I set my TV to record Joe Biden’s Address to Congress or the State of the Union because I usually watch the Astros. Luckily, the Astros fell behind the Mariners and I opted to watch the speech on my phone with the volume off the TV.

I caught the speech as Joe was making his entrance and I was immediately reminded that for the first-time history. Two women (one of color) would greet the president, one as vice-president and the other as the Speaker of the House. Diversity is why I joined and remain a Democrat. Republicans passed the 19th Amendment in 1919 and a lot of liberal Republicans were instrumental in passing the 1964/65 Civil Rights and Voter Rights Act but it was passed while the Democrats were the dominant party. Last night, was another example of Dems seeing the fruition of their labors.

State of the Union has become very partisan and theatrical in nature. I don’t expect to hear a single conservative to say one nice thing about last night’s speech. A snap CBS poll saw the speech as being presidential, caring, inspiring, and bold. It’s the first time the winning political party gets to present their president to reassure the voters that they made the right choice. The president will not only toot his own horn but he will present the audience with a laundry list of new proposals that will cause their side of the aisle to stand up and cheer while the other side sits on their hands. Nevertheless, most of their proposals will not see the light of day.  It’s not uncommon to find a senator letting us know it’s past their bedtime or something else out of order, as the TV monitors scan the room. Usually, there are about 1,200 people in attendance but because of COVID protocols, there were only 200 in attendance.

Joe Biden got to remind the voters that the pandemic he inherited now has 220 million administered vaccinations to help curb the virus and that COVID death to seniors has been lowered by 80%. The president touted the 1.3 trillion jobs that were created in his 100-days. Take a bow Mr. President because that has never been done before. The critics will say Trump laid the groundwork with his WARP SPEED and Biden is the benefactor of good timing. I give Trump credit for the initiative but I remember him going AWOL three months before and after the election to concentrate on his election and the “Big Lie“ afterward. Trump dismantled the task force and his transformation team was nonexistent.

Last night Joe Biden emphasized the need to curb domestic violence by rooting out white supremacy which was different from Trump’s call to rid the suburbs of MS13 and other undesirables. While Trump always touted the stock market, Biden said “Wall Street didn’t build this country, the middle class did." Trump tried to run roughshod over our allies while Biden is emphasizing not trying to tackle worldwide problems alone.

There’s no doubt the Fed is monetizing our economy right now and has been for over a year. The Fed Chair said that our economy will see a boom in June or July as a result. The inflation we’ll see will be a result of that but they have the tools to control that. The private sector will have to hire to meet demands and hopefully, wages will go up accordingly. Conservatives/Libertarians only see one side of the ledger. They think trickle-down is the only way to go. Go to Google and look up “Governor Brownback/Kansas/trickle-down.”

Senator Tim Scott became the latest victim to rebuttal failure. Regardless of party, the people making the rebuttal load up on sound bites, zingers, and exaggerations in anticipation of what the president will say. The senator said America is not a racist nation but did not follow up. Especially since he described his experience with racism just minutes before. He said the other side was partisan while calling their policies socialism. His whole speech was “Hello Pot meet Kettle.” Senator Tim Scott has a pretty good police reform bill but he won’t budge on “qualified immunity.” That’s the bottleneck and why Dems won’t give it a yes vote.

My conservative friends always try to stump me by asking what has Biden done expecting me to say “He’s not Trump” and not realizing how important that is. I don’t have to wake up to a threatening tweet to world leaders, racism, or plain stupidity. I like the fact that I won’t see Biden on TV 24/7. After 47 years in public life, I feel like I know the character of Joe Biden. I also knew the character of Donald Trump from the 1980s to the present. Trump’s personal lawyers, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Cohen have been raided by the FBI. Stay tuned.

I heard a conservative make fun of Matthew McConaughey's bid to be the governor of Texas. Hollyweird is the name he was called. That same conservative voted for and still supports a reality show host.

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Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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(18) comments

Mike Gomez

“ America First refers to a policy stance in the United States that generally emphasizes nationalism and non-interventionism…..Wiki

Rick Dockery

The government is now not going to let me smoke my kools. Enough said.

Willie Ellis

Joe Biden made all Americans proud. For the first time in four years we had a president who represented our country with a “class act”.

Mike Gomez

Ain’t that the truth Willie,not a lot of boasting ,bragging, and alienating those who disagree with him…Refreshing

Glen or Janice Ullman

I like the way Joe presents himself. Especially when he gives the camera that Jeff Dunham’s “Walter” glare. Head and shoulders over his predecessor, and the GOP knows it, but they would rather stay in their narcoleptic stuper than join American consensus. Keeping up with all the lies, and thinking up new lies must be exhausting, at least for Cruz....Glen

Mike Gomez

The GOP is constantly making up stories instead of presenting solutions...i.e. Biden limiting Americans to for hamburgers a year and Kamala Harris handing out her books to children at the southern border....

Diana Hawes

I don’t believe Vice President Harris has been to the southern border of the United States of America since being appointed “Border Czar” by President Biden on March 24, 2021.

Mike Gomez

Diana, I’m very sorry that you think I don’t want to have a conversation because that’s the main purpose of my blog. I apologize.

It takes about three or four hours for me to gather my thoughts on the subject I am writing about. I guess it’s selfish of me to want the first two comments to be about the subject I’m writing about. I know the LTTE's, guest columns, and blogs have a life of their own.

I have been a subscriber to the Advocate for over fifty years because they supply me with the local content that I want. I have other sources for national politics.

I do know that the Advocate covered Michael Cloud’s border photo-op and his appearance on Fox talking about the border. The paper also covered a couple of local sheriff’s border scary town hall meetings. The Victoria Advocate also covered an encounter with human traffickers in our area. Perhaps, you should take your complaint to the newspaper and tell them you want wall-to-wall 24/7 border coverage. Perhaps devote a section of the newspaper to the subject.

I get my daily updates watching the presidential daily briefs where I learned “The Biden administration has made headway in recent weeks on its most urgent crisis, reducing by more than half the number of unaccompanied teens and children held in dangerously overcrowded Border Patrol stations and tent facilities.”

The local newspaper is not sending a reporter to investigate the siege on our Capitol by Trump supporters or the latest Rudy Giuliani scandal. They are not sending a reporter to Arizona to find out why a fly-by-night outfit like Cyber Ninja, owned by a conspiracy theorist, was allowed access to 2.1 million 2020 election ballots to do whatever with them. The results of Trump’s criminal investigations or the others I mentioned don’t need to appear in our local paper for them to be real.

Diana Hawes

Freshman Senate Democrat Mark Kelly criticized President Biden for failing to articulate how the White House will “address the immediate crisis at the border” during his address to a joint session of Congress Wednesday night. What crisis, Mike?

Mike Gomez

In full context from today’s Washington Post “ “While I share President Biden’s urgency in fixing our broken immigration system, what I didn’t hear tonight was a plan to address the immediate crisis at the border,” Kelly said, “and I will continue holding this administration accountable to deliver the resources and staffing necessary for a humane, orderly process as we work to improve border security, support local economies, and fix our immigration system.”

Diana Hawes


Rick Dockery

Matthew McConaughey is interesting. Pretty Libertarian leaning.

Mike Gomez

I seriously doubt that. He told Houston KHOU channel 11 “ McConaughey offered a more direct position on another hot-button issue — gun control — saying it is "too easy to get a gun sometimes, that there should be that background check."

McConaughey has a history of being more outspoken on gun violence than other politically charged issues. In 2018, he spoke at the March for Our Lives rally in Austin, calling for banning assault weapons for civilians, restricting high-capacity magazines and strengthening background checks.

"Those are the three main stipulations," McConaughey said at the rally, "and to those three, I can say — if you can say it with me — all right, all right, all right."

Mike Gomez

That’s what Republicans do. They project And deflect when they are not pointing to whataboutisms instead of answering for their failures. This blog it’s not about the border crisis....Democrats are not one trick ponies...The vice president’s appearance at the southern border for a photo op it’s not what is needed at this time. The problem has been there for a while with experts working with the Northern Triangle, Mexico, Homeland Security and others working through the details. This is no time for chest-thumping thinking that will solve everything.

Diana Hawes

You are absolutely correct. Your Blog was about “[President] Joe Biden’s Address to Congress or the State of the Union.” I provided a partial quote by Senator Mark Kelly, and you provided the full quote. I totally agree with Senator Kelly that President Biden did not present a plan to fix the border in his address, and it is my fervent prayer that he and others continue to hold the Biden/Harris Administration accountable. You then commented that “the GOP is constantly making up stories” and gave an example of one GOP “story” as “[Vice President] Kamala Harris handing out her books to children at the southern border...”. I replied that Vice President Harris has not been to the southern border as of yet, implying that she was not able to hand out books. I guess I don’t understand why you write a Blog if you aren’t trying to have a conversation. I think I’m most excited that you used the words “border crisis” in your Blog. Goodness knows your Blog publisher, The Victoria Advocate, does not report about the “ border crisis”. The Victoria Advocate sure makes it a habit of not reporting stories that have implications for all Americans. The year-long riots and violence and billions of $$$ of damage across America this past year comes to mind. Crickets from The Victoria Advocate. Nothing to “read” here!

Diana Hawes

Correction: Should read: I think I’m most excited that you used the words “border crisis” in your reply to my comment. I mistakenly wrote: in your Blog.

Diana Hawes

America First, Mike! I believe we take care of our United States Citizens before we reach out to anyone else. Period! As for my first comment on your Blog, I believe I was on topic. I spent the day yesterday going back and reading many of your Blogs and comments. I prefer a more multifaceted approach, using a plethora of resources, both for and against my own views, and then I form an opinion. I don’t care what party you belong to; if you break the law or hurt the United States Citizens you serve, you need to be gone...immediately. Sometimes the truth hurts. What happens to our Country in the next few days, months, and years remains to be seen. God bless us all!

Rick Dockery

I think on pot, we may see progress. He calls out both sides. He really doesn't fit, blue or red. I'm sure if he runs, he'll have to pick a side, but, with his money backing, I hope he runs as an independent.

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