One of the small advantages of being an old-timer is the ability to go back many years and say “remember when?”

I can remember when Republicans used to applaud the fact that Texas was an “at-will” state that allowed employers to fire without cause. Today, those same people are criticizing companies who want to comply with the federal vaccine mandate.

I can remember a year ago a whole lot of us were anxiously awaiting the day we could get our first shot, knowing it had a 90-95% efficiency and that the side effects would be minimal. It wasn’t about Trump because we knew that the FDA would give it an emergency approval based on science and studies.

A few months later our community health officials did an excellent job in administering those two vaccines. Those vaccines did the job for those who took them but we then found out a lot of people were not taking the vaccine for various reasons. It’s not that we didn’t have enough vaccines; it’s that a lot of people refused to take them.

I saw a poll that stated that Covid-19 was the third most important issue Americans had. I disagree, Covid-19 is the driving factor for the jobs and economic issues they worry about.

I don’t blame President Joe Biden one bit for making Covid-19 his number one priority and taking all the steps possible to slow the spread. The voters are going to blame the president if things continue to go south. I’ve gone over the six-step mandate which leaves an option for testing once a week so I won’t dwell on it.

I shouldn’t think this way but I do; those totally vaccinated customers wearing a mask are Democrats. At my eye appointment, last week 14 of 22 patients were masked; I presumed the six who were not masked were not Democrats.

Republicans will say that our institutions of higher learning are all liberal taught by liberal professors. You can apply that same logic to law enforcement and the military because they are usually conservative. I am saying that the mandate issue is one big political issue. It’s never been about freedom or the right to work. For example, a person applying for a religious exemption could be asked if their children are vaccinated and if the answer is yes, then they have a weak case.

“Mandatory vaccination, especially for police, is politically charged. The dispute in Durham County gained notice in the right-wing media, where a Facebook page called “Thin Blue Line” posted a January article attacking the requirement as “communism” in a group with more than 73,000 members titled “We Support Our Police.”

Vaccine mandates are likely to pass legal muster, according to specialists in employment law, providing they adhere to guidance issued last year by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission outlining exceptions for disability and religious belief. The broad authority of states and localities to protect public welfare would encompass compulsory vaccination of police, said Catherine Ruckelshaus, legal director of the National Employment Law Project”

Elimination or making the virus manageable is not a common concern and that makes me sad.

The lack of concern is not a surprise in today’s world where a congressional subpoena amounts to an RSVP. In fact, only nine members of the GOP thought Steve Bannon should be held in contempt when he clearly was. Bannon could have answered the subpoena; pleaded the fifth and could have been on his merry way. It shouldn’t be partisan, I thought Bill Clinton should have been punished for lying under oath; not impeached but censured.

I can remember when the government and other institutions had a 70% approval but it has been eroding ever since. Every morning you can hear right-wing radio sounding the commie, Marxist, socialist alarm but failing to see how they are undermining our voting system by claiming nonexistence wide-scale voter fraud. Speaking of that “remember when Lt. Gov Patrick offered up to $1 million for any evidence of voter fraud?” Careful for what you wish for because he had to pay someone from Pennsylvania $25,000 when a republican was caught voting twice for Trump.

I was telling a friend that the right won’t watch the HBO documentary “Four Hours at the Capitol” because they will see what they are defending.

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Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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(13) comments

Mike Gomez

Rick, hate = intense dislike for a person(s) group ,etc. …They certainly promote that IMO ….hate speech = abusive or threatening ,they certainly don’t do that….As for the other side,that’s always your go to but you never submit any examples…Submitting facts with receipts is not hate.

Rick Dockery

I know with Bill and Lee and Emmitt I don't hear hate. Conspiracy yes. Facts, somewhat. I won't comment on the other show. Just as I enjoy conversing with Pat and Woodrow, I enjoy speaking with Bill. Hate is a strong word I would not want to label someone as that, especially those two. There are commenters that jump on here and say interesting things about the side they don't agree with, would not label as hate. As for examples of the hate on the left, I'll let the readers research. I don't feel like calling out names.

Mike Gomez

Rick, so much there to unpack.

Lol. Even with liberal circles like Maher and Stewart? Since when did they become the bellwether? We are not sheep,like the Trumplicans.

Wag the dog? You think the insurrection was insignificant? SMH.

I don’t know what the economy will be in the second or third quarter of next year will be but I know getting a grip on COVID will be a major part, as will the infrastructure bill. Everyone knows inflation will rise coming out of a pandemic but we have a few tools in the box like slowly raising interest rates.

I know the president takes the hit for the economy it a president doesn’t have any do with gas prices; that’s a supply and demand issue. The private sector is the culprit for the shipping issues and lack of inventory to meet demand. Consumer confidence is still rather high. People are still buying and I don’t see any soup lines.

Until the Republicans come to the table with a comprehensive immigration reform package the system will remain broken. It’s not about saying in the military and police to beat heads.

Rick Dockery

I don't see Jan 6th as insignificant, I do hear often that it is brought up in response to a challenge on another issue. It was terrible and those accountable need to be punished. It's like Trump and Russia, we don't need four years of this issue. It detracts on the other issues. Both parties need to come together on immigration. Saying one party should come to the table implies the other owns the table. I'm in the business of projecting trends on quarters, and our projections on goods is not looking good the next two quarters. We have 32 active cases of COVID here, people have access to a vaccine, we need to move on. If the vaccine works, then I have no concern if another has it. We've been told vaccinated people can spread it. Not sure the demonization of the unvaccinated is called for, but to each there own. I paid a bonus for my employees to get the vaccine with two days off to recover from any side effects. I however will not require it nor hold it against anyone. Haven't had an issue. Open up drilling and the reserves and quit being dependent on foreign oil would solve a lot of oil price issues. I volunteer at a local food distribution charity, and the lines are getting longer. Consumer confidence is up, that is good. Hopefully they spend wisely and don't go in debt which will hurt in the end. About the sheep, you commented that I can pick out a democrat by whether they wear a mask or not. Sounds sheepish. I'm don't wear a mask, and I have never voted republican. Mr. Pozzi teaches with a mask on, closet democrat? lol I hope you Astros win. I'm a sad Cubs fan this year. Take care and God Bless

Mike Gomez

I know those guys, Bill, Emett, and Lee but I don’t know how Emett or WAgner became part of this. I stated in a couple of blogs of how I admired Bill’s distinguished military service and volunteerism,he’s a very likable person and allows me to state my view. I am not labeling them as haters but for whatever reason their unsubstantiated comments promote hate. Glen and I were specifically talking about LOCAL RW radio and as far as I know the LW in Victoria does not have a radio station where they can spew hate. Correct me if I’m wrong. For the last 15 years I made it a mission to present my different point of view and I often submit my resources.

Rick Dockery

I thoroughly enjoy your articles and find them resourceful. In this day and age, we can find "facts" from multiple sources. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. At they YMCA the have CNN and Fox on side by side. I listen to music on the treadmill, but the same story has opposite headlines. Spin. I personally believe both parties have been pure disaster. They just spend money differently. It would be nice to get feelings out of politics and stick with policy. I read the Future of Freedom Foundation everyday which has libertarian leaning articles that give viewpoints on policies from both parties. They do this without name calling. It's worth a glance.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Good reminders Mike. I remember the days when it was impolite to impose your political views except when behind the curtains in the voting booth. Of course there were friends,family, and coworkers I felt comfortable discussing politics with, and when we disagreed, it usually ended in joke. Nothing is funny anymore, except for the Grand Old Party, and really they’re more scary than funny at this point, as evidenced by the RW radio boys with their hate and conspiracy against a duly elected President and Congress, in favor of their disgraced, one term loser. There is nothing more important for the new administration than to admonish those that would subvert our election system to gain advantage, while using Trump’s biggest lie as their subversion. Hopefully the devastation we have all seen due to COVID will eventually sink in to the Anti’s, and they will fall in line with what’s important to us all…Glen

Mike Gomez

Have to agree about the right- wing radio boys promoting hate,propaganda, and outright lies…Lee suggested we send 50,000 DPS troops to the southern border and hie the unvaccinated law enforcement who lost or losing their jobs in other states by not complying. Texas only has 2,800 DPS troopers…that’s a lot unvaccinated hires. I cannot get the logic of bringing in unvaccinated people who might infect the current workforce or the people they have contact with….in the middle of a pandemic

Rick Dockery

They do not promote hate. Speech that you hate doesn't equal hate speech. We can easily find those on the other side of the aisle that aren't polite.

Mike Gomez

Rick, I totally disagree. Your post is merely an Infomercial for libertarianism… I don’t care about the civility or network news..Facts are known to be true because they are supported by documents,court rulings, and/or evidence. 1+1 =2 and the sun is hot are facts. Those who don’t know anything about a subject they are discussing can be swayed by spin or lies. Biden won the 2020 election,that’s a fact supported by 50 sec of states and gaveled in by the VP. Anything else is a big lie.

Rick Dockery

2+2=5. The courts can't agree on facts. Biden won. He's the most popular president in the history of the country. I can live with that. The nice thing is people are waking up. His ratings are only going to get worse. You start messing with a man's wallet and he'll stand up for his lively hood. You deny a man's right to work over fear, he will stand up. It will happen, and is. Even within liberal Bill Maher, Jon Stewart. There are still those who will live with freedom over fear. When Jan 6th, which was terrible, is your go to, that's wag the dog. My grocery bill is through the roof. Materials for my business is going up. Property taxes are up. I refuse to raise rent on my rentals because the families are struggling. Yet, I will take a hit with rising property housing prices and taxes. The border is the border. I believe in open borders with a guest worker program. This cannot be blamed on any administration. Reagan was the last President to address the border with any kind of reasonable idea. However, it is Congress who should handle this. Of course I'm going to promote Libertarian articles. Read them or not. I don't see how it's any different than when I read Ross Ramsey or Ben Shapiro in the paper. People vote with their wallets, and if that holds true it could get ugly for your side in 2022.

Daniel Martin

Points all well made Mike. In some ways I wonder how many anti-every thing has created a subset of our population believes that each of them is a sovereign person. And law, regulation or mandate does not apply to them.

Reminds me of a five year old throwing a fit if they don’t get their way.

Mike Gomez

Great points Dan, I saw a poll that showed that the people you described would like to secede from the United States.

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