Mike Gomez

Mike Gomez

At first, I opposed the appointment of a special counsel because I didn’t think it was necessary. I thought it would delay the proceedings in all the cases involving Donald Trump.

I went back and read some of Jack Smith’s rulings and came away thinking this is the right man at the right time.

It didn’t take long for the supporters of Donald Trump to come up with reasons that the special counsel couldn’t be trusted. They found out that Jack Smith’s wife donated to Democrats and she worked on a documentary featuring Michelle Obama.

Let’s discuss that. If that is the case for recusal, then Jack Smith couldn’t preside over a case that involved a Democrat. Bias works both ways. The people crying bias are the same who did not have a problem with Ginny Thomas being an election denier and a right-wing activist.

It is my opinion that the president should appoint a new FBI director and it is also my opinion that former Florida Rep. Val Demings should be the replacement.

Why Val Demings? She lost the Senate race to Marco Rubio, so she’s available and would be the first Democrat to hold the position of FBI director.

She was a police chief in Florida prior to being a legislator.

We still don’t have an answer as to why the FBI stopped investigating Justice Kavanaugh at the former president's request. I don’t know if the FBI is investigating the reasons the FBI, Capitol Police, Secret Service and Homeland Security Jan. 5 & 6 text messages were deleted. \

It’s funny that with over 900 arrests over the insurrection, the person who planted the pipe bombs at the RNC and DNC buildings has not been caught.

It’s imperative that we get trust back into the Justice Department, and finding the leader of the Oath Keepers guilty of seditious conspiracy is a great start because that means there are bigger fish to fry.

I predict Jack Smith will find the president guilty in the case of the stolen documents. Most of us saw the 27 boxes of documents that were seized. They didn’t just magically fly to Mar-a-Lago by themselves. Merrick Garland will indict Donald J. Trump of mishandling government documents and obstruction, for starters. The rest will be up to the grand jury and the presiding judge.

It was refreshing to see that most of the election deniers lost and conceded. That, too, is refreshing.

The Supreme Court recently ruled against Donald Trump in his fight to keep his tax returns from Congress. They need to do a lot more to regain the people’s trust after Dobbs.

I’m pretty sure the Republicans will disband the Jan. 6 hearings, but there’s no reason that the Senate can’t take up the cause. I don’t think the Senate will continue the hearings, but I’m hopeful Jack Smith finds enough evidence to indict.

I don’t see how the agencies of government that I mentioned can ever regain the people’s trust, unless they admit to their wrongdoings and take steps to correct them.

I predict starting in January for the next two years it’s going to be gridlock after gridlock in Congress.

Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

Michael Gomez writes a politics blog on VictoriaAdvocate.com.