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I’ve been waiting for almost a week to hear about the the imminent threat that caused us to kill the Iranian military General Suleimani.

I’ve heard vague statements from the Secretary of defense, President Trump and Mike Pence tried to tie it in with 9/11. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said “The previous administration left us in a terrible place with respect to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Team Obama appeased Iran.” Funny, I remember Obama, Russia, China, Germany, France, and Great Britain negotiating a deal that curtailed their nuclear program for 10-years. According to all sources, they were complying.

I cannot continue without doing a little housekeeping. I want to dispel some of the lies the right keeps trying to spread. Today, President Trump blamed Obama for last night’s missile strike on two of our airbases in Iraq. Trump said that the $1.7 billion that they received in the nuclear deal allowed Iran to have the money to fund the strikes. The $1.7 billion belonged to Iraq for military equipment they bought in the 70s but never received….. https://www.chicagotribune.com/nation-world/ct-nw-trump-fact-check-iran-speech-20200108-curpqe7i5jccvaebbhde6jnlnm-story.html......The president’s people seem to think that money was all earmarked for terror and such an occasion. No, last night’s military strike by Iran is on the current administration.

The president keeps touting his lie: “The United States just spent Two Trillion Dollars on Military Equipment” and that if necessary he would use it to hit Iran “very fast and very hard.”

The actual amount spent on military equipment since he became president is much less, closer to $420 billion, according to Todd Harrison, a defense budget expert and senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The rest was spent on things like personnel, operations and maintenance, and research and development. ……..https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/factcheck/trump-overstates-military-spending-and-readiness-as-potential-for-iran-conflict-looms/ar-BBYGdax?li=BBnb7Kz

The president’s supporters are calling those of us who have questions “Iran sympathizers” and once moderate republican Nikki Haley said, “Democrats are the only ones that are mourning the loss of Soleimani.” I think the “you’re either with us or against us” philosophy leads to blind obedience…No thanks. I don’t have all the information nor do I necessarily deserve it but I don’t think I can be blamed for not wanting another Iraq.

No argument that General Suleimani was a lawful military objective but killing him was not proportional to the killing of one US military contractor. I don’t think Mike Pompeo or Trump understood or had any plans for the aftermath.

Trump kept taunting Iran through tweets after the killing. The president threatens to attack 52 sites in Iran and some of the most cultural sites if they retaliated. What’s scary is that the president of the United States did not know a retaliation for something Iran did in 1979, or intentionally targeting or destroying sites of cultural heritage is considered a war crime and against international law, the DOD guidelines and the Geneva Convention. And, you question my patriotism for questioning the sanity of this administration. Someone should make the president read and learn the Supreme Law of the Land under Article VI.

Mike Pompeo and President Trump said we are a lot safer but tell that to our brave servicemen and their families who are on HIGH ALERT. I saw where 20,000 more troops were sent to the Middle East since Trump tore up the Iran Nuclear Deal. Safer?

What has changed since we killed the Iranian general? It looks like the Iranian civilians are united and Iraq wants us to leave their country. War is the product of failed diplomacy. More sanctions on Iran; like the last ones worked so well. The likelihood of a negotiation with Iran is not good.

The risk did not outweigh the reward.

I’m not convinced the killing of Suleimani had anything to do with a “wag the dog” strategy.  Trump is certainly capable but I don’t believe the military would follow. Mike Pompeo is a hawk and the president ran on getting out of the Middle East. It’ll be interesting how long Pompeo remains the Secretary of State. I hope they learned their lesson.

How ironic, last year Trump floated the idea of leaving NATO but today he said he will ask them to take a more prominent role in the Middle East.

I’m happy that the actions of an impulsive president and a hawkish secretary of defense have not led us to war. Now they know that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

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Daniel Martin

Mike, after my moronic date error this morning I have spent a little time cogitating over this event and I may have sorted this FUBAR assassination (something I once believed our nation was forbidden to do under any circumstances.

Spending some time piecing together a few of the Cesspool Bottom Feeder's decisions I have come to a possible conclusion. Might be an idea he got from VP Chaney. Think about it. Trump Weapon and Casket Inc.

Michael Gomez

Dick Cheney had a 1% Doctrine....If there was a 1% chance of a threat we would launch a preemptive strike.

Michael Gomez

I don't disagree with you Allen but I need more evidence. Some think that he panicked when our embassy was attacked , so he overreacted, not wanting a Benghazi....Then he could be trying to make for the time he ordered airstrikes on Iran for downing our drone and then 10 minutes later, calling it off. I'm positive that he wants to better Obama each and every day but he’s failing miserably.

Allen T Coffey

Exactly, Mike. Although I do think that Trump did it to get everyone's mind off of his impeachment. Not a hill on which I wish to die, but it certainly does seem Trumpian in the very worst sense of that idea,

Michael Gomez

I may be wrong Allen, it has been reported that in a Private conversation Trump said he had to assassinate the general or he would lose GOP senators for the impeachment trial

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