I’m so glad that the Houston Astros have made it to the ALCS for the fifth consecutive year because it takes my mind off the political nonsense.

Let’s start with the raising of the debt ceiling the Republicans want no part of. It’s just a promise to pay the bills the legislation passed by both parties. The previous administration left an $8 trillion tab. If you are honest and informed, you know darn well if the GOP had the House and Senate, they would be asking the Democrats to help them pass the debt ceiling. Mitch McConnell has voted to raise it 32 times. In my last blog, I wrote how silly the debt ceiling is but it’s there and we have to pass it or get rid of it. Defaulting is not the answer.

I heard someone say that Texas and Florida do not want to be like California and New York in handling the Covid-19 pandemic. I see where the measures California and New York took lowered their new cases. Texas and Florida not so much. They are more about politics and some sort of freedom priority and let the cards fall where they may.

There’s no doubt in my mind Governor Abbott’s Covid-19 policies are driven by politics. For instance, he didn’t issue his last vaccine mandate until after his right-wing fringe opponents Allen West and Don Huffines proposed it in their campaigns. I know, it’s hard to grasp that someone can be to the right of Abbott.

I read a couple of articles in this morning’s Houston Chronicle about Abbott’s latest gimmick and the can of worms it might open. Are the employees who were dismissed because they refused to take the vaccine eligible for unemployment benefits? Will it come down to yet another lawsuit Texas will have to pay? The mandate won’t be final until the end of the month but the companies took proactive steps knowing the OSHA will win in the courts. Will they have to react if Texas wins a temporary injunction? According to the article, it will only impact 40% of the Texans employed by those companies and well over 90% of them are already vaccinated. Most companies will ignore Abbott’s order (the governor knew that) and deal with it if they have to.

I completed the book “Peril” and it made me change my mind about how close we came to losing our democracy. I know and still think we have a strong constitution and institutions, but what if the Trump team had convinced Pence not to gavel in the electoral votes and left the outcome up to Congress, allowing them to overturn the election? John Eastman’s memo laid out a six-step plan to do just that. President Trump wanted to replace the top people at the department of justice to help carry out the plan but several members of the Trump team threaten to quit if he did that. Remember what Trump was impeached for; so, don’t tell me he’s not capable!

I’m pretty sure the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill will pass because of the dire need. We have a water main break every five minutes losing 6 billion gallons of treated water, 43% of our public roads are in shambles and we know our engineers gave an “F” grade to our bridges.

The reconciliation bill will have to be restructured to pass but it’s not impossible. That’s the bill that has universal Pre-K, child care, child tax credit, dental and eyeglasses for seniors, paid family leave, and most importantly climate change.

It’s not an exaggeration or a bragging point to say that we only have one party trying to govern. It used to be that Republicans and Democrats would argue about the best ways to fight the virus, do something about the 4 million people who just quit their jobs, negotiate and move on to the next crisis.  

What is today’s GOP doing? They are still fighting the last election. I think Joe Biden has won Arizona three times and counting. It seems like they are at a fire sale trying to get abortion bills to the Supreme Court. They are still paranoid so gun reform is out of the question and they only have a military option to fix the mess at the southern border.

I like how the right thinks our president is a puppet with George Soros, the Clintons, and Obamas pulling the strings. Of course, they don’t have any proof because it’s not true. They are projecting. Trump is pulling all the strings in the GOP. The Republicans who voted for his impeachment or who have publicly disagreed with the ex-president have retired, are going to retire or they are getting primaried. For example, Liz Cheney was once number three in GOP House leadership. This past Sunday, Chris Wallace asked if the election was stolen; Rep. Steve Scalise refused to say the 2020 election was not stolen.

I want a strong GOP because I don’t want our party to get complacent, thinking we have all the answers. It’s not good for the country.

We shouldn’t be fooled by Liz Cheney or Adam Kirzinger; they both voted against the voter’s rights bills and raising the debt limit.

It’s getting too hostile. Remember when we had town hall meetings and peaceful school board meetings? It’s no longer that way in some cities. Can’t happen here? I remember the 2010 Obamacare town hall meetings.

Vote and go Astros.

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Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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Glen or Janice Ullman

Your right about them Astros, and everything else. It’s refreshing / relaxing to see some good ball games with all them Americans rooting for a common cause, like the good old days. Helps block out the Trump’s trickle downers…Glen

Mike Gomez

Yes it is Glen… yesterday I wore my Astro cap to the breakfast meeting and as I was exiting a couple of strangers gave me the thumps up and said “ Go Astros.” Don’t know their politics and don’t care.

Rick Dockery

There are extremists on both sides. Have you seen the latest COVID numbers? 2 cases yesterday and like 89 active cases. Neither party has a right to tell an employer what to do. I don't feel like they have a right to tell a citizen what to do when it comes to a vaccine. I know many feel differently. I'm hoping that has non partisan people watch the two parties implode, maybe they'll look outside the box. I'm not hopeful though.

Mike Gomez

There are extremists on both sides is vague because proportionally it doesn't compute and I have the receipts to prove it. It's not a party decision, it's an OSHA one designed to keep the workplace free from the virus. Tell the Chamber of Commerce and companies with a 100 employees or more that they don't have the right to keep their workplace and vaccinated employees free from the virus. The unvaccinated have options, they can get tested once a week (which makes it expensive for the company) work from home, use a credible medical or religious exemption, or quit or get fired. There is no such thing as a nonpartisan; I think you are confusing it with having a different opinion. Libertarians don't like government. How can they ever be successful at governing?

Mike Gomez

Rick, I do watch the Covid numbers. All the numbers: local, state, nation, and the world because the virus doesn't have boundaries. It's plain to see that the areas with the higher percentage vaccinated have fewer new cases....It's all about individual vs community.

Daniel Martin

I agree with the strength and founding principles of our democracy are strong. Our magnificent Constitution and institutions will survive and evolve to meet the future.

There is still a dark corner of my mind where lurks our most dangerous evil. When we watch and learn the motives of the far, far right. Each bag of nuts love to beat their chest, wave the weapons that signifies the power to effect damage to our population.

They are a very scary bunch but somewhere within that nest of Anarchist is a single malignant soul. The next Timothy McVeigh……

Mike Gomez

I agree Dan… I can’t believe that persons who served in the military with distinction are making a hero out of a military officer who willfully disobeyed a lawful order. Those same people are against the DOJ investigating threatening school board members and teachers. It’s a freedom to protest issue for them…..I’m afraid it’s much larger than a lone wolf issue. Democrats didn’t attack the Capitol and I haven’t heard of an armed protest against Abbott’s mandates. W just don’t roll that way and it’s hard to understand people that do.

Allen T Coffey

Interesting. I saw your title, "It's Getting Too Hostile," Mike, and was expecting a post much different than the one I read. It seems to me that you're still gobsmacked by the hostility, but really haven't found a way to process yet into a blog with proposals to end it.

Am I wrong?

Mike Gomez

Excellent question Allen. The Jan 6 panel said they have information that we haven’t heard about that will send chills up our spin. The information out there is scary enough. White supremacists and Trump loyalists attacking the Capitol is one thing but if police officers,military personnel and legislators are among them it becomes a conspiracy to overturn an election. Threatening teachers,school board members and administrators at the local level should gives us pause. I don’t have any proposals because I don’t understand the opposition i.e. people on the right who are fully vaccinated are urging people to fight a mandate…# freebrandon

Allen T Coffey


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