Mike Gomez

Mike Gomez

I don’t want to get in front of my skis on this current Mar-a-Lago search warrant saga. I’m not going to predict a Trump indictment or innocence. I simply don’t know and that’s the way it should be. The affidavit must remain sealed until charges are made or the case is dismissed.

I wish the Trump supporters would settle on a narrative. Early on they said the FBI planted evidence. Huh? Trump said he declassified everything. So, he declassified the planted evidence? In the usual whataboutism defense, Trump accused Obama of taking 33 million classified documents which was later debunked. Those records are in Illinois where they are maintained and guarded by the National Archives. It reminds me of a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Blame anyone else but yourself. What about Hunter Biden's laptop?

I certainly don’t agree that Donald Trump is being picked on or that the left is pulling out the stops because they are scared of him being the 2024 presidential nominee. Nothing could be further from the truth. That would be Christmas in November. First, Trump lost the 2020 election by 74 electoral votes 306-232, and by 7 million popular votes 81 million to 74 million. Wait, that’s not all. The year 2018 was a referendum on Trump and Democrats overtook the House by a huge margin. In 2020, Trump not only lost the presidential race, he told his Georgia supporters to stay home and they did to turn Georgia blue and gave the Dems two new Senate seats.

The right-wing pundits tell us that this overaggressive raid on the former president’s home will make him a martyr to his base. Perhaps so, but look at the margin of victory in 2020, the GOP needs more than a base vote to win.

Now that Rudy Giuliani is the target of a Georgia election fraud investigation, perhaps he too will be a martyr.

The GOP wants to paint Donald Trump as an innocent victim who’s a target of a political witch hunt. I’m going to push back on that. In the 30 years before his presidency, Trump and his businesses were involved in 3,500 legal cases in federal and state courts. In fact, he is still being investigated in Georgia and New York and I don’t know the status of the 26 sexual assault cases. He's not exactly a saint. I know six people in his administration went to jail and I assume Steve Bannon will be the seventh. One of Trump’s personal lawyers, Michael Cohen went to jail, Rudy Giuliani is the target of a criminal probe, and his long-time CFO, Allen Weisselberg, is expected to plead guilty Thursday. I think many more will join the club.

My team is chomping at the bit waiting for the word “Indicted” to flash across our screens to indicate that no one is above the law and the case(s) will finally be in the hands of a grand jury. I haven’t seen a big-name law firm come to Trump’s defense wanting to represent him. Perhaps it’s because Trump is known for stiffing his lawyers or they just don’t want a reputation of being a mafia lawyer.

I use my blog to do a little housekeeping from time to time and this is one of those occasions.

I’ve gone back and forth in listening to Bill Pozzi on 95.9 FM Magic Tejano from 6:15-7 a.m. My Dem friends mock me for listening, but I jokingly tell them “I listen so you don’t have to.” As I've said many times, I like Bill Pozzi and appreciate the time he gives me to respond without interruption. Bill also has a Friday segment he calls Democrat Friday where he encourages dialogue, but often times it ends up a good-natured banter between Emett Alvarez and Bill Pozzi. I occasionally call in but I know I’m “whistling in the wind.”

This morning, Bill had Chris Mapp, who was a candidate for the 27th Congressional representative seat, as a guest. He came in a distant third with 4.533% of the vote. As usual, Mapp went on a tirade espousing his views in a Trump-like fashion. I thought Bill had a “no mocking the Catholic church rule” but apparently not for far-right republicans. Mapp in his rant against illegal immigration stated that the issue must be met with physical force. He went on to condemn the Catholic Church for its humanitarian efforts but then he said “church services should not be given in Spanish, this is America, we talk English.” So, the word of God should be for those who understand and speak English. That’s a strange God he worships. Mapp’s departing words were directed at Emett and this guy named Mike Gomez. He suggested we shut up because the words that come out of our mouths are despicable.

Why are Republicans upset about the hiring of the much-needed IRS agents? Perhaps that's a subject for next week.

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