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Stop the hate

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Here we are using the same scripted talking points after another horrific shooting. I’m sure glad they stopped using “guns don’t kill people…people do.” That was getting really old and people who were using it, though they were making a profound statement.

I think we can stipulate that the El Paso shooter was motivated by white supremacy views. As of this writing. the Dayton shooter motives are unknown. It has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats. Those individuals did not stuff envelopes or knock on doors to get out the vote. It has more to do with ideology. That’s not saying the two political parties aren’t polar opposites when it comes to guns.

I think we can all do something to turn down the hateful rhetoric. For example, we can stop using the term invasion for those seeking asylum. That’s a military term to describe armed forces entering our country. We can stop using the term infested to describe the actions of human beings. I would suggest that we could substitute “illegal alien” to “undocumented immigrant” but I won’t be greedy and settle for two out of three. Perhaps someone can suggest what I can eliminate from my political comments.

I’ve heard the talk on hate radio suggesting shooting immigrants as they try to cross the border. When Mexico decided to send troops to guard their southern border, someone asked if each platoon had a sniper. When the president laughed when someone in his audience suggested shooting the invaders (Trump’s words) it was the thumps up to racist believers.  

The shooting in El Paso was personal. I was stationed there for a year; I have fond memories. Hispanics are now the targets of hate groups. They may have been all along but the recent domestic terrorists made it official. A friend said I was being silly because I was not from Mexico. Does anyone think a crazed gunman will ask for papers before he shoots? His target is brown skin people, regardless of race or creed. A white supremacist killed six Sikhs in Wisconsin, thinking they were Muslims. It’s not as if the racists are Phi Beta Kappas.

I understand that remedies have to be legislated, but how hard would it be to scrutinize the purchases of armored vests and 100-round magazines? We could call it a welfare check.

Do you know why domestic terrorists have not used machine guns to commit mass murder? According to the ATF, there are 490,664 legally purchased machine guns in the United States. How do we know this? They are registered, heavily regulated and a yearly tax is paid. Certain states have an outright ban on machine guns regardless of federal law or the constitutional Second Amendment, some think is absolute. There are about 12 reasons a person cannot purchase a machine gun.

Words have meaning. It might be helpful to change the words “Gun Control Reform” to "Responsible Gun Owners Act.”  

The House passed a background check bill but I seriously doubt Mitch McConnell will bring back the senators for an up or down vote. When Congress comes back in September, they’ll have a few meetings then it’s time for another recess and soon it’s the holidays and January it’s election season. Then it’s become the problem of the 116th Congress….Vote!!

 The administration thinks it’s a mental health and video game issue, besides they banned bump stocks. “What else do you want? “They are more interested in demonizing Julian Castro for divulging donors, which is readily available on Opensecrets.org  

If nothing else let’s distinguish the difference between gang violence and domestic terrorism. It’s not about DWI’s or the opioid crisis.

I heard an official from the Department of Homeland Security say that their budget to investigate domestic terrorism is about $2.6 million. They have about eight investigators. Until we fund and man the investigations to fight white supremacy, they will free to go to places like Charlottesville and shout “Jews will not replace us” or plan their next shooting in the Rio Grande Valley or San Antonio.

Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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(4) comments

Daniel Martin

Well done Mike.

Michael Gomez

Thank you Dan

Martin Strarup

Michael, we already have background checks. Why do we need new laws that are already on the books?

Michael Gomez

Martin yes we do but as I understand it, not all firearm transactions go through the National Instant Criminal Background Check, they have that gun show loophole or the "private sale loophole." A universal background is supposed to close those loopholes. Agreed, it might not have stopped the last shootings because they were legally purchased. That's why I think more scrutiny when purchasing body armor, extended magazines, and assault weapons ( call them what you want but we know what weapons are the problem)is a better answer.

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