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Sgt. Schultz

A major part of the United States is burning and the toxic smoke is passing over states not engulfed in flames but climate change will not be a major voting issue. Burning, looting, and property destruction will be a major voting issue, although the chaos only happens at 7% of the areas where peaceful protests take place. Do you still think the bully pulpit is not a major factor in a presidential campaign?

Coronavirus, social unrest, the economy, and climate change are the biggest issues facing us today but it seems we can only discuss three of those. I can understand why climate change has to take a back seat right now. You can’t really have a discussion if the president thinks it’s a hoax created by China and the fires are the direct result of forest management. The president talks about exploding trees and completely ignores the multiple hurricanes one after another, record-breaking heat, and a couple of huge glaziers breaking apart in Antarctica. I hope it waits until January of next year.

An audiotape did not convince the president’s supporters of how much of a lying manipulator Trump is; they went after Woodward. I heard a Trump loyalists Steve Cortes tell Chris Wallace that Trump was “under a fog of war” when he made those statements. It was a difficult interview to watch, one-minute Dr. Fauci was the voice of authority, then he wasn’t, whatever suited the narrative that Trump bore no blame.  

 The president installed Michael Caputo as an assistant secretary for public affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services to control the messaging. Caputo, a Trump loyalist, was the option the administration chose rather than firing Alez Azar over some damaging stories. This is why we don’t have a national plan for combating the deadly virus. According to an August 7 Gallup, only one in three Americans would not get the COVID-19 vaccine. The more the administration politicizes the issue, that 1/3 will grow because of the mistrust in government. That delay hinders a successful recovery. ****A side note take a minute and read more about this wingnut Michael Caputo.** 

I see the sun came up regardless of the NFL player's peaceful show of protest. America survived.

I remember the same amount of disgust, perhaps more, when Muhammad Ali’s refused to enlist in the Army. Ali was stripped of his heavyweight championship and not allowed to box. While I agreed with the punishment for not signing up for the draft, I believed he should have been allowed to box after serving his punishment. Before he passed away, Muhammad Ali was bestowed with a well- deserved “Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

I also, remember back in the 70s when the baseball players went on strike after a dispute with the owners. I was amazed at the anger toward the players but hardly any toward the owners. People saw it as ungrateful millionaire players acting like babies to the delight of greedy owners. Fans threaten to boycott forever. Sound familiar? The first night back, the Cleveland Indians drew the largest attendance of their storied history.

The NFL used to start the coverage of the game with the kickoff. I don’t know if they even played the National Anthem. This protest started when a San Diego reporter spotted Colin kneeling in protest over unarmed black men being killed by the police. Colin Kaepernick was unofficially blackballed but eventually won because you can’t blackball 70+ % of the players.

You don’t have to meet a litmus test with me. If you were born here, you are a patriotic American unless you don’t want to be or you are proven unpatriotic. It’s like a racist, I don’t know what’s in your heart.

There’s a letter-to-editor that calls for unity but it comes with strings attached. You have to adhere to that letter writer’s view of what America should be.

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s use of an anonymous source was instrumental in the resignation of Richard Nixon. The right is dismissing the entire disparaging remarks Trump made because of the use of an anonymous source.  According to AP:  The information cannot be an opinion or speculation, there is no other way to obtain the information and the source is reliable and, in a position, to have accurate information.  

Several news organizations, including Fox, believed the source and information that was provided enough to repost the article from the Atlantic. As Lisa Griffin of Fox News said “the source is not anonymous to her” and that’s ditto to all of the news organizations who reposted the story.

The right quickly accepted Trump’s assertion that he had 25 credible witnesses although 11 of those named were not there leaving 14. As with Dr. Falci, they used John Bolton as an example although he was a disgruntled unreliable employee for writing an unflattering book. but Bolton just said that he didn’t hear the president say those remarks in that room. This article goes through the remaining 14 Trump witnesses and opines on their reliability.

I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon reading another Bob Woodward book. Rage.

Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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Rick Dockery

Mike, I agree with your thoughts on Trump. Is there any way Biden can quit pandering? It’s embarrassing. I understand the blame the President for all that’s wrong with the country. That has seemed to be the campaign strategy of the last 5-6 presidential cycles. I get that.

Mike Gomez

Well Rick, you’ll have to give me a specific case of pandering. I can’t name a politician who doesn’t pander, kind of goes with the territory.

Rick Dockery

Being interviewed by Cardi B. Disgusting music. Coming out to despacito, disgusting music, at least to me. Joe and Jill aren’t at home listening to WAP. Going on the Breakfast club to say you aren’t black if you don’t vote for me... I can continue.

Mike Gomez

Rick,voters come in all shapes,sizes,color and culture. You’re not going to win an election if you only pander to those who agree with you

Mike Gomez

After a year of complaining that Puerto Rico got too much hurricane money, Trump found out that the Puerto Rican vote in Florida will be crucial...Guess what, he pander and is now suggesting that they get $13 million in hurricane relief

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