Voter Suppression

We are a GOP nightmare because we vote absentee in every election and we encourage our friends to do the same. And we don’t fall prey to the GOP gaslighting campaign. Voter fraud is not the real issue, voter suppression is.

Yesterday, I never left the convenience of my home to cast my vote and never got out of my car to drop it off at the Sam Houston mail drop-off box. We should be making voting easier not harder. Republicans do not believe the results of polls and that’s fine, so let a high voter turnout be the determining factor of how people feel about a topic. If I have a question about a candidate or an issue, I have the answers at my disposal, right here at my kitchen table.

I am not for abolishing in-person voting nor am I against voter ID because it’s not the issue it was five years ago. People like Stacy Abrams formed a drive to get voters an acceptable ID in order to register to vote. After paying for the $25 birth certificate and rides to limited polling places, the hard work paid off for the presidential and two senate races but not much else. After the GOP secretary of state and other elected officials certified the votes the GOP lawmakers decided it was time to move the goalposts because they won the battles but lost the war, i.e. Trump and two senate seats.    

We mustn’t concentrate on the bottled water issue and forget the real issue of long voting lines. I think MLB and corporate America were sending a message to not only Georgia but Texas and other legislative bodies enacting voter suppression laws.

I read an excellent article in Friday’s New York Times written by Nick Corasanti and Reid Epstein titled “What Georgia’s Voting Law Really Does.” They went through every detail of the 98-page voting law. These are some of the provisions you might not know about. 1. Voters will have less time to request an absentee ballot. 2. You now have to write in your driver’s license number on the ballot. 3. Mobile voting centers are now banned. 4. Reduced number of drop boxes. 5. The GOP-controlled legislature has more control over the State Election Board (Trump might have found those 11,779 votes he needed to win) because the secretary of state is removed as a voting member of the State Election Board. The legislature can now suspend county election officials. I can see the issues of writing in your driver’s license number and date of birth causing your ballot to be tossed out. There’s a reason for that. One-third of Georgian’s voted absentee and 65% of those voted for Joe Biden.

I heard a comment attributed to GOP Chairmen Allen West demanding “election integrity" to be top priority. Even during the pandemic, Texas Governor Greg Abbott fought to limit mail-in voting and county ballot drop-offs…San Antonio News Feb. 1, 2021…..Voter fraud is nearly nonexistent (except in republican minds) but voter suppression is an important part of voter integrity.

I’m a proud born and raised Texan but I wasn’t born blind. I know Texas, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Virginia were all pre-clearance states because of their voter suppression laws and methods. I also know that we are 41st in the nation in voter participation because Texas prides itself in making it harder to vote. We refuse same-day voter registration; online voter registration and student IDs are not on the approved list.

It’s funny how moving the All-Star game from Georgia played out. Georgia was punished for enacting voter suppression laws. Major League Baseball then rewarded Denver, Colorado that has vote-by-mail for all, hundreds of drop boxes, and automatic voter registration.

I heard the decades-old fairy tale of Democrats recruiting non-citizens to vote in Texas elections. President Trump said that’s how Hillary slaughtered him in California. I seriously doubt they have ever met those people. Those people live in fear of their surroundings and yet some think they will risk it all to vote.

Anyone that knows me from the Breakfast Club knows I am passionate about seeing voter participation up to around 75%. I will admit that my Democrats are lacking in voter participation but that has improved in the last two cycles. I get pushback because many fear online registration and online voting. A few still enjoy the civic pride of voting in person but at least they vote.

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Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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(19) comments

Mike Gomez

Rick, you say you are in the 33% tax income bracket which amounts to about $190,000 gross after you subtract the $12,400 standard, so I assume you don’t have children where tax credits apply such as child care, under age 17, or college credits. It’s all about effective tax rates.

So, if you are a W2 employee you SIGNED a Form W4 authorizing your company to withhold the proper amount of income tax…How is that theft? Poor analogy.

Just the other several CEOs like Jeff Bezos of Amazon said cutting corporate tax rates is fine. And Amazon pays their employees $15 an hour.

Libertarians like the services but don’t like to pay their fair share.

Rick Dockery

I am my employer. Who defines fair? I pay others don't? Jeff can do as he wishes. I could earn less....Not going to happen. My kids are grown and successful, and they get to pay their "fair" share too. Why is it that income determines "fair" share? Libertarians like keeping what we earn, paying for essential services, not all the "pork" that both parties fund. Don't worry, we have 0 ability to win anything. We'll just strap on our work boots and keep footing the bill for the mass amount of waste and debt of the government.

Rick Dockery

I'm paying 33% this year, not including sales tax. How is that not theft Mr. Coffey? It's easy to sit back and say those wealthy people....They should pay more.....It's like walking into a bank, taking 33%, and using it as I wish. The middle class is getting hammered, and you raise rates on large companies, you think they'll just cut a check with a smile? Who is going to pay the price? Us. Even worse, the very people the taxation is "designed" to help, it will hurt. Sure, many people don't have sympathy for those who do well, and those who pay the majority of the taxes. That is a attitude problem though. Envy...It's time for people to wake up. Move yourself from the agentic way of living and move to an autonomous state. We are moving from individual rights and liberties to government privilege. SMH

Allen T Coffey


Rick Dockery

Sorry, should have defined.

An agentic state is a state of mind in which a person will allow other people to direct their behaviors and pass responsibility for the consequences of the behaviors to the person telling them what to do.

Allen T Coffey

Thanks, Mr. Dockery. You have added to my store of knowledge. BTW, what is it that you do for a living. I'm genuinely curious, not looking for a zinger opportunity.

Glenn Wilson

"Breakfast Club"?

Rick Dockery

I’m going to go pick up my will call Astro tickets without an ID. I bet that’ll go well. Lol

Mike Gomez

Last Astro game I went to, I held up my phone and the usher scanned it and let me in....Then again,this blog is not about voter ID.

Rick Dockery

Cuz you had your tickets already.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Well said Mike. The GOP closed their eyes for four years and just can’t figure how they could of lost. Scorched earth is their only option left, short of embracing Democracy...Glen

Mike Gomez

The GOP’s boycotting has left them with very few outlet stores to buy from,beverages and I heard Polo is now their go to

Rick Dockery

Yeah funny. I'll still watch baseball even though they are as woke as coke. That's their right though. Crazy companies make decisions based on politics. MLB has no problem setting up shop in Venezuela and other wonderful countries. Hope these companies enjoy their 25-28% tax rate.

Daniel Martin

Excellent old friend. I am still gobsmacked but the fact that the GOP has the ability to throw out the votes cast and add to “correct vote”. I guess they must think they will never lose their power?

Mike Gomez

That’s true Dan,even their corporate donors think that's over the line......

Mike Gomez

Conservative judges on the Supreme Court passed Citizens United and money was free speech...Now they don't like what they are MLB didn't disenfranchise Atlanta, GA, they just moved the All Star game...I don’t stay up at night and worry about with corporate America pays in taxes as before they’ll do just fine with the new rates. After all,They got to buy back their stock with the last tax cut the Republicans passed.

Rick Dockery

Exactly. You don't worry because you don't cut the check. I will never understand the concept of punishing the wealthy. Yet, rob Peter pay Paul. It's not just companies. They check I had to cut was insane.

Mike Gomez

Rick, don’t assume…You don't have any idea if I have ever paid employees but unlike libertarians, I don’t mind paying my fair share.

According to an April 2nd 2001 article in the NYT,55 of America’s largest corporations paid no taxes on their billions of profits…. I shed no tears for them…I don’t have anything against wealth and paying your fair share is not punishment. Large corporations use much of the infrastructure.

Allen T Coffey

Taxes are not punishment to the wealthy. The use a greater proportion of the public goods to create, maintain, and increase their wealth -- they use a lot of infrastructure paid for with taxes -- and then very often leave the public to clean up the pollution that they leave behind.

On top of that many large corporations and wealthy individuals already pay next to no taxes -- some even get huge subsidies from the government. I think it's about time for them to pay some significant taxes.

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