to reassure China that our defeated president would not try a “wag the dog.” General Milley had to reassure other countries that the January 6th insurrection was not going to lead to total chaos. Remember our neighbor Canada watched in horror causing PM Trudeau to say “it was an attack on democracy.” Yet, a lot on the right say it was just about a guy wearing horns trashing Nancy Pelosi’s office. Nothing to see here; investigate Portland.

I heard about Robert Kagan’s Washington Post article “Our constitutional crisis is already here” on the Bill Maher show and later a FB friend alerted me to it. The article describes how Trump and his cohorts are trying to circumvent our democracy by stroking fear and distrust of our voting process. They have already achieved step one by making the press the boogieman. The latest fake audit in Arizona had nothing to do with overturning the election. The goal is to keep the fear of rigged elections and to give their GOP legislators cover while they enact voter suppression laws. Trump came to Texas snapped his fingers and Governor Abbott audited the four largest districts which happen to vote Democrat. A lot of us heard Trump tell the Georgia Secretary of State to find him 11,780 votes and no one blinked an eye.

I don’t usually do “what ifs” but it doesn’t keep me from thinking it. 1. What if Hillary was still whining about her loss 10 months after claiming the election was rigged? 2. What if she called the Georgia Secretary of State asking for a recount finding 11,780 votes? 3. What if Hillary insisted the #3 Dem be fired because he voted against her? 4. What if Hillary incited a riot and called the domestic terrorists patriots? I’ll tell you right now, the Dems would have told her to move on.

Get vaccinated and encourage others to do the same. Together we can stymie this virus.

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Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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Daniel Martin

Thanks to the Trump rant about “Fake News” his followers have married the philosophy to Science, Medicine, History to protect themselves from reality. I still hope through some lighting bolt that internal switch will hit the “Oh….I am wrong!”

Not going to happen. Sadly most of them only believe in “The Book of Trump.”

Glen or Janice Ullman

Your right Mike, they don’t dare…lol. They have to avoid documented evidence to further their platform of obstruction, conspiracy, fear-mongering, and manipulating the vote. As far as the what if’s, I wish the Dems would have asked the generals if the obligation of the outgoing President and his administration to pass the baton could we have had a more favorable outcome for American foreign policy. My favorite what if is if Hillary was in her second term where would we be. I suspect Biden would be happily retired and Hillary would be planning Tim Kaine’s run in 2024, and Trump would have went down with Epstein…Thanks for sharing your thoughts…Glen

Mike Gomez

Thanks Glen…Fully vaccinated Republicans are cheering on the unvaccinated in the guise of freedom and then put on their mandated seat belts as the depart. They stand on the side of those unvaccinated health care workers about to be fired in NY. They ask “ where are the unions” when they are anti-union. This morning a person asked me if I would have taken the vaccine if Trump would’ve been in office. I told him I didn’t take this vaccine because of what Biden said or wants… I saw the recommendations of the FDA and CDC and consulted with my doctor not a politician. The contents of the book were verified under oath in the congressional hearings.

James Chandler

I know I'm wasting my time but here goes:

So you made a personal choice to get the vaccine based on your circumstances and whom you chose to believe. But you want to take that freedom away from someone else. You admitted you don't have breakfast with your liberal group anymore because of concerns there are unvaccinated people out there. So you want to make sure you have your freedom to come and go as you wish but you want to take away the freedom from others to refuse an injection of an RNA messenger manipulative drug into their body. Seems like a big difference and you are being very selfish. And seatbelts are not a mandate. Seatbelts are required by a law passed by a legislative body that was elected by the voters.

What's next, a mandate requiring everyone use condoms. That would eliminate STD's and killing of millions of babies. And you can only use government approved condom manufacturers. But first all the politicians get to purchase their stock options in the approved manufacturers.

While I'm here, my favorite "what if" is Lyndon Johnson doesn't commit voter fraud forever changing the direction of this country. No "Great Society"; no massive entitlement policies destroying the dignity, the self reliance, the family values of multiple generations of Americans. Keep reading that book, it will save us all.

Mike Gomez

Hello JT thank you for responding, although if I don’t agree with with your point of view , it is a waste of your time…I understand.

Allow me to do a little housekeeping. I never said I belonged to a liberal group that meets for breakfast. It is true that I had a Covid concern (Advocate’s new Covid cases report and hospital vacancies) because I was looking at the new cases and hospital rates. I knew the members still attending were fully vaccinated. We’ve had the most conservative in Victoria County attend our breakfast meets; in fact, the former mayor was a regular. I resumed the breakfast meetings three weeks ago.

My opinion is not the issue because companies are willingly complying with the mandate ( >100 employees companies require a vaccine unless they are willing to test weekly or have a rare religious exemption. The Kaiser Foundation is reporting that 72% of health insurance companies are not going to cover the covid expenses of the unvaccinated.

I’ll say it one more time. Yes, I believe in government mandates. I don’t believe we would have had voter or civil rights without a government nudge. The government (we the people) is the equalizer and that’s why the right hates government. IMO

As for your worries, The Memorial Sloan Kettering Concern Center issued this statement on the RNA myth “ Myth: The mRNA vaccines change your DNA and could cause cancer.

Truth: None of the vaccines interact with or alter your DNA in any way, and therefore cannot cause cancer.

Messenger RNA (mRNA) is not the same as DNA and cannot be combined with DNA to change your genetic code. Here’s how mRNA vaccines actually work:

“The mRNA vaccines use a tiny piece of the coronavirus’ genetic code to teach your immune system how to make a protein that will trigger an immune response if you get infected. The mRNA is fragile, so after it delivers the instructions to your cells, it breaks down and disappears from the body (in about 72 hours). The mRNA never even goes into the nucleus of the cell — the part that contains your DNA.

Therefore, there is no truth to the myth that somehow the mRNA vaccine could inactivate the genes that suppress tumors.”

According to the Federal Seat Belt laws: Under federal law, all vehicles except busies must have a three-point restraint system and be worn by all front-seat passengers.

I have found when the right can’t support their comments with documented evidence, they exaggerate and come up with left-field analogies.

I don’t speak for all nor do I pretend to. I’m just a lowly poster who happens to write a weekly blog.

You’ve got to let go of that 1948 election( you’ve used that example about 4 times this year) because we’ve had several Republican administrations who didn’t even try to repeal Social Security, Medicare, or any of the social problems except Roe v Wade.

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