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Practice to decieve

Practice to deceive

It was a pretty good weekend for the political talk shows because the hosts pushed back on the lies the president’s surrogates tried to peddle.

My favorite pushback came from Scott Pelley because George Stephanopoulos, Jake Tapper, and Chris Wallace were interviewing right-wing lunatics Rudy Giuliani, Jim Jordan, and Stephan Miller. Kevin McCarthy is the Republican House Minority Leader, so typically, they should know better. At least Paul Ryan would say “I have not read that.”

Cory Lewandowski said it’s Ok to lie to the media, and the GOP took note.

I don’t know for fact but 99% sure McCarthy lied to Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes when he denied he was spouting GOP talking points. Mr. Pelley told McCarthy that the defense he was stating came from the GOP talking points; which were accidentally sent to Democrats.  Mr. McCarthy said he had not read the talking points. Come on now, the minority leader did not read the talking points that were sent to his party! Then McCarthy accused Scott Pelley of adding the word “though” is perhaps Trump’s famous last words “I would like you to do us a favor though.” Either McCarthy was trying to lie or he didn’t read the president’s words. It seems to me that a minority leader would be better prepared.

I always cringe when a host allows a conspiracy theory to be told without a pushback. For example, we should all know by now that Crowd Strike was a cybersecurity firm that worked on the DNC’s server. Yesterday, Thomas Bossard, Trump’s first Homeland Security adviser told ABC Sunday with George Stephanopoulos, that the DNC server was not taken to Ukraine to help the Ukrainians interfere with our elections. He said he told President Trump the myth was debunked.

Let me begin with “the elephant in the room” pun intended. I think it was bad optics for Hunter Biden’s son to be working for a foreign government but I have the same feeling about Ivanka Trump who works in the current administration and received approval from China for 16 trademarks.

We will dismiss nepotism because it would be unfair: (1. Trump administration. Daughter and son-in-law work at WH (2. Giuliani’s son works at the WH (3. Barr’s son works at WH and daughter works at Treasury

Did I mention that Trump’s son’s do foreign business and Ivanka is getting Chinese patents and Saudi grants?

Let me clear up this myth that Joe Biden nor his son Hunter have committed a crime or in the case of Joe; a quid pro quo. Don’t take my word for it: “Key takeaways

• Hunter Biden did hold a directorship for a Ukrainian gas company while his father was vice president. Experts agree that Hunter Biden's acceptance of the position created a conflict of interest for his father. 

• Vice President Joe Biden did urge Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor, with the threat of withholding U.S. aid. But that was the position of the wider U.S. government, as well as other international institutions.  

• We found no evidence to support the idea that Joe Biden advocated with his son's interests in mind, as the message suggests. It's not even clear that the company was actively under investigation or that a change in prosecutors benefited it.


I was against impeachment without the results of the Mueller investigation. I’m firmly against overturning an election without having undeniable evidence of guilt. I fear that the procedure will become a norm instead of a rarity.

The right keeps saying the Mueller investigation exonerated Trump; nothing could be further from the truth. The Democrats were being stonewalled by executive privilege being doled out like candy to the people the Democrats subpoenaed. Cory Lewandowski was the last straw. Sure, the committees would have won in court but it would take a year or more without the power of an impeachment inquiry.

So here we are, with the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, being in the same room while the president of the United States as he was asking a foreign government to find dirt on his 2020 political opponent. You have to be pretty naïve to think that President Trump, who settled a $25 million Trump University fraud case, is above doing what he was accused of in the Mueller investigation and what the whistleblower implicated. Were Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence in on the decision to hide the full transcript?

Don’t be fooled; no need for a quid pro quo ...btw that's a GOP talking point. You have to look beyond i.e. Pence was pulled from the Ukraine president's inauguration as a show of force, to make them play ball. The money was approved in early July but it wasn't until Dems started digging; that the money and equipment were released in August. The full transcript is locked away from our eyes. Impeachment does not have to meet the same standards as a crime in the courts since it is a political process. "Whether or not Ukraine came through, whether or not the communications involved a quid pro quo, the solicitation of a thing of value from the Ukraine President in connection with a U.S. election could be a federal crime." Pence's testimony, Rudy’s documents, whistle-blower's account, and the resigning diplomat’s story will be brought to light...Stay tuned.

It doesn’t help when a conservative committee of our size only gets confirmation bias from our local paper. The Michael Reagan column with a Walter Williams column sure to follow, a reader will only see one side of this historical event. Other options are our friends.

This impeachment inquiry is nothing to be proud of; the world is watching. I wonder what they think of our attorney general asking their help in investigating his own agency. We have NSA, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, and 14 other intelligence agencies and we have to go to a small country like Ukraine for help?

In closing let me throw this out there:

1.  Can Ukraine now blackmail this administration with the other half of the telephone call?

2.  Will other world leaders think they can get an edge with political dirt?

3.  What does John Bolton have to say?

4.  Why did DNI director Dan Coats resign three days before the Ukraine call?

5.  Why did longtime assistant DNI director Susan Gordon retire shortly after?

Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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