It’s been six months since the attack on our nation’s Capitol and we still don’t have a full complement of House members seated for a select committee to investigate the event. Only two Republicans voted to proceed with a committee. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has yet to nominate the remaining five members. I suspect he will, if nothing else he’ll seat known disrupters like Jim Jordan.

The Senate has investigated the role of the Capitol police and the DOJ has rounded up about 500 suspects. The Senate reported their findings and recommended fixes to Capitol security. The courts will eventually punish the Trump supporters aka, “domestic terrorists” but the House Committee will need to get to the bottom of “who and why.” Once the FBI catches the person who planted the pipe bombs we should know more.

Republicans want to equate the summer riots with the insurrection but there is no equal. Republicans didn’t recommend hearings when the summer riots were taking place, which is being used as a deflection tactic. Another whataboutism.

Trump supporters look me in the face and tell me that we wouldn’t be in the middle of a televised committee hearing if Antifa, BLM, blacks, or Hispanics were involved. Republicans would be on all the TV shows shouting at the top of their lungs in true Jim Jordon/Allen West fashion. No, the Senators are using the back elevator to avoid reporters and House members shy away from the Sunday talk shows. Local media avoids the subject.

I had to quit a Crossroads Today thread when one poster said “you can’t compare Benghazi where four Americans were killed to a siege where windows were broken.” I can’t have a discussion with a person who doesn’t know five people died and 140 Capitol police were injured, Congress was interrupted and the speaker of the house and the vice president were threatened with bodily harm.

I get it! Trump is pulling the strings of today’s GOP, even those about to retire. The GOP legislators don’t think the New York officials can lay a glove on Donald J. Trump because he’ll throw someone under the bus, family member or not. They don’t want to be on that lonely island. Most of the 535 members of Congress were threatened that day, some helped barricade the doors or were ushered to safety, yet today they vote NO to investigate the incident to avoid making the same mistakes. One GOP Senator said they were loyal patriots, President Trump said he loved them and another senator said it was an ordinary White House tour. The rank and file are enablers because this would be the perfect chance to repudiate the actions of those who stormed the Capitol and make it known that they are not welcome in your party.

This we do know, it wasn’t Democrats who tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power in 2016 or 2020. We do know that white supremacists, Trump supporters and militia groups attacked our Capitol on January 6, 2021. Those facts are not in dispute.

I keep hearing GOP lawmakers saying that we need to move on and work on the problems they deem important. Is that the way you raised your children or treated the employees in your company?

I heard some good news the other day. I heard the right-wing bomb-thrower; Allen West was running for governor. You just thought Governor Abbott couldn’t go further right. Line up Don Huffines, Allen West, and Abbott and we might see a replay of the 2016 GOP presidential debates. It won’t be the “Eyes of Texas” it’ll be the “eyes on Texas.” They’ll bring back sayings like “drill baby drill” ……. “More good guys with guns” ……and the newest “ban CRT.” …It’ll be a right-wing funfest comparable to CPAC. In reality, Abbott is an incumbent, $37 million in the bank and has Trump’s endorsement.

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Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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Ron Sandidge

You to search to find that pic which was not the majority. One person was murdered that day. An unarmed non threatening female veteran. She stuck her head in a broken window and boom.. murdered. The other deaths have been explained and of no one else’s doing. Sad the lies. And the so called “bombs” have been so far have not been found not to have come from any Trump supporters. A Riot that not ordered by Trump…

Daniel Martin

Thank you for a rational, reasonable, well written piece. As I follow the trail of disgust left by these Trump supporters my fear of the unholy actions become a quite rage. How do these people stand and pledge allegiance to our flag? One of the most obvious points in every word they spew is truth is still toxic when they are exposed to a bright light.

Mike Gomez

Thank you Dan…Normally I would agree did that mob didn’t represent the GOP but the party legislators don’t want an investigation and now Trump and those at CPAC are trying to make Ashli Babbitt a martyr.

Allen T Coffey

I would add, Mike, that January 6, was not merely an attack, or insurrection, it was a full-blown attempted coup. The MAGA Mob wanted overturn the legitimately elected president of the United States. That's a coup. And because the GOP Representatives and Senators were complicit with this coup, they will never be on board with an investigation. Ever.

Mike Gomez

Allen,I respectfully disagree.This is from the Washington post “This is an insurrection — not a coup

What occurred is better described as an insurrection, since it was a violent uprising by citizens against the government. Those bearing arms were civilians, members of the public. This is different from a coup, where a branch of the government uses state forces to attempt to seize power — and this distinction matters.”

James Chandler

Well it's difficult to discuss facts with someone who refuse to state the facts correctly. Three people died on January 6th from natural causes. That's the thing about most conservative patriots, they only have to time to protest after they retire from their jobs and at that point they have heart disease. All the young conservative patriots are working and raising families. They don't have time to riot and loot. The Capitol Policeman who died may of had an underlying condition. The woman who was shot may have been trespassing but she wasn't a threat to anyone. I think she had a military background and loved her country. History may show these four died in their "Tiananmen Square" moment. Or at least they were demonstrating for love of country and not to loot a liquor or electronics store.

I still believe you are following the DNC guidelines trying to create a smoke screen for this terrible administration. If this country still had a dutiful press corp, the failings of this administration would be well known.

Mike Gomez

Hello JT, thank you for responding.

Allow me to put some context to the words I wrote in my blog.

I was merely describing the conversation I had with a poster about the seriousness of the incident. I didn’t dwell on the causes of death.

You accuse me of using DNC guidelines while you are using the talking points of so-called conservative patriots being Yankee Doodle Dandy and the salt- of- the- earth. They couldn’t possibly try to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power because they are all accounted for, they were either at work or raising families.

The justice department examined the video footage of Ashil Babbitt’s death, read statements from other officers in the room and others, examined evidence at the scene and viewed the results of the autopsy, and concluded saw no evidence to suggest that the officer “did not reasonably believe that it was necessary to respond the way he did.” Your issue is with the Trump DOJ.

Republicans' and Democrats' lives were in danger that day, so why is this a DNC issue?

Let’s get this straight, Republicans don’t like the press because Trump doesn’t like them. The press has filed an FOI to get the all police bodycam footage to show to the public. We will see them again during the committee hearings but the right will be viewing them for the first time. The most recent footage showed Trump supporters (who were supposed to be at work) shine a strobe into the eyes of a police officer, rip off his badge, got his taser, and used it on him. How do I know they were Trump supporters? One had a knitted Trump hat, another had a MAGA hat, and the one to the side was waving a Trump flag.

Just this morning I heard three local Republicans tell us that there was no insurrection. Yeah, and the Pillow Guy said Trump will be reinstalled on August 13, 2021.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Too true Mike, there’s no equal to what Trump and his conspiracy squad has tried to do our country. They know better, but continue on as if the majority of the country is going to just let it go. They can try and suppress the vote and keep propping up the office of Trump, if they dare. lol…Glen

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