Mike Gomez

Mike Gomez

Like most people, I’m frustrated that all the votes have not been counted. But I’m glad they’re counting all the votes.

The states count the mail-in votes separately, which causes delays because it takes account of the postmark. We wouldn’t want to deny anyone their legal vote.

If I were a betting man, my money would be on the Republicans taking the House by very narrow margin and the Dems winning their 51st Senate seat in December.

Three huge differences between a 50-50 and 51-49 Democratic majority:

  1. Having a majority on each committee versus power sharing/deadlocks requiring discharge petitions;
  2. No single Democratic senator can hijack/block nominations; and
  3. Democrats can have two members absent and still hold votes.

On the local front, all I’m hearing are a lot of whining and conspiracy theories. For the most part, “If GOP candidate wins, the election went great but if a Democrat won there was cheating.” Pretty much the MAGA playbook.

Locally, the Republicans have pretty much thrown Trump under the bus for various reasons; three weeks ago, he was still the best president we’ve ever had in their eyes. They were bragging about that rally in Robstown. It took them four years after losing the 2018 midterms, the presidential race and now the 2022 midterms to discover what most saw in 2016. 

I bet they are on pins and needles awaiting the decision of Donald Trump tonight. Will he decide to run for president and throw the GOP into complete chaos?

As I stated last week, the national polls were wrong. They need to redo their models to include Gen Z. The young people under 30 years old canceled out the Republican 65-year-old-plus voters and, for the first time in 20-years, the independents went with the party in power. 

Republicans wanted inflation, crime, Biden’s low approval  and immigration to be the top issues, but democracy, Dobbs (Roe v. Wade) and Trumpism won out. For the most part, voters rejected the election deniers and extremism. 

Republicans still don’t understand why voters rejected the Dobbs decision. Most voters wanted Roe v. Wade to stand. It’s not like they want abortion on demand; women don’t want the government intruding in their medical decisions.

The media made a big deal about Hispanics trending Republican, but that, too, turned out to be false. Yes, it may have been a factor in Florida, with the Cuban vote, but ask the GOP candidates of Colorado, Arizona and Nevada how the Mexican-American vote factored in their upset loss.

Even in Texas, Beto regained the Hispanic vote in the Rio Grande Valley and out in West Texas.

I don’t think the political climate will change anytime soon, but I did notice that even the election deniers conceded. That’s a step back to normalcy. 

I saw where former Vice President Pence is now condemning Trump for Jan. 6, but that’s two years too late. He should go before the Jan. 6 Committee and put the final nail in the coffin. Right now, Pence is only revealing what he put in his book.

I know many on my side are disappointed because Merrick Garland has not indicted Donald Trump and he may be waiting until after the Dec. 6 results in Georgia. 

Donald Trump's former White House chief of staff has now revealed that Trump wanted the IRS to investigate his political foes, which is something else Garland needs to look into. 

I have noticed that neither Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis nor U.S. Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) have denied what President Trump said about interfering in the Florida elections to their favor in 2018. Will these allegations reach the attorney general’s office? 

I am happy with the midterm results, but there’s still work to do in this lame duck session. The Senate will vote to protect same-sex marriage in the coming weeks. They also need to pass a debt-limit bill because, as always, Republicans will hold the debt limit hostage until they get a concession of maybe cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits. The faith and credit of the United States can’t afford uncertainty, especially while we still have high inflation.

It’s going to be interesting to watch the fight for speaker of the house. Will the GOP vote in a MAGA like Marjorie Taylor, Greene or keep Rep. Kevin McCarthy? My money is on Elise Stefanik or Steve Scalise.

President Biden keeps setting records, like least lost seats in a midterm and doing it without bragging.

Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

Michael Gomez writes a politics blog on VictoriaAdvocate.com.