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Yesterday, I watched the Attorney General Barr hearing in the amazement of how hyper-politicized we have become.

 Hearings are partisan by nature but Representative Jim Jordan’s 17 -minute cherry-picked video showing protesters pelleting the police on several occasions was met by a counter video, later on, showing the vets and moms peacefully protesting. This set the stage for a contentious hearing.

 I thought Chairman Nadler hit a new low when he first denied Barr a short break. He realized he made an error and changed his mind.  

Remember how the old record players had about 4- speeds. We usually used the 45- rpm for the small recordings and 33.3-rpm for the longer playing albums. Jim Jordon sounded like a loud 78-rpm throughout the hearings. That guy must drink a lot of extra caffeinated cups of coffee. Then there was Louie Gohmert who always leaves people saying “say whaaat?” He said the other side accused the federal agents in Portland of purposely spreading the coronavirus. Yes, by all means, put that in the record for future generations to ponder.

A lot of my friends don’t watch hearings because of the shenanigans I described. They are right, it is showtime with a lot of bad actors craving the spotlight. Naturally, I disagree because you can learn something, even from the outrageous comments.

One of the things I haven’t been able to solve the mystery of why college-educated men believe in conspiracy theories. Especially lawyers and physicians, who by occupation, rely on solid evidence before rendering an opinion. i.e. Yesterday, at a national press conference the president of the United States was asked about his retweet of a suspended tweet promoting a COVID-19 cure. The president once again supported the drug Hydroxychloroquine which his own FDA won’t approve for VOVID-19…To top it off, he supported Stella Immanuel, another conspiracy theorist.

Like the old Mark Twain or Abe Lincoln quote “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt” Attorney William Barr left no doubt that he was the president’s lackey. Mr. Barr said he knew little of the investigation of the beating of Navy veteran Christopher David but he knew all the details of the 10-month old beating of a person by Antifa types, in Madison, Wisconsin some 11- months ago. Mr. Barr defended sending federal officials to Portland to quell the riots around the courthouse but said it was up to the state officials to stop the armed protesters at the Michigan capital. I was totally surprised he was not aware of the death threats the governor received.

William Barr knows that there are only 97- days to go before the election, so it’s highly unlikely he will be impeached. He continually took it to the water’s edge without being the subject of a perjury trial.  Unlike Jeff Sessions, he didn’t pull out the “I don’t recall” very much.

The president’s supporters were pleased with Barr’s performance but Democrats got what they wanted by making the case that the attorney general of the United States is President Trump’s consigliere.

Although I am not a physical protester or boycotter, I admire that part of my party. That’s our roots and it’s a successful tool to use against the opposition’s lobbyists.

It’s a presidential election year where the opposition will attempt to control the narrative by leaving no daylight between peaceful protesters to the looting, rioting, and destruction. The opposition will try to destroy a successful Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement with a 70% approval among all Americans, and link them to a radical terrorist group. The current attorney general is not receptive to their ideas.

BLM should take a page from the John Lewis and Martin Luther King and move their peaceful protests away from any federal facility and embrace the “Walls of Moms” and “Wall of Vets” to encourage more “ Freedom Fighter” types and discourage those who want to hijack the movement to continue their destruction.

The 5-minute question and answer format is not a good investigative tool because the person being questioned can simply run- out- the clock with long-winded nuance. Yesterday, Democrats used that to their advantage by not allowing Barr to control their time with evasive nuance.

I wish the hearing would have shed more light on the federal officials in Portland and those about to be deployed in other cities, who have Democrats as mayors and governors: 1. Who are the private contractors and why are they being used? ...2.Other than protecting federal buildings and associated personnel, what authority justifies their presence on American streets?

The Republican Party has come the full circle from being outraged over Janet Reno’s role in Ruby Ridge and Waco to one of being supportive of the uninvited federal government policing our streets. Now, I do believe the Feds should send in the ATF to enforce the gun laws in Chicago and the DEA to root out drug trafficking but that’s not what they want to do.

I see the federal officials are leaving Portland by Thursday. Perhaps the hearing had an impact “turn on the lights, watch the roaches scatter.”

Regardless of the pushback, we should continue protesting, questioning, conducting investigations, and hearings. It’s too late once complacency takes hold.  

Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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(3) comments

Glen or Janice Ullman

Another good one Mike. It’s hard to understand why Barr Has not caved on Trump, and what his real motivation is for not caving? Same with the rest of his entourage? I liked the Dems persistence they displayed in reclaiming their time when Barr crawfished. They do need to keep the inquiries going. I liked the Fauci / Jim the squirrel Jordan exchange. There’s plenty for them to question....Glen

Allen T Coffey

Thanks for the insightful perspective, Mike.

Mike Gomez

You’re most welcome Allen...You stay safe.

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