Capitol Siege

I honestly thought a January 6th Commission to investigate the attack of our Capitol would be a bipartisan venture because that’s what Congress does. Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy agreed to an equal number of Democrats to Republicans with an equal amount of subpoena power.  Leader McCarthy found out that he would be subpoenaed to say what he knew about what Trump was doing at the time of the siege. McCarthy quickly pulled the plug. It doesn’t matter there are other witnesses, he’ll still get suborned and there’s a video of him saying Trump had a role in the insurrection. Yes, McConnell said the same thing on the Senate floor.

You can’t embarrass the likes of McCarthy and McConnell, so I’m not that concerned about their reluctance to a commission. It’s a crying shame how hard it is to get ten Republicans to do the right thing and vote for a commission. They won’t even speak to the mother of Brian Sicknick. I hope some will. As General Honoree said “Ten Capitol policemen will protect McConnell and McCarthy today, yet they don’t think there should be an investigation."

I agree with the GOP, we know what happened but we can’t move on without accountability and correcting what went wrong. Was it a coordinated effort? I don’t think it was a large-scale coordinated planned attack but I think once the barricades were breached, the militants had practiced enough to know how to take full advantage. Once the FBI catches the person who planted the pipe bombs we should know more. The punishment is for the courts, the investigation should focus and the who, why, and how, and then recommend fixes.

My conservative friends have been silent and when I mentioned a commission, they conveniently change the subject. I’m glad they didn’t go the route of a few commentators who posted on a Crossroads Today article. One poster mentioned a BLM member John Sullivan as the leader of the siege but made no mention of people the FBI actually arrested like the Proud Boys or the Oath Keepers. I didn’t get a response when I posted a fact check debunking his post. Mostly the anti-commission posts were about Anderson Cooper, CNN, Dems instigated the riots, and YouTube evidence of Maxine Waters instigating. I had to quit that thread when one poster said “you can’t compare Benghazi where four Americans were killed to a siege where windows were broken.” I can’t have a discussion with a person who doesn’t know five people died and 140 Capitol police were injured, Congress was interrupted and the speaker of the house and the vice president were threatened with bodily harm.

Sure, there will be the usual dog and pony show once the red light on the TV camera comes on but I’m sure Congress will come to many bipartisan conclusions as they did in the 9/11 Commission. I’ve heard of a “strike force” made up of rotating national guardsmen stationed in Maryland who could be summoned at a moment's notice. It is very difficult to shut down domestic terrorists but it shouldn’t be. There are no earthly reasons citizens should be allowed to storm our state or nation’s Capital fully armed. We should adopt the TSA regulations. It is the people’s house but we respect other people’s houses.

I think a few years ago, a bipartisan commission would have been formed without any fanfare. Allow me to be critical of my own party for refusing to join the GOP-controlled Katrina Commission thinking it was going to be a whitewash. It was anything but. The GOP Commission gave the Bush Administration an “F” for their response. Today, we just disagree because the other party agrees.

Democrats think doing something about mass shootings is a priority but Republicans say our emphasis should be on the southern border. Have you seen any mass shooting town hall meetings? Republicans think there is massive voter fraud and are purging their own elected officials who disagree. Democrats are siding with Republican election officials who certified the results in their GOP-controlled state. Democrats are citing voter suppression and Republicans think they are implementing “election integrity” by making it harder to vote absentee at fewer locations.

I admit I was against the two-year Benghazi investigation, which consisted of 33 congressional hearings, four public hearings, at a cost of $7 million and ended up exonerating Hillary Clinton and President Obama. Trey Gowdy is on the record saying nothing could have been done to save those four Americans. The committee did implement newer better policies to prevent another Benghazi. Republicans have a short memory.

The GOP Senate just blocked a vote to convene a commission even though the House passed it on a bipartisan basis.

I get it! Trump is pulling the strings of today’s GOP, even those about to retire. The GOP legislators don’t think the New York officials can lay a glove on Donald J. Trump because he’ll throw someone under the bus, family member or not. They don’t want to be on that lonely island. Most of the 535 members of Congress were threatened that day, some helped barricade the doors or were ushered to safety, yet today they vote NO to investigate the incident to avoid making the same mistakes. No, one GOP Senator said they were loyal patriots when President Trump said he loved them and another senator said it was an ordinary White House tour. The rank and file are enablers because this would be the perfect chance to repudiate the actions of those who stormed the Capitol and make it known that they are not welcome in your party.

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Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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Danna Baker

Very well said Mike. I am quite shocked and disappointed that the Republicans torpedoes this investigation. I had really hoped they could at least see the need for finding out the true facts of this incident.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Good read Mike, I think your right on as usual. The hard right has a problem hearing the words that came from Trump’s own mouth before and after the 6th, They know their problem ain’t going away, ever, so all they can do is delay the inevitable, and keep lighting fires to change the subject. They don’t want to admit the evidence is own the wall, and will never go away. We’re a well connected country now, and it’s going to get harder and harder to subvert the vote, not that they won’t keep trying...Glen

Rick Dockery

All part of the system. Blue vs Red......All those peaceful protests....Capital....Pit us against each other. All about control. Benghazi, you're telling me that from moment one our military couldn't have intervened? Miss me with that nonsense. We were too worried that some movie offended them. SMH. But, "What difference does it make." Neither side wants us to know what's going on oversees. Wag the Dog. While, meat, gas, cars, steel....all going up. You get what you vote for. Either side.

Mike Gomez

Political discourse is healthy and stimulates the brain. We don’t know I have to be on the exact same page. It beats the conspiracy theories you are trying to push as fact. ….Everyone should know why the prices of gas.,steel,wood and housing is going up…We along with the rest of the world were in a pandemic. We are opening up and supply and demand takes over until have saved things level out….After the last 11 hour GOP controlled committee hearing,Trey Gowdy committee chairman,said no one could have saved the 4 Americans. If you think you know more produce some facts not opinions. After all they are a dime a dozen.

Daniel Martin

It would be helpful if we could manage to even being the same book. In general the mob only had one person coordinating the insurgents. Trump said he would march with soon as his golf cart was charged. Then went home and took his phone off the hook (do smart phones even have a hook?)

I do believe several of the groups did some coordination. Making sure there were enough flags to attack the police. QAnon brought several truck loads of crazy.

One thing I promise is at every opportunity I intend to make sure January 6th will be remembered.

C Droost

I agree, Mr M. I’ll be joining you in reminding everyone, all the time, of what happened on 1/6. But specifically for Victorians, I’ll be reminding them as well that Cloud, Cruz, and Cornyn (who on 13 February, went so far as to tweet: “The 1/6 attack on the Capitol was horrific & appalling. Those who planned & participated in the violence that day should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I agree w/Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi – a 911-type investigation is called for to help prevent this from happening again.”) **ALL** voted against establishing a bipartisan commission. Our representatives ... only the best!

Daniel Martin

No, the Embassy could not be saved. Even the GOP lead commission said it was not possible.

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